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Man Arrested in Atterbury Job Corps Sweep at Atterbury Job Corps Center (2/08/2012)

Denzel Squire Miller was arrested at the Atterbury Job Corps Center after police found cocaine in his bag.

Atterbury is managed by Adams and Associates   

Read the News Article Here:


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Former Angell Job Corps Student Confesses to Murder

-from The Central Oregonian

Read the article here:

“Prineville resident Troy Culver, 40, was indicted in Lincoln County Circuit Court Wednesday morning on murder and manslaughter charges stemming from a 20-year-old incident.

The indictment is the result of a reopened investigation into the disappearance of 16-year-old Puyallup, Wash. resident Walter Ackerson Jr.

In 1990, Culver was enrolled at Angell Job Corps in Yachats, Ore. Angell Job Corps is a residential education center that provides vocational training for economically-disadvantaged youth.”

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Reader’s comment about Karl Rove, the CATO Institute and Job Corps

From Watergate-

“I never thought that I would say this but I’m glad that Karl Rove and the Cato institute is following the Job Corps Fraud Blog.  The stuff that goes on at the Job Corps Centers needs to be exposed.  The conclusion that I get when I look at this blog is that the same problems have plagued the Job Corps program throughout the history of the program.  This has been going on for more than forty years and nothing has been fixed.

The line that the tax payers have been fed about how the program helps youth out of poverty is a bunch of bs and most of the students that I worked with at Job Corps saw right through it. These students often let me know that they were only cash cows for the contractors and the federal government.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Troopers Arrest Oneonta Job Corps Student for Posession of MDMA (March 22, 2010)

News Roundup  (Read the article here:) From the Daily Star

Troopers arrest man in drug case:

“A Brooklyn man was arrested at Oneonta Job Corps Academy on Thursday for allegedly attempting to sell drugs, state police at Oneonta said.

Devon Thompson, 21, a Job Corps student, was charged with third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance, troopers said. He was found to be in possession of about 700 pills containing MDMA _ ecstasy, troopers said.

He appeared in Oneonta Town Court and was sent to Otsego County jail on $7,500 cash bail, troopers said.”

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A Mother’s Story About Carl D. Perkins Job Corps

My son attended this run down facility from November 2009 to just recently February 2010. I had to pick him up from a mental hospital just one week after trying to get him back home.

My son had told me the goings on of this center and I found it disturbing that gang activity was condoned and drinking and smoking weed. My son told me the influence was every where and the staff (even security employees) did nothing to stop it.

Not wanting to be a snitch for not participating in the activities of these students makes a child stand out in this setting and my son always worried that eventually, he would be forced to do what everyone else was doing.

After several upset phone calls from my son saying, “He had enough of this place,” he called his father and me to tell us he wanted out that day because he could not take anymore of that center.

So, we we made arrangements for him to come back home with me in Atlanta. However, shortly after this phone call someone from Job Corps called his father and asked why our son wanted to leave. My son’s father told them what our son had been telling us about what was going on there. The person form Job Corps told him that our son never told them anything like that and these things “were not true.” We had no reason to disbelieve our son so, his father said “It didn’t matter. If four son wanted out of Job Corps he could come home.”

Apparently a gang of staff cornered my son while he was packing and were trying as best they could to convince him to stay and not leave {YOU KNOW THAT MEANT THEY WERE GOING TO LOSE MONEY.}

Meanwhile, as this was going on, someone from the center called my son’s dad back to say that my son “would not be provided transportation to the bus stop”, which was an hour’s drive away. My son called me and told me what Job Corps said and I told his dad to call them back and to call our son a cab and no matter what it cost we would pay it.

The next thing Job Corps came up with was telling us it would take two weeks process my son out of the program. BULLSHIT. We all know that is not true. After these phone calls went on for about 1 hour my son (I guess he was feeling defeated by these people) called us back and said he would “try to stick it out a little longer” (this was Feb 19th). On Feb 22 my son called me and with the same urgency said “get me out of here”. I told him that it would a couple of days but he would be home by Friday.

I didn’t hear anything back from my son and I discovered that his cell phone was dead so by Thursday his dad and I were trying to figure out what was going on. {HIS DAD LIVES IN ARKANSAS} Neither of us had heard anything from our son.

Friday I received a phone call from the mental hospital asking me if I could identify my son because all they had was a phone number no identification at all.

I have yet to receive a clear answer from anyone about what happened to my son. He is home with me know and diagnosed with paranoia. He has no memory of Job Corps or even that he was ever a student there. This is so frustrating for a parent who didn’t send him to Job Corps to get rid of him but, I thought he would benefit from the program.

I would never recommend this program for anyone’s child and if you know someone who is thinking of joining, tell them this story. I still don’t know what happened and the administration is close-mouthed, even when I showed up to this dump in person to get my son’s things, they still acted like they did right by my son. My child is now forever changed by this situation. If someone could tell me, when is the DOL going to realize this program is about numbers and not our kids?   -M

Carl D. Perkins

478 Meadows Branch

Prestonsburg, KY 41653-1501

Tel: (606) 886-1037

Fax: (606) 886-6048

Reply from Job Corps Fraud:

We hear stories like this over and over… we are trying to get the media to listen to us; we are contacting the press and, unfortunately, Job Corps has been around for so long and so many in power have publicly supported it, it is going to be difficult to have people stand up and take notice.Job Corps has a sophisticated method of ensuring that everything they do in the community is highly publicized. Centers are even told to get as many “good press releases” into the papers as they can. These are called “STAR” reports. Every quarter I was given a “required” task to ensure that something “postive” was submitted to the newspapers.

Tell everyone you know to share their stories here. We deeply appreciate your courage in telling us your story.  You are not alone.

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More Comments from Iroquois Job Corps Center

“Pretty much proof positive that nothing has changed or will change.  A small group of IJC went to our state senator, and ended up going to an official in Boston, just a complete run a round.  We spoke to lawyers, and politicians, and law enforcement…nothing.  We had evidence of drugs being confiscated on center which was delivered through the US Post office, we know the drugs never made it to the Sheriff’s Department, again nothing.  We need National Coverage.  HOW?”   J

-“The word is getting out slowly. We are starting to have visitors from other states visit this website. It will take time before there is enough posted here that the media will notice. thanks for your posts!”

-“As a driver in the security department, I was forbidden to drive an ill student to an emergency. Granted, before ETR we had a few false calls, but having no medical training no one was around to say this.”  J

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