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Nationwide mismanagement of Job Corps calls for action!

Some Job Corps Centers Full of Violence, Drugs and Fraud

Suggested Video from Koadey Kambell


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More Comments from Iroquois Job Corps Center

“Pretty much proof positive that nothing has changed or will change.  A small group of IJC went to our state senator, and ended up going to an official in Boston, just a complete run a round.  We spoke to lawyers, and politicians, and law enforcement…nothing.  We had evidence of drugs being confiscated on center which was delivered through the US Post office, we know the drugs never made it to the Sheriff’s Department, again nothing.  We need National Coverage.  HOW?”   J

-“The word is getting out slowly. We are starting to have visitors from other states visit this website. It will take time before there is enough posted here that the media will notice. thanks for your posts!”

-“As a driver in the security department, I was forbidden to drive an ill student to an emergency. Granted, before ETR we had a few false calls, but having no medical training no one was around to say this.”  J

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