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Management and Training Corporation and its Prison Cash Cow

Management and Training Corporation (MTC) really knows how to squeeze a buck and stretch a dollar on the backs of human misery.  Read about this Job Corps corporate conglomerate “Pig at the Trough” and how it runs its fee for service prisons.  While reading, remember, it operates the following Job Corps Centers where it’s supposed to provide a quality education to students and provide at least a decent wage to its employees:

Westover, Delaware Valley, Keystone, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Brunswick, Atlanta, Charleston, Cincinnati, Dayton, Earle C. Clements, Paul Simon Chicago, Denison, Flint Hills, Gary, Clearfield, Inland Empire, Sierra Nevada, Springdale Tongue Point, Cascades, Hawaii, Red Rock

Read MTC’s shameful prison history here:


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Reader’s Comments: Clearfield Utah Job Corps and Knoxville Job Corps

-VS Regarding Utah Clearfield Job Corps…

“There are many forms of corruption and injustices that happen at Utah Clearfield Job Corps while the management continues milking the Federal Government at the expense of youth. Many crimes: rapes, assault, theft ( including theft by staff blamed on students), misappropriation of youth funds and punishment or threat to punish youth for reporting crime on the centre to outside authorities are on the cleanest pages of Utah Clearfield Job Corps.

The youth centre I am talking about is west of I-15 North on Antelope Drive.

I recall human resources calling me into the office because they were worried that I was going to write about ” something that might violate centre policy”.

When I came to the facility, a girl had just been raped. This was not in the news. While I was there, a girl was raped. This was not in the news. While I was there a girl was sexually abused/harassed, had reported to management. When I asked them about the issue, they said it was being handled. The girl was still looking for help when I left.

A colleague was almost beaten to death. I came to work and saw his face with dark black bruises. He was playing with his front teeth that had been knocked out in an attack by a student. The same student who had threatened me and promised that he would get with his buddies to ” remove me from the centre”. The same student now almost killed a staff member and a war veteran. This story was not in the news.

A colleague shared stories about his sexual activities in front of youth. One of the students said to him once, ” ….she is listening”, alerting the staff caller who was intimate with his lover back East. I reported to the management. It did not matter.

Ultimately, the same staff got angry with me in the office, pointing his finger a few inches into my face. I ran out of the office and that was my exit from job corps. I can handle this. But the management knows very well that the students from whom they get numbers for pay by the US Federal Government have very little to say.

Many times I told the students that their own constitution allows them to report rape to police or to anyone as they chose, but many were afraid they would be ” termed”.” Clearfield Utah Job Corps Center is operated by Management and Training Resources

-DA Regarding Knoxville Job Corps Center…

“I attended the Knoxville Job Corps Center from 91 to 94. I was lied to by my recruiter who told me that I would qualify for the Transportation Communication Union program, so I applied myself to the fullest. One year later, I was informed by the representatives from TCU that I was ineligible because I was on probation. After presenting these facts to both my probation officer and recruiter, I was blamed for their oversight. I witnessed horrible crimes and behavior in this place, many of which went unnoticed by the staff.”

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More Federal Contractor fraudulent practices

In addition to overseeing Job Corps Centers, Management and Training Corporation (MTC) also has contracts with the Federal Government to run “fee for service” prisons.

The following is a link to a copy of a letter Project on Government Oversight (POGO) sent to MTC’s corporate office in order to verify the amount of money MTC  has had to pay for legal settlements.  Read letter here:

This amount is only the tip of the iceberg and does not include the massive fines MTC has had to repay the government for manipulation of its Job Corps numbers in order to inflate center performance.  All of that information is contained in yearly Office of the Inspector General reports.

I worked at Kittrell Job Center when it was owned by MTC and experienced numbers inflation first-hand. I was required to attend two-hour daily “retention meetings”  this is where management moved students around like pieces on a chess board in order to enhance the numbers and reflect the center in the best light.

The government continues to award MTC contracts year after year. Right now MTC operates:

Brunswick Job Corps Center,

Clearfield Job Corps Center

Gary Job Corps Center

Cincinnati Job Corps Center

Dayton Job Corps Center

Dennison Job Corps Center

Flint Hills Job Corps Center

Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center

Cascades Job Corps Center

Hawaii Job Corps Center

Inland Empire Job Corps Center

Maui Job Corps Center

Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center

Tongue Point Job Corps Center

Deleware Valley Job Corps Center

Westover Job Corps Center.

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Management & Training Corp. Non Payment of Wages (Job Corps Centers in Edinburg, Indiana; Clearfield, Utah; and Dayton, Ohio 2005)

Read about Management and Training Corporation having to pay restitution to Job Corps employees here:

Date:  12/16/2005 (Date of Press Release)

Misconduct Type:  Labor

Enforcement Agency:  Labor

Contracting Party:  None

Court Type:  Administrative

Amount:  $169,105

Disposition:  Restitution

Synopsis:  Management & Training Corp. paid $169,105 in back wages to 393 employees at five locations in Utah, Indiana, Ohio and New Mexico. The back wages were paid pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) following an investigation by the Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division. Under supervision by the department, MTC conducted a companywide self-audit which revealed that some employees, including security personnel, were not paid for all hours worked. Violations occurred at MTC’s Job Corps Center sites in Edinburg, Indiana, Clearfield, Utah, and Dayton, Ohio, and at correctional facilities in Grafton, Ohio, and Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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Complaints About Clearfield Utah Job Corps Center

Read comments by former Sergeant Ron Stalworth (Utah Gang Inteligence Coordinator for the Utah Division of Investigation).  Has anything changed in the past fifteen years since this news article was published?

Read the full story here….

“…The Utah law enforcement community began responding to the rise in criminal street gang activity. We quickly determined

that a major reason for this was due to the influence of imported gang members by the privately managed Management and

Training Corporation and Job Corps Center in Clearfield, UT. We sought information from Job Corps officials there as to the

gang presence on the center which bled over into our communities. Our request was met with a brick wall of defiant excuses

contrary to the truth…”

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