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Anti-Job Corps Protests at Center (2008) Iroquois Job Corps Center

Read the news article here:

Back in 2008 former employees, students, others and an attorney picketed outside the Iroquois Job Corps Center in Medina, New York.  The center is managed by ETR (Education and Training Resources).  Some of the complaints involved mismanagement by high level staff, discrimination and unfair discharge policies.

Six former employees and one student  from Iroquois had filed charges in the past against the center with the New York State Office of Human Rights and the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Attorney Michael O’Keefe, representing the former plaintiffs was present at the protest. All cases were allegedly investigated” and discharged with a ruling of no probable cause. Attorney Michael O’ Keefe said:

“In my opinion Division of Human Rights did not investigate properly.”

Rhett Dallas, with corporate support from the Boston Regional Office of the Department of Labor said:

“Since ETR — Educational and Training Resources — took over the center on Jan. 1, 2005, the Iroquois Job Corps has climbed from the 117th ranked position to 40th. “When the numbers come out next week, we’re going to be higher,” Dallas said, attributing the center’s success to good management”.

In my opinion, such a meteoric rise in three short years can also be attributed to high pressure on employees to produce more, and new ways to manipulate numbers on the part of the contractors.  If we are to believe all the published newspaper reports and Office of the Inspector General’s Audit Report findings of number manipulation and fraud posted on this website and the internet it appears that something seriously has gone awry here. Shouldn’t someone have questioned what methods the center used to rise above the ranks so quickly?

Job Corps is in the business of protecting it’s image at all costs, and it is a well known fact that many Job Corps Centers have incestuous relationships with their local press and DOL authorities.  It is our hope that someday, all of Job Corps’ wrongdoing will be brought to light to the American public.  For me, having seven claimants hire an attorney and having all seven cases dismissed is a cause for suspicion and great concern.  When will someone wake up and investigate the investigators?


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Update on Treasure Island Job Corps Workers Union, AFT Local 6319

How long can Roy Adams of Adams and Associates stall on bargaining with the Treasure Island Job Corps Workers?  Adams has cancelled two bargaining sessions that were set for July and two for August despite the Union’s filing an unfair labor practice charge.  For those of us who were fortunate enough to be fired from, or quit an Adams and Associates managed Job Corps Center, we know what’s in store for Treasure Island employees if they back down from Roy:  A health insurance plan with a $2,000 deductible that needs to be satisfied before any payments are made, and employees being coerced into not using their vacations and lunch hours.

I don’t know enough about unions and bargaining but, it seems a long time since the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) charge was filed, June? And nothing has come of it yet?  Why are corporations more powerful than the US government itself?  Why is nothing being done about Adams’ refusal to bargain in good faith?

Read all about Treasure Island Job Corps newest headaches with Roy here:

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Reader’s Controversial Comments About Martin Gross’s Statements

These are few comments from yesterday’s post about Martin Gross’s interview and “Job Corps  and the Government Racket”.  I remain fascinated that Job Corps supporters and detractors are so passionately polarized.  Having worked in two different Job Corps Centers: Shriver in Devens, MA and Kittrell, NC I feel aptly qualified to say I saw for myself the waste, inefficiency and focus on numbers to the detriment of the students. I am thinking that Job Corps most passionate defenders have never worked inside a Job Corps Center? I can’t believe that anyone would have been an employee and still wholeheartedly defend its purpose.  Only an outsider, not privy to the inner workers of these contractor cash cows would make a statement such as the following:

-from Marianne

So many good kids take advantage of the Job Corps opportunity, do the hard work, follow the rules, get their GEDs or HS diplomas and tech certifications. Any good program has its failures, detractors and disappointments. But Job Corps is just about the only safe place left for youth who have fallen through the cracks of school & society.

Even on the most poorly-run center – and there are some, as well as superbly-run centers – the program works for kids who take it seriously. And on every single center there are dedicated staff who love the kids, believe in them, and love their jobs. Why? Because the program works, the opportunity is there, and it’s a great second chance for tens of thousands of kids each year.

Win some, lose some. At Job Corps there are more winners than losers by far. I dare you to prove otherwise!!

-from Andrea, Job Corps Fraud

We do not dispute that there are success stories from Job Corps. However, there are two sides to every story and the “other side” of Job Corps must be told. There is too much propoganda and illusions about this program in the press today. Please, I urge you to click around this site and read research studies done by scientists and reputable economists who have studied Job Corps extensively. Instead of challenging me, read the factual reports on this site. Thanks so much. I think the site speaks for itself. Andrea for Job Corps Fraud

-from Nancy

Exactly whose butt are you trying to KI##,  the Job Corps have had historically SUCH a LOW %%% of success that it DOES NOT make any of them worth the money that spent on them.  Stop drinking the Kool Aid, and WAKE UP.  And STOP most importantly condoning STEALING from honest tax payers by this program.

-from Harold


“I dare you to prove otherwise!!” ? Just look at the statistical reports, the OMS10, which is bogus anyway, and you will see the proof right there. If the statistics weren’t manipulated for that report, the results would be even worse.

Andrea is correct – unless you have worked in the system, as I have for many years, you have no idea what is really going on.

“Only safe place left” – I’ve been on centers where students rioted, assaults and beat-downs were common, gang activity flourished, drugs were rampant, and even a death occurred. These centers are not as safe as you might want people to believe. They are understaffed, especially after class and on week-ends, when most of the negative behavior happens. If you knew where to look for student accounts of what goes on “after hours” you would see the truth.

Marianne, you seem to be someone who wants to present a different picture of Job Corps to the public. Be honest, are you a contractor, a parent or a naive employee who doesn’t see the forest for the trees? Maybe you have a job at a Job Corps because you have a political patronage job and are protected for awhile anyway. If you are an employee, save your money – chances are your day will come and you will be unemployed too like so many others.

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Management and Training Corporation and its Prison Cash Cow

Management and Training Corporation (MTC) really knows how to squeeze a buck and stretch a dollar on the backs of human misery.  Read about this Job Corps corporate conglomerate “Pig at the Trough” and how it runs its fee for service prisons.  While reading, remember, it operates the following Job Corps Centers where it’s supposed to provide a quality education to students and provide at least a decent wage to its employees:

Westover, Delaware Valley, Keystone, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Brunswick, Atlanta, Charleston, Cincinnati, Dayton, Earle C. Clements, Paul Simon Chicago, Denison, Flint Hills, Gary, Clearfield, Inland Empire, Sierra Nevada, Springdale Tongue Point, Cascades, Hawaii, Red Rock

Read MTC’s shameful prison history here:

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A Reader’s Opinion on Little Rock Job Corps Center and Adams and Associates

-from Perplexed


I totally disagree with you on the youth not knowing that Job Corps is an inferior program. The youth are well aware and very smart. Unfortunately they just can’t do any better and a lot of them do not have anywhere else to go. The facilities are improving considerably. For instance the Little Rock Job Corps Center is a top rated facility only 2 years old, modern everything.  However, the people at fault are the government contractors. They should be considered as the modern day Pimps. This contractor Adams and Associates Inc. is pimping the students, staff, and all taxpayers. Everyone should look into the operations of this contractor and its management style. Most of the Job Corps facilities are not run by the government but by private for profit contractors. That don’t care about the youth or the taxpayers hard earned dollars. The bottom line is they care about their bottom line. That is a great profit for them.  There is much fraud, waste, and abuse of students and staff. It is true, not much training or education is taking place at the Little Rock Center. Students graduate and yet not know how to read or write. Somehow they manage to become top students in their graduating class from this center. This happens because the center is ran on favoritism and the buddy system. Government Contractors are awarded on the least bid. Adams bid very low because they don’t pay their staff not paying your staff you have very high turnover. Therefore, you get a less quality program and people who may start out caring and doing the best they can will either leave, stop caring and doing least as possible until they can leave. Staff at this center is not appreciated so therefore it reflects in the high turnover.

I wish the government would take all Job Corps back over. This might bring a better quality to educating and truly help our disadvantage youth. The concept of Job Corps is great. I just wish that it would take the Pimping Contractors out of the centers.

Dear Perplexed, Please make sure to go to the tabs at the top of this page and click on “Search by Topic” look for Adams and Associates and also Shriver Job Corps Center. This ruthless contractor has had a lot of negative press on this website. Andrea from Job Corps Fraud…

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Treasure Island Job Corps Union files unfair labor practice charge against Roy Adams

Treasure Island Job Corps Workers’ Union, AFT Local 6319 has filed an unfair labor practice charge against Adams and Associates.  Apparently Roy still thinks he’s above the law and doesn’t have to follow rules.

Read the article here:

Read the rest of this entry »

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Reader’s Comments about Iroquois Job Corps July 17, 2010

-from Cherie (On a Former HR Employees Story)

This does sound like Iroquois. I was actually in the process of figuring out a way to report the center when I stumbled onto this. I was hoping with audio evidence, hopefully the cooperation of some other staff, and the piles of info a good friend of mine (recently let go for reasons similar to the article above) has, maybe some damage could be done. Though after taking a look at this website it almost seems pointless trying to get anything situated, even with all the obvious laws they’re breaking.

They’ve taken away lunch breaks on certain days even with an 8 hour shift. Breaks are deducted from your lunch hour during the week, there’s an obvious discrimination against female employees when it comes to pay, and suggestions to better the center (ones that actually require work) are shot down with excuses that aren’t even true. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Former HR Employee’s Story

“I can attest to Christopher’s allegations as a former employee in Human Resources. It was common practice to do everything possible to dismiss an employee if they were able to perceive what was really going on at the center, if they “knew too much” already, or if they weren’t personally liked by management. If management had the slightest inkling that you had them figured out, then the disciplinary inquest would begin to find flaws in your performance so that termination could be recommended. This recommendation had to be approved by the corporate office before it could be executed.

In my case, termination was recommended after I had used my temporary managerial signing authority to approve two hospital bills from an employee who had been injured on the job. This employee had initially refused to visit the local hospital emergency room, but followed the directive by his immediate manager to be evaluated. His treatment was not covered under his insurance plan or the Workman’s Compensation program that was currently in place. The first reimbursement got approved for the employee and processed without question. The second did not get processed even though I had all approval signatures and followed the same procedure as I did for the first. The Finance Manger had “noticed” this was an unusual situation after already processing the first reimbursement, and had disagreed with the employees request after the fact. He did not like me personally because I wouldn’t give his dysfunctional accountant the “special treatment” she expected. Instead of telling her to stop complaining and whining about how she didnt think I “liked her”, he blamed his inability as a manager to correctly discipline her for gossiping in the workplace on me, and was constantly looking for ways to get me into trouble. Anyway, the employee reimbursement issue was determined to be my fault.

My termination recommendation was so lame and without merit that it was obviously denied by the corporate office, but shortly before this my poor excuse for a “manager” asked me if everything was o.k. because I had been unusually quiet in the office. I’m sure she was able to sense that I had things figured out, since I wanted as little dialogue with her as possible. This same “manager” joined my health club a few weeks later. I did not attempt to engage in any contact with her on a social level, but still gave her the required “respect” of a direct report while in the workplace. I think this confirmed to her what she had originally suspected, and termination was again recommended for me after I inadvertently reported foul  language being used while attempting to accomplish a task with a nearly impossible deadline. This task was completed, but the decision was already made to proceed with termination. It was proven during a DUA hearing that there was no misconduct or willful disregard to the employer units best interest. The state of Massachusetts ruled in my favor, and I won my case.
The only positive aspect of being employed there was that the workplace was only a two minute commute, which worked out well during the 2008 gas crisis. The dental plan was also good, but I hated every second of working there. The pay scale was low, and only the employees who were “robotic” and agreed with everything management said and did were eligible for merit increases and the monthly awards that were given out. That was the price, and those were the payoffs.

The most contradictory element in all employee relations was the evaluation process. No matter how positive or “perfect” an employee’s performance was, there had to be something negative included as an “area needing improvement”. If nothing was documented in this area, the evaluation would be sent back to the reporting manager, and “something wrong” would have to be found. However, the results of the 2009 audit by the Office Of The Inspector General revealed that management was falsifying statistics and inflating numbers to continue to receive funding from Congress.

The Department Of Labor also conducted a separate investigation which revealed that hourly employees were not being compensated for working through lunch breaks, along with not being paid their legal overtime rate beyond 40 weekly hours. If overtime hours were recorded on a time card, or if a lunch break not taken, the time card would be rejected and a “correction” would be required before it could be processed for payroll. How could their “policies” regarding employee evaluations (or anything else) be respected if they were ordered by the DOL to reimburse hourly employees thousands of dollars in overtime back pay (some employees received in excess of $2,000.00), and their false reporting resulted in reprimands from the OIG and fines of over $14,000.00?”

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Greed never takes a holiday: meet Roy Adams of Adams and Associates of Nevada

I have a lot of catching up to do for reader’s since my car accident and subsequent recovery.  The newest news is that goliath, err… Roy Adams is at it again.  What else is new? It’s said that Greed never takes a holiday and… good ol’ Roy never tires of ways he can batter out more production for less pay from his already overburdened employees.

Hey Roy, just a suggestion, have you ever thought of taking a Management 101 class?  I urge you to go for it (maybe readers of this site might even donate so this cheapest skinflint alive can go tuition free?) In Management 101, also called “Introduction to Management 101”, one learns that happy employees are more productive, companies have lower turnover rates, (thus reducing costs of constantly re-training staff), there is less loss from employee theft  and indifference and IT COSTS ABOUT THE SAME AS ROY’S PUNITIVE, PUNISHING TACTICS DO.

Me thinks Roy is maybe not a Goliath after all, perhaps he is a Neanderthal with his resistance to the Treasure Island Job Corps Workers’ Union Local 6319.

In addition to his lying about the Union, did you know that Neanderthals, like Roy, are thought to have been cannibalistic and  practice ritual de-fleshing?  Also, Neanderthals aren’t that bright.  Sounds like the CEO of Adams and Associates, doesn’t it?

Please read all the stories about Roy’s de-fleshing of the Treasure Island Employees at these links:

More False Statements From Adams

Adams Rejects Proposal for Immediate Raise

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