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Topix and 760 responses to Job Corps Expels Four Students

For some very interesting reading please visit Topix to read the 760 responses readers had to the story, “Job Corps Expels Four Students…”

Some excerpts:

“The program is a cesspool of business arrangements between Dept of Labor and private companies. I am involved with 2 in Maryland. At Woodland and Woodstock. The vendor who operates both is Adams and Associates. I have uncovered so much corruption, crime and coverup its unbelievable.”

“I do not want to list the outrageous negative things going on at Woodland for fear of being found out and getting fired. Fear is the operative word here. George Bush could get lessons from Woodland management in how to keep people fearful.”

The 760 comments contain negative responses for Job Corps and also some praises. What makes the reading so interesting is the remarks from employees who work at Job Corps centers, it appears that only a few “insiders” sing praises of the inner workings of their Job corps center, most of the rest talk about corruption and greed.

It makes sense to me that students would not be afforded the opportunity to know what was happening behind closed doors at OMS meetings or Retention meetings where the numbers are manipulated and skewed.  Thus, their experiences might have been different from staff experiences.


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