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Two Student’s Comments About Anaconda and Penobscott Job Corps

 The Following link to the website “Pissed Consumer” has two interesting opinions about Anaconda and Penobscott Job Corps Centers:

Please go the website here:

Type “Job Corps” in the search box then click on the individual links for “Penobscott Job Corps” and “Job Corps Not a Good Idea”


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Reader’s Responses to a Student’s Question

-Jenn’s question

where would be a place that i can report a missing highschool transcript thati never got from them? i went to guthrie oklhomas jb corps tpget my highschool diploma but it says everywhere i go that i never got one when i was there taking the reuired curriculum to get it.

-from Howard

“Call your state Department of Education, Office of GED Administration, and ask them to see if there is a transcript on file for you. Go to the internet for the phone number.

What do you mean by “It says everywhere I go that I never got one”? Did you take the Official GED test? If you didn’t take the Official GED test, then there will not be a transcript for you anywhere.

Did you contact the Records and Academic Depts at Guthrie Job Corps? They would have a record of you taking the Official GED test.

You will need to have the date of test that you took it, or dates, if you took the sub-tests at different times if you talk to the Oklahoma Dept of Ed.

Just because you were taking classes in Academics doesn’t mean that you were awarded a high school equivalency diploma. The high school equivalency diploma would be issued by the state of Oklahoma if you passed the Official GED test, according to the Oklahoma state standards.

You can check Oklahoma’s standards on-line by googling the Oklahoma Dept of Education or by going on-line to the American Council On Education, which publishes the GED test, and check out the standards for Oklahoma.

Again, if you never took the Official GED test at an Official Test Site, you will not have a transcript on file anywhere. By the way, if you did take the test then your Academic Dept at the Job Corps should have given you the transcript with your grades on the sub-tests. Did you get such a transcript?

You can contact me by responding to this post if you need further help.” Read the rest of this entry »

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How to file a Complaint Against Your Job Corps Center

Did you know that most of the wrong doing bought to light against unscrupulous Job Corps contractors has come about by employees filing Hotline complaints with the Office of the Attorney ?General (OIG)?

Are you aware that the OIG will never give out your name to your Job Corps Center if you file a complaint?

This short article details the best way to file a complaint against your Job Corps Center.

“The OIG operates a hotline to receive and process allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse concerning DOL grants, contracts, programs and operations…”

What to include in your complaint:

  • who is involved,
  • when the situation you are reporting took place and whether it is still ongoing,
  • where the situation occurred,
  • what happened that was inappropriate and prompted you to contact the OIG Hotline, and
  • how the situation took place.

Your complaint must be specific and factual.  It must also contain names, dates of the occurence and where the OIG Inspector can find the false information.  For instance,

“On June 15, 2009 I was required to place a student on Work Based Learning when the student had already separated from the center.  The student’s name is John Smith, I placed him on WBL from June 15 – August 1, 2009. The leave report is in Citrix and dated the same, enclosed please find a copy of the student’s resignation letter from Job Corps dated June 14, 2009.”

The above is an example of fraud. Because Job corps contractors receive $75 per day for each student while they attend Job Corps or are off center in a legitimate training program the center will continue to receive this amount of money despite that the student has officially resigned and is no longer attending.

Your complaint absolutely cannot contain gossipy suppositions, such as:

“The center director spends a lot of time with students behind closed doors and we are certain he is a sexual predator.”  Or, “The center director drives around in a big, fancy car and we are sure he is stealing Job Corps money to pay for the expensive car… how else can he afford it on his salary?”

In both of these examples, there is absolutely no proof that anything is going on, only a lot of assumptions that can get one into trouble.  Perhaps the center director’s wife received an estate settlement and purchased a new car for her husband? One cannot make empty accusations and expect the OIG to take the complaint seriously.

The OIG is bound by law to investigate every legitimate complaint, however, its powers of prosecution are limited.  It can bring fraud and wrong doing to light but, in and of itself, it cannot prosecute for fraud.  The OIG can suggest fines and request reimbursement for monies obtained illegally but, usually, there is no criminal prosecution involved for the contractors who encourage the wrong doing.

Make sure to read the link here:

And, when you are ready to file your complaint, the phone number or the address is as follows:

  • Telephone: 202-693-6999 or 1-800-347-3756

  • Fax: 202-693-7020

  • Mail Address:
    Attention: Hotline
    Office of Inspector General
    U.S. Department of Labor
    200 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
    Room S-5506
    Washington, D.C. 20210

  • This is the link for the online form: (In the scroll down window, select Job Corps as the agency)

    You can also send an Email to the Hotline Department

    If anone has any questions, you can also Email me at:

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    Chicopee Residents Complain About Westover Job Corps (2009)

    “Complaints from Chicopee residents prompt Westover Job Corps Center to impose earlier curfew for students…”

    Read the article here from

    “…there have been reports of car break-ins in the neighborhoods. Broken bottles, graffiti, and drug paraphernalia have been found at Preston Park, located on Access Road off James Street. Residents have complained of being harassed by Job Corps students there.”

    “…the police have responded to 55 calls at the center in the past year. This does not include calls in the community involving Job Corps students.”

    Westover Job Corps Center is operated by Management and Training Corporation

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    Gary Job Corps “Gang and Drug Activity”

    “Training Program Lacks Oversight, students say…”  read the article here…

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