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Update on Treasure Island Job Corps Workers Union, AFT Local 6319

How long can Roy Adams of Adams and Associates stall on bargaining with the Treasure Island Job Corps Workers?  Adams has cancelled two bargaining sessions that were set for July and two for August despite the Union’s filing an unfair labor practice charge.  For those of us who were fortunate enough to be fired from, or quit an Adams and Associates managed Job Corps Center, we know what’s in store for Treasure Island employees if they back down from Roy:  A health insurance plan with a $2,000 deductible that needs to be satisfied before any payments are made, and employees being coerced into not using their vacations and lunch hours.

I don’t know enough about unions and bargaining but, it seems a long time since the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) charge was filed, June? And nothing has come of it yet?  Why are corporations more powerful than the US government itself?  Why is nothing being done about Adams’ refusal to bargain in good faith?

Read all about Treasure Island Job Corps newest headaches with Roy here:


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Office of the Inspector General’s Message from 1999

Nothing ever changes… look at the names in this report and the fraud OIG found from eleven years ago: Adams and Associates (employee alleges fraud) and National Plastering Industry’s Joint Apprenticeship Trust Fund ($996,242 in disallowed costs).
But we still keep granting them contracts despite their number inflation and manipulation of records. Read a few excerpts:
“Our review of 67 student records found that 28 student records (42 percent) were improperly altered, inaccurate, or incomplete. Consequently, the number of students the Center reported as “vocational completers” was inflated and students were improperly paid training completion bonuses. Further, the altered records gave false assurances that the affected students received vocational training.”

-from the Semi-Annual Report to Congress page 57 about the National Plastering Industry’s Joint Apprenticeship Trust Fund
The OIG questioned a total of $996,242 of direct costs claimed by the trust fund and the grant officer disallowed all of these questioned costs.

The Report to Congress also mentions The US Forest Service and Connecticut Job Corps Center and its contractor ITT Federal Services Corps.
Due to missing or insufficient ITT documentation and accounting errors, our audit questioned costs of $297,892 in nonpersonnel and personnel costs ($176,385 in nonpersonnel costs, $98,880 in personnel costs, and $22,627 in general administrative expenses).

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Reader’s Comments 7/20/2010

-from Nancy RE: Treasure Island Union files unfair labor practice charge against Adams & Associates

So true ALL of it, wouldn’t you think that something that is “suppose to be monitored ” by the DOL, it the last place you would see “discrimination”. Well guess again, because in the Job Corps, particularly one’s run by ETR, discrimination is WORSE than ANY where else in the United States. Trumped up, FALSE reviews, Lies about people that “arent’ SLIME BUCKETS, because they are the only one’s that survive there any length of time at all. Falsified documentation. I spoke with a young man name (removed by Job Corps Fraud), who worked at Oneonta. He’s from the United Emerites, and has “dark skin”. Wouldn’t you think he wouldn’t be discriminated against?????? Well guess again, short of calling him every thing but the N word, that is the treatment he said he got working as and ILA at the Job Corps.

-from Josephine RE: Treasure Island

He was probably discriminated against, not because he had “dark skin”, but because he was perceived as an “Arab” and therefore, a terrorist.

-from Edward RE: Treasure Island

Yes it is definitely a disadvantage to be a salaried employee at Iroquois. Some of them work twelve hours a day and come in on weekends and yet are not allowed to take time off when needed
Regarding the performance evaluations, you cannot attain above a “good” rating. It does not matter anyhow because the raises are so miniscule. Most staff will not receive a raise more than 2%. This enables ETR to have money left over to pay the huge quarterly bonuses to upper management. They get rewarded for manipulating the numbers.

-from Nancy RE: Treasure Island

What difference does it make, ISN’t IT still discrimination.

-from a Job Corps Student on Job Corps An Unfailing REcord of Failure

I am currently attending a Job Corps and am very disappointed. I feel it is below standards.

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Treasure Island Job Corps Union files unfair labor practice charge against Roy Adams

Treasure Island Job Corps Workers’ Union, AFT Local 6319 has filed an unfair labor practice charge against Adams and Associates.  Apparently Roy still thinks he’s above the law and doesn’t have to follow rules.

Read the article here:

Read the rest of this entry »

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Greed never takes a holiday: meet Roy Adams of Adams and Associates of Nevada

I have a lot of catching up to do for reader’s since my car accident and subsequent recovery.  The newest news is that goliath, err… Roy Adams is at it again.  What else is new? It’s said that Greed never takes a holiday and… good ol’ Roy never tires of ways he can batter out more production for less pay from his already overburdened employees.

Hey Roy, just a suggestion, have you ever thought of taking a Management 101 class?  I urge you to go for it (maybe readers of this site might even donate so this cheapest skinflint alive can go tuition free?) In Management 101, also called “Introduction to Management 101”, one learns that happy employees are more productive, companies have lower turnover rates, (thus reducing costs of constantly re-training staff), there is less loss from employee theft  and indifference and IT COSTS ABOUT THE SAME AS ROY’S PUNITIVE, PUNISHING TACTICS DO.

Me thinks Roy is maybe not a Goliath after all, perhaps he is a Neanderthal with his resistance to the Treasure Island Job Corps Workers’ Union Local 6319.

In addition to his lying about the Union, did you know that Neanderthals, like Roy, are thought to have been cannibalistic and  practice ritual de-fleshing?  Also, Neanderthals aren’t that bright.  Sounds like the CEO of Adams and Associates, doesn’t it?

Please read all the stories about Roy’s de-fleshing of the Treasure Island Employees at these links:

More False Statements From Adams

Adams Rejects Proposal for Immediate Raise

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Sacramento Job Corps Refuses to Bargain with American Federation of Teachers (2009)

It seems that some Job Corps contractors think they are above the law regarding bargaining with unions.  Why did Horizons Youth Services, contractor for Sacramento Job Corps, think it didn’t have to recognize the American Federation of Teachers Union Local 4986 when it became the center’s operator in 2009?

Read the story here:

Excerpt from NLRB Region 20 Roundup:

“Washington D.C. – On October 8, 2009, the Board (National Labor Relations Board) adopted an administrative law judge’s finding that horizons Youth Services LLC, dba Sacramento Job Corps unlawfully refused to recognize and bargain with the union representing the employees of the Sacramento Job Corps Center.”

Read the entire transcript of the findings here:

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More Negativity About Adams and Associates: What Else is New?

It seems that Adams and Associates of Nevada can’t keep itself out of the negative news.  For those of us who worked at a Job Corps Center run by the notorious numbers manipulator, Roy Adams, we are not surprised.  Roy presently reigns over twelve Job Corps Centers in the US:  Atterbury, Exeter, Gadsden, Glenmont, Grafton, Indypendence, Joliet, Little Rock, Shriver, Treasure Island, & Woodstock. Now, Roy is ignoring the law again and apparently is refusing to bargain with the Treasure Island Job Corps Workers Union AFT Local 6319.

Roy’s latest gaffe has the union rejecting his May 25, 2010 pay scheme which includes a pay for performance clause based on employees performance evaluation scores.

I’m going to side-track a bit here:  I worked at Shriver Job Corps in Devens, MA, for almost two years.  During those two years I was often required forego my lunch break despite my working a 8.5 hour day which supposedly included a half hour unpaid lunch. (My job was advertised  as a 40 hour per week position).  During those two years I often worked many hours overtime without pay in order to get my job done.  I never succeeded.  Despite my recruiting more employers to sign up to partner with Shriver than any of my predecessors, and having excellent references from previous employers my two performance reviews from Shriver claimed that I barely met expectations.  I believe that the raise I received amounted to 11 cents an hour. The center was also short-staffed and ill-equipped to do one’s job properly.  Staff were routinely threatened and coerced into submitting falsified reports to the Department of Labor in order to inflate performance reports.  And, as recently as early this year Adams and Associates was required to pay restitution amounting to thousands of dollars to hourly workers at Shriver who were also forced to work overtime and through their lunches in violation of Federal Law. Posts from credible sources (read the comments section of this article) who worked in Human Resource Departments from a few Job Corps Centers have made similar claims that employees are given very low scores on their performance reviews in order to increase Adams’ bottom line  and in addition, the HR employees were unwilling parties to requiring employees to falsify their time cards to state they took a lunch when they did  not. Read the rest of this entry »

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Job Corps and National Labor Unions (Part Two)

First of all, let me explain my position on unions.  They have an important place in our society (and history).  Without unions, the American worker would not have the decent working places or benefits it has today.  In fact, history is rife with examples of the power of trade unions to affect changes in workplace laws that have resulted in better work conditions for all, not just union members.

I also know that there can be problems with unions. As history has also shown, there have been records of corruption and racketeering within its ranks. My personal position is more of a balanced one. I am neither vehemently pro-union or anti-union.  But, as with all organizations, there is the good and the bad.

I have worked in places that were union- run and non union- run for about 45 years.   I have also had the opportunity to work as a “non-union” person alongside union workers (Job Corps). So, I also  have the personal basis for comparison, from my own experience and  from having  a knowledge of history and events that have taken place in my short lifetime of about 60 years. Read the rest of this entry »

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Job Corps and National Labor Unions (Part One)

Job Corps and National Labor Unions Part One…

President Obama issued an Executive Order on February 6, 2009 encouraging the use of Project Labor Agreements on Federal projects of twenty-five million dollars or more.  PLA’s usually require that contractors hire all workers through union halls, and that non-union workers pay dues for the duration of the project and the contractor follow union rules on pensions, work conditions and  dispute resolution.

What does this have to do with Job Corps?  In November 2009,  the proposed new Job Corps center construction project in New Hampshire was cancelled by the DOL after a local  contractor (with the assistance of the Associated Builders and Contractors ABC) raised a legal challenge to the project’s PLA requirement, arguing it was discriminatory and would disqualify most of the contractors in the state.

You can read all about the history of PLA’s as it relates to small business owners and minorities here (from the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) website:)

The arguments are pretty convincing for PLA’s being discriminatory against small business owners and favorable to big unions. A further explanation from the ABC is described here along with opinions and news from major newspapers…and a mention of the proposed New Hampshire Job Corps center’s woes.

I wonder how many reader’s are aware that many trade union instructors at Job Corps centers throughout the US are influencing impressionable young minds with pro-union rhetoric (without allowing the students to hear a balanced point of view?)  At Shriver Job Corps there are three trade union instructors whose salaries were paid through their national unions (thus saving Adams and Associates a lot of money):  The Operative Plasterer’s and Cement Masons (OPCMIA), The International Union of Allied Painters and Trades AFL CIO (IUPAT) and The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBCJA).

One only has to Google the words “trade unions and Job Corps” or, ” Brotherhood of Carpenters and Job Corps” to come up with a list of Job Corps centers through the US that utilize these union instructors.  Be sure to check back tomorrow evening for the rest of the story of what I experienced at Shriver Job Corps with the union instructors…

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