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Audit Reports of Job Corps from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

The following link will take you to the Office of the Attorney General’s (OIG) website.  You will find audit reports where Job Corps Centers and Job Corps Contractors did not follow required policy procedures in the areas of awarding sub contracts to vendors. And, where numbers and statistics where overstated in order to bring the center higher in overall rankings. The very first one speaks of questionable “overstatement” of costs by MTC Corporation (Management and Training Corporation) of over one million dollars.  Take note, MTC is a name you will hear often in the audit reports for their continuing practice of “overstating” costs and erroneous records reflecting “overstated” outcomes on their reports. OIG says “this is a continuing problem.” Read the reports… Read the rest of this entry »


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Allegations about Flint/Genesee Job Corps online diploma program

-from J

“There is wide spread corruption and unethical practices at the Flint/Genesee Job Corps operated by the Alluttiq management LLC. Many of the students, aka, trainees take the high school on line classes from Penn Foster. The work is supposed to be completed on the computer. The administrator provides the student with a print out of the questions with the answers. The diploma is not worth the paper it is written on. There is high staff turnover and the students do not put the proper time in to obtain a vocational trade but are given the certification. This location needs some oversight or investigation.”

-Howard’s response:

“Flint/Genesee Job Corps has an overall ranking of 52 for the rolling year ending July 30, 2010. They ranked number 7 for the GED/HSD category. Well, now we know how they do it – give the students the answers to the test questions. This is nothing new, how do you think these “high school diplomas” are “earned” at Job Corps centers?

It’s more difficult to cheat on the GED test because that test is monitored by a GED examiner who doesn’t work for Job Corps. Knowing that most students can’t pass the GED test, the Job Corps system pays a hefty sum to other companies whose services they contract to issue “high school diplomas” allegedly earned on-line. It’s just another Job Corps charade.

Here’s the funny part. Any serious educator who looks at Flint/Genesee’s other statistics will immediately notice something suspicious. They rank number 115 out of 122 Job Corps on the Literacy ranking. How can they do so well earning GED/ high school diplomas, when they rank so low on Literacy gains? Every teacher worth his salt knows that the skills needed to pass the GED and earn a high school diploma correlate highly to Literacy skills. Stated another way, Literacy is a significant factor in being able to pass the GED test or to earn a high school diploma honestly. Yet on this center there is a very high inverse correlation between the two.

You’ll probably say, “but those students who earn the diploma and GEDs are not in the pool of students whose Literacy and Numeracy gains are being tested and tracked.” Not true. High school diplomas are being granted to students who score below the eighth grade level on the TABE. In fact, a student can enter the New Summit high school program with just a 6.5 GE Literacy score on the TABE. These students are definitely not leaving the program with 10.0 GE reading level as is recommended for taking the GED test. Most states’ Education Depts want students to be functioning at the 10.0 reading and math levels before they take the GED. This is how Job Corps fools students and the public into believing that they have earned a “high school diploma”. Then when they go to interview for a job, the boss finds out that they can’t read or write at what is considered a literate level. The unions, especially, are questioning these diplomas.

So why is the Forestry Service looking for contractors to submit bids for providing high school programs to it’s centers? The Forestry Service has prided itself in remaining true to the original Job Corps goals and in delivering honest certifications. Is it now falling in line with the rest of the system that has sold its soul to the devil”?

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How the Caroline Center Tackles Job Readiness

Read the entire article here:

In this interesting comparison between this Baltimore, MD program vs Job Corps, the author, Douglas P. Munroe, PhD from the Calvert Institute insists the following about Job Corps:

“The truth is, for the most part, federal job-training efforts have been a dismal failure. Costly and bureaucratic, such programs are impersonal and have little impact on the earnings potential of participants. As is its wont, the government has done little to examine the efficacy of its own multi-billion dollar expenditure over the years. Indeed, former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich himself has said as much: “There are many areas where little thorough and reliable evaluation evidence is available.” Certainly the government’s fiscal watchdog agency, the General Accounting Office, has harshly criticized both the Job Corps program and the training schemes housed under Title II-A of the Job Training Partnership Act for underreporting the proportion of funding going into administration instead of services. In terms of that service, the Title II-A programs have been found: (a) to have no statistical impact on the average earnings of adult men; (b) to have no statistical impact on the average earnings of young women; (c) to be correlated with a decrease in young males’ average earnings (-7.9 percent); and (d) to be correlated with a minor increase in the average earnings of adult women (3.4 percent).

“Conservative analyst Mark Wilson is correct in his observation that federal training programs “do not achieve their primary goal – better-paying jobs – because there is little, if anything, the government can do to alter the effect of neglecting the first 12 years of school. What is needed are more fundamental changes aimed at reducing illegitimacy and encouraging individuals to complete high school.” In short, if training programs do not address values, they are doomed to failure. Though fancy program names may camouflage the fact, most job-training programs consist mostly of government-provided remedial education. If the public sector – in the form of the public education establishment – was unable to inculcate the necessary values and skills for productive workplace involvement early in a client’s life, there is no reason to suppose that the public sector can do any better later in life. This may be where institutions such as the Caroline Center come in.”

The big difference between Job corps and the Caroline Center?

“Perhaps the most crucial difference between the Caroline program and federal programs is this: The Caroline Center asks for something in return. While the center’s services to the women are free, the latter must give back some service time – in the form of cleaning duties, clerical tasks or staffing the reception desk. This gives the women a sense of investment in the program, says Sister Pat, and is based on the same self-help concept as the successful Habitat for Humanity house-building operation.”

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Strange Bedfellows: Blackwater, Job Corps and the US Government

Read the article from CBS News Investigates:

As reader’s may remember, Blackwater Worldwide was a private security firm under contract to the US to provide security services in Iraq.  This illustrious firm opened fire and killed unarmed non-combatant Iraqi citizens and was subsequently prosecuted by the Justice Department.  The case was dismissed due to a technicality.

This terrible blotch on their performance record does not affect their ability to work for the government. Instead, we the taxpayers have hired them again to provide security services in Afghanistan.  (And, while Federal prosecutors are engaged in an active appeal against the dismissal of the case.)

“Private security firm U.S. Training Center, a business unit of the Moyock, N.C.-based Blackwater, now called Xe Services, was awarded the contract Friday, a State Department spokeswoman said Friday night.”  (From CBS News Investigates)

All of us; students and staff from Job Corps centers throughout the US keep wondering why corporations like Education and Training Resources (ETR), Adams and Associates and Management and Training Corporation (MTC) are still awarded contracts even when their past history proves repeated wrongdoing and fraud.  Really simple. It boils down to who provides the most services at the cheapest price.   Using a numbers based method of  performance accounting does not require quality, integrity and fairness. No. These values are not part of a dollar-based equation… it is assumed if you reach the goals, you must have used quality methods to obtain them.  But, we all know how numbers are subject to manipulation and the media is open to propoganda.

What next? Will Blackwater start to bid on Job Corps contracts?  We already have our own Blackwaters in Job Corps, only the names of the corporations are different.

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Important OIG Investigation (2009) Read the entire report here:
The older OIG reports published here further expose and prove the seriousness of the Job Corps and its contractor’s manipulation of numbers and false statistics–nothing has changed.  We are building new Job Centers and increasing the yearly amounts of money for this program based on falsified reports.
What OIG Found

“The Department did not fully comply with WIA and GPRA reporting requirements. As a result, Congress, OMB and other decision makers may have lacked some critical data for making informed decisions regarding the Job Corps program.”

“We also found that Job Corps did not fully comply with OMB’s reporting requirements for job placement outcomes. Job Corps did not include all students who left the program in its reported job placement data, but instead only reported placement outcomes for students who had been enrolled for at least 60 days.”

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Past OIG Audit of Fort Simcoe Job Corps Center reveals unreliable program information

-“We concluded that Job Corps could not rely on financial or program information reported by the Fort Simcoe Job Corps Center (FSJCC).”

Has anything changed since 1998?

From OIG’s audit of Fort Simcoe Job Corps center.  Read about it here:

It should be clear to our regular readers that nothing has changed about the Job Corps’ maneuvering its statistics over the years. OIG’s investigations and negative audits have caused a high level of sophistication in today’s Job Corps Centers manipulating the press with its every positive achievement.  When Job Corps students re-paint a State Police barracks or pour concrete for a sidewalk in front of a small town library, there is much fanfare and celebration and, a press release is sent to newspapers touting the event.  Good deeds are strategically planned so as to get as much newspaper coverage as possible. Other staff and myself were “assigned the task” of ensuring that a positive newspaper article about Shriver Job Corps was published every three months.  These assignments were not voluntary, we had to do them by a certain date. Job Corps has so far, created an artificial image for itself that is no different than a *Potemkin Village or an Emperor without clothing.

*Potemkin Village,  a pretentiously showy or imposing façade intended to mask or divert attention from an embarrassing or shabby fact or condition.

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More Federal Contractor fraudulent practices

In addition to overseeing Job Corps Centers, Management and Training Corporation (MTC) also has contracts with the Federal Government to run “fee for service” prisons.

The following is a link to a copy of a letter Project on Government Oversight (POGO) sent to MTC’s corporate office in order to verify the amount of money MTC  has had to pay for legal settlements.  Read letter here:

This amount is only the tip of the iceberg and does not include the massive fines MTC has had to repay the government for manipulation of its Job Corps numbers in order to inflate center performance.  All of that information is contained in yearly Office of the Inspector General reports.

I worked at Kittrell Job Center when it was owned by MTC and experienced numbers inflation first-hand. I was required to attend two-hour daily “retention meetings”  this is where management moved students around like pieces on a chess board in order to enhance the numbers and reflect the center in the best light.

The government continues to award MTC contracts year after year. Right now MTC operates:

Brunswick Job Corps Center,

Clearfield Job Corps Center

Gary Job Corps Center

Cincinnati Job Corps Center

Dayton Job Corps Center

Dennison Job Corps Center

Flint Hills Job Corps Center

Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center

Cascades Job Corps Center

Hawaii Job Corps Center

Inland Empire Job Corps Center

Maui Job Corps Center

Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center

Tongue Point Job Corps Center

Deleware Valley Job Corps Center

Westover Job Corps Center.

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A Reader’s Comment about Job Corps Contractor Cream Skimming

From Thomas-

“I agree with Alice’s recommendation for an overhaul of the Job Corps system.  Nowhere in her posting, however, does she zero in on the significant contributing factor to the problems she cites; that is, the contractors who are more interested in “cream skimming” than in educating and training youth. (She states that they are not all capable of handling the extent of the system. I maintain that the contractors care about one thing – playing the system to make money.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Performance Management of U.S. Job Training Programs

If you’ve ever wondered why the Department of Labor uses its present system of performance management for its Job Corps centers you’ll need to read this important article from the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research here:

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