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Job Corps Receives Columbine-Like Threats (From The Journal Register) March 28, 2011

Students and Administrators at Iriquois Job Corps Center in Medina, New York received a scare when…

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(Iriquois Job Corps Center is managed by ETR (Education and TRaining Resources)


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Anti-Job Corps Protests at Center (2008) Iroquois Job Corps Center

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Back in 2008 former employees, students, others and an attorney picketed outside the Iroquois Job Corps Center in Medina, New York.  The center is managed by ETR (Education and Training Resources).  Some of the complaints involved mismanagement by high level staff, discrimination and unfair discharge policies.

Six former employees and one student  from Iroquois had filed charges in the past against the center with the New York State Office of Human Rights and the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Attorney Michael O’Keefe, representing the former plaintiffs was present at the protest. All cases were allegedly investigated” and discharged with a ruling of no probable cause. Attorney Michael O’ Keefe said:

“In my opinion Division of Human Rights did not investigate properly.”

Rhett Dallas, with corporate support from the Boston Regional Office of the Department of Labor said:

“Since ETR — Educational and Training Resources — took over the center on Jan. 1, 2005, the Iroquois Job Corps has climbed from the 117th ranked position to 40th. “When the numbers come out next week, we’re going to be higher,” Dallas said, attributing the center’s success to good management”.

In my opinion, such a meteoric rise in three short years can also be attributed to high pressure on employees to produce more, and new ways to manipulate numbers on the part of the contractors.  If we are to believe all the published newspaper reports and Office of the Inspector General’s Audit Report findings of number manipulation and fraud posted on this website and the internet it appears that something seriously has gone awry here. Shouldn’t someone have questioned what methods the center used to rise above the ranks so quickly?

Job Corps is in the business of protecting it’s image at all costs, and it is a well known fact that many Job Corps Centers have incestuous relationships with their local press and DOL authorities.  It is our hope that someday, all of Job Corps’ wrongdoing will be brought to light to the American public.  For me, having seven claimants hire an attorney and having all seven cases dismissed is a cause for suspicion and great concern.  When will someone wake up and investigate the investigators?

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Turner Job Corps Student Arrested September 13, 2010

Travis Wynn of the Turner Job Corps Center in Albany, Georgia was arrested on September 13, 2010 for throwing a rock off the Nottingham Bridge and smashing the windshield of an SUV,  according to WALB Channel 10 news.

No one was hurt and Travis was charged with terroristic acts and threats.

Read the story here:

Turner Job Corps Center is managed by Education and Training Resources, INC  (ETR)

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Office of the Inspector General Report to Congress Spring 2010

-verbatim from the OIG Report

Our audit work continues to reveal that the performance results (i.e., vocational training completions and student attendance) of some Job Corps centers were overstated because center operators did not ensure compliance with Job Corps’ policy and requirements.”

We conducted performance audits of five Job Corps Centers operated by three different companies under contract with the Office of Job Corps — Gainesville and Albuquerque Centers under DEL-JEN, Treasure Island and Miami Centers under ResCare, and Iroquois Center under Education and Training Resources.

The audits included coverage of the contractors’ safety programs, performance reporting, and financial activity at the centers; and each audit was expanded to address hotline complaints alleging improper practices by center management.

Read the OIG Report here, starting on page 30:


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Reader’s Comments 7/20/2010

-from Nancy RE: Treasure Island Union files unfair labor practice charge against Adams & Associates

So true ALL of it, wouldn’t you think that something that is “suppose to be monitored ” by the DOL, it the last place you would see “discrimination”. Well guess again, because in the Job Corps, particularly one’s run by ETR, discrimination is WORSE than ANY where else in the United States. Trumped up, FALSE reviews, Lies about people that “arent’ SLIME BUCKETS, because they are the only one’s that survive there any length of time at all. Falsified documentation. I spoke with a young man name (removed by Job Corps Fraud), who worked at Oneonta. He’s from the United Emerites, and has “dark skin”. Wouldn’t you think he wouldn’t be discriminated against?????? Well guess again, short of calling him every thing but the N word, that is the treatment he said he got working as and ILA at the Job Corps.

-from Josephine RE: Treasure Island

He was probably discriminated against, not because he had “dark skin”, but because he was perceived as an “Arab” and therefore, a terrorist.

-from Edward RE: Treasure Island

Yes it is definitely a disadvantage to be a salaried employee at Iroquois. Some of them work twelve hours a day and come in on weekends and yet are not allowed to take time off when needed
Regarding the performance evaluations, you cannot attain above a “good” rating. It does not matter anyhow because the raises are so miniscule. Most staff will not receive a raise more than 2%. This enables ETR to have money left over to pay the huge quarterly bonuses to upper management. They get rewarded for manipulating the numbers.

-from Nancy RE: Treasure Island

What difference does it make, ISN’t IT still discrimination.

-from a Job Corps Student on Job Corps An Unfailing REcord of Failure

I am currently attending a Job Corps and am very disappointed. I feel it is below standards.

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Reader’s comments to Treasure Island Worker’s Union files unfair labor charge

-From Harold

At Iroquois Job Corps, management staff were required to give up weekends on a rotating basis to act as “duty officer”. They also had to come in on weekends to oversee the return of students from breaks and participate in searching luggage for various contraband. Because they were salaried employees, there was no OT pay, nor was any comp time granted.

In fact, one could not earn comp time at any time working for ETR. This was not the case yrs ago with other corporations that ran Job Corps centers. There were enough staff on centers to manage the center on week ends and to do searches. Over-working the management staff and denying hourly staff their breaks has developed over the years and is obviously condoned by the government. This is a common finding in OIG reviews but other than paying a fine now and then, nothing is done about it.

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Reader’s Comments July 15, 2010

-from Martin Luther

“Job Corps is a great opportunity. Name one free program that will deliver what a youth desires if they work hard to get it. There is none. Karl Rove is just a chess piece that gets told what to do and who to attack. Rich people like him want the good old days when poor person’s only shot at a decent life was to $ their souls.

By the way, failures of Job Corps whine and complain. And, as for the staff, the only thing that needs to be done is remove the staff who are not doing their jobs. Also, remove the $ stealing government “chess pieces” who are not doing their jobs. Replace them with real American citizens who are there to improve-educate-train impoverished youth who need positive directional motivation.”

-from Nancy


I have also worked for Job Corps twice, the same one in, NY, thirty years ago when it started, I was the purchasing agent, and recently I went there again to help them set up contracts for their stimulus funding.

Two million dollars that someone might as well take a match to, the way they are spending it. Numbers are massaged in the accounting area, in the procurement area, and in the student success rates area. The actual # of students who improve their lives, or are successful is SO minimal it is NOT worth the almost $30,000 each they spend on each student. And the $30,000 each in tax dollars is a low estimate, much more is probably actually spend. The first administrative manager I worked for 30 years ago, immediately started “writing bogus purchase orders that were phony”, they were for contractor work he said was being done at the center, when it was actually ALL being done at his house. He tried to encourage me to get involved in the scam, saying do you want a new washer and dryer? Well, write up a PO for it, buy it, when it comes to the center tear up the paperwork, and take it home. I would not get involved with it. And as a result he, didn’t want me there. ITT was the contractor. I filed with EEOC/and HR, and was called to a hearing in Syracuse I believe, and ITT actually did offer me some type of settlement, to buy me off from the filing. CAN YOU SAY CROOKED, BOYS AND GIRLS.

Then most recently in a temporary job setting up contracts for ARRA stimulus funding, I SAW NO CHANGES FROM THE SITUATION 30 YEARS AGO. Job Corps has NEVER been a successful program, Yet the government spends billions on it. THE AMERICANS CANNOT AFFORD THIS PROGRAM, AMERICA CANNOT AFFORD THIS PROGRAM.


*Note from Job Corps Fraud: thirty years ago Oneonta may have been managed by a contractor called ‘ITT’, today it is managed by Education and Training Resources (ETR), Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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Strange Bedfellows: Blackwater, Job Corps and the US Government

Read the article from CBS News Investigates:

As reader’s may remember, Blackwater Worldwide was a private security firm under contract to the US to provide security services in Iraq.  This illustrious firm opened fire and killed unarmed non-combatant Iraqi citizens and was subsequently prosecuted by the Justice Department.  The case was dismissed due to a technicality.

This terrible blotch on their performance record does not affect their ability to work for the government. Instead, we the taxpayers have hired them again to provide security services in Afghanistan.  (And, while Federal prosecutors are engaged in an active appeal against the dismissal of the case.)

“Private security firm U.S. Training Center, a business unit of the Moyock, N.C.-based Blackwater, now called Xe Services, was awarded the contract Friday, a State Department spokeswoman said Friday night.”  (From CBS News Investigates)

All of us; students and staff from Job Corps centers throughout the US keep wondering why corporations like Education and Training Resources (ETR), Adams and Associates and Management and Training Corporation (MTC) are still awarded contracts even when their past history proves repeated wrongdoing and fraud.  Really simple. It boils down to who provides the most services at the cheapest price.   Using a numbers based method of  performance accounting does not require quality, integrity and fairness. No. These values are not part of a dollar-based equation… it is assumed if you reach the goals, you must have used quality methods to obtain them.  But, we all know how numbers are subject to manipulation and the media is open to propoganda.

What next? Will Blackwater start to bid on Job Corps contracts?  We already have our own Blackwaters in Job Corps, only the names of the corporations are different.

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June 18, 2010 Job Corps Readers Comments

Regarding Education and Training Resources and Iroquois Job Corps Center:


“ETR has been the contractor at Iroquois since January 2005. They take no interest in the students or staff at the center. During my tenure working for ETR which covered four and a half years, their president and other top corporate staff set foot on center around nine or ten times. That is incredible to me. We were never even trained on our jobs until two months after they took over operations. They could care less about all of the staff members lives they have ruined and the futures of the students after they leave center. The DOL is very much aware what is going on at Iroquois but for some reason just turns their head.”

Regarding Injuries and Workmen’s Compensation at Job Corps:


“Has anyone ever heard of someone getting hurt at job corp and going on Workmen’s Compensation??? PLEASE HELP ME.. What happened to everything?? My e-mail is WRITE ME THERE THANXXX.”

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