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From the GAO (Government Accounting Office) Job Corps Training Centers and Concerns About Admission Procedures and Agreements with State and Local Prison Authorities to Enroll Prisoners (2000)

Read the entire letter here:


“Potential Abuse of the Job Corps Program by Prison Authorities During our investigation, we learned that the Keystone Training Center and YSP had entered into an agreement to enroll YSP clients who were referred by the Juvenile Court for delinquency-related offenses. Enrollment of YSP participants appears to be consistent with the statute. This agreement was made at the local level with the concurrence of the DOL Region II District Director, but the national office was not informed. There is currently no agency policy concerning agreements that Job Corps officials enter into with local jurisdictions to enroll offenders remanded by the courts. According to the Director of the Job Corps, the program itself discourages centers from entering into such agreements because their contracts are performance based and too high a concentration of more troubled enrollees could negatively effect performance outcomes. However, the Director did state that based upon our investigation of this one instance, he would consider examining the issue and, based upon the results of such a review, it would be determined whether policies and procedures need to be established.”


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