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Cleveland, Detroit, Laredo, New Haven, Schenk, Flatwoods amd Blackwell Job Corps Centers

2008 April to September OIG Report to Congress

“At the Schenck, Flatwoods, and Blackwell Centers operated by the Forest Service, student achievement and onboard strength were overstated and none of the three centers could ensure that reported student attendance was reliable.”

“Unsafe conditions [at the New Haven Job Corps Center] included water damaged and collapsing ceiling tiles, mold on student dormitory walls, and missing or inoperable emergency exit signs.”


“We found that reported performance information at both the Laredo and New Haven Centers was inaccurate. specifically, at Laredo on-board strength was overstated; student attendance  and leave were not documented as required; and students were not separated due to unrecorded absences as required.”


“At the New Haven Center, we found that management reported that students with incomplete Training Achievement Records had completed vocational training.  We found that incomplete onsite monitoring at both centers contributed to the inaccurate performance data both reported.” 










Please note that “inaccurate performance data” results in data sent the DOL which erroneously reflects that more students graduated the program than had actually done so.  The higher the number of students “successful completions”, the more money and bonuses the center’s contractors receive.  You will see this familiar pattern repeated over and over again in OIG Reports.


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Job Corps Fraud for Taxpayers

Hopefully, this blog will be a “one stop” place for researchers, reporters, parents, students and staff to find information about their particular Job Corps Center.  Come to this site if you want to find out if there are ongoing problems with the Job Corps Centers in your state.

Please be patient, there is a massive amount of information that will be included on this site which will need to be updated at least daily. Use the pages at the top to find your particular Job Corps Center or check the “Job Corps Centers” pages to see if your center is mentioned on this site.  Again, this blog was begun on February 27, 2010 and it will take a long time to post all the information in a easy, readable format.  There will be a page for you to describe your experiences at your Job Corps Center.  Thank you for using appropriate language.

My first few links will be about 2009 Kittrell Job Corps, NC and Shriver Job Corps, Devens, MA, where I was employed.

This is an article by Jamaal Abdul-Alim, he reports on Shriver, Gadsden and Atterbury Job Corps Centers


“Adams did not consistently ensure compliance with Job Corps requirements for safety in one of three areas tested — student misconduct.” 2009 OIG Performance Audit Report

2008 Report on DOL “…unimplemented recommendations and the almost two million dollars in fines that had to repaid to the Government for the following Job Corps Centers” (see page 24 for the totals) Kittrell, Laredo, Grafton, Cincinnati, Oconaluftee, San Diego

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