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The Failure of Federal Job Training by James Bovard

James Bovard wrote this compelling article in 1986.

I’d like to hear from Job Corps employees and students with their impressions of how Job Corps has changed since this article was written… read the article here:

“…Federal job-training programs have harmed the careers of millions of Americans, failed to impart valuable job skills to the poor, and squandered billions of dollars annually. For 25 years, government programs have warped work ethics, helped disillusion generations of disadvantaged youth, and deluged America with fraudulent statistics.”

“…Federal training failures have been masked by endless statistical shams...”

“…The history of the Job Corps is largely a history of the abuse of statistics…”

“…One of the main effects of the Job Corps has been to redistribute crime from inner cities to suburban and rural training centers…”


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The Ten Big Lies About America: Combating Destructive Distortions About Our Nation

Excerpts from the New York Times bestseller by Michael Medven discuss Job Corps…

“Unfortunately, the 2001 outcome study showed only trivial benefits to Job Corps graduates compared to non-participants…”

“The analysis showed “statistically insignificant” income increases for most Job Corps recipients…”

“Nevertheless, Congress continues to authorize and reauthorize this dubious (Job Corps) undertaking…”

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