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OIG Report: Job Corps Signature Forgeries and Falsified Placement Reports American Business Corporation (ABC)

U.S. Department of Labor Office of Inspector General
Office of Audit

Highlights of Report Number: 09-06-004-01-370 to Ms. Esther R. Johnson, National Director, Office of Job Corps


The report discusses allegations that placements were falsified in one American Business Corporation (ABC) office and invalid placements were claimed throughout ABC offices. It also discusses allegations that Job Corps did not take timely action to assess liquidated damages or correct placement data when it learned of the invalid placements.

The OIG found that placement outcomes reported by ABC for program years 2003 and 2004 were not reliable and a significant number of invalid placements were claimed. We found unsupported job and educational placements; inadequate documentation of compliance with Job Corps requirements; and confirmed cases of signature forgeries on educational placement verification forms. One of the reasons this occurred was that the procedures the Atlanta Regional Office used to monitor ABC placement activities were not effective and the placement verification processes had systemic weaknesses. We did find that the Atlanta Regional Office (1) initiated actions to recover liquidated damages from ABC, and (2) identified and reported invalid placements to the National Office, although it could have initiated those actions timelier.


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