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Nationwide mismanagement of Job Corps calls for action!


This page will detail where to file a Hotline complaint for integrity violations and wage and hour violations.

For integrity complaints that include: over inflating numbers to increase OBS (on board strength) non-compliance with leaves, attendance, and CTT completions etc. contact the Office of the Inspector General.  They take every complaint seriously and will investigate.

The OIG operates a hotline to receive and process allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse concerning DOL grants, contracts, programs and operations. The OIG also addresses allegations of criminal activity and serious misconduct involving DOL employees. Moreover the OIG has jurisdiction to investigate allegations of labor racketeering and organized crime influence in the workplace, including the misuse of union benefit plan assets or power, labor-management relations, and internal union affairs.”

Also, refer to this article published on Job Corps Fraud:

When I filed my complaint, I naively thought the OIG would get back to me within about two weeks.  I since found out they are responsible for auditing many things and not just Job Cops Centers.  I believe it took about 5 – 6 weeks after filing my complaint until I actually received an Email from OIG.  I don’t know if this is a normal time frame or not.  I’m simply relating how long it took to actually speak to an investigator after the complaint was filed. However, I believe I did receive an Email acknowledgement stating that my complaint was received.

The investigators absolutely will not reveal your name or identity to your Job Corps Center. I told the investigator I did not care if my identity was revealed.  I know for a fact he never verified it was me who filed the complaint.

For complaints about Wages and Hours for Hourly Employees only contact:

Employment Standards Administration (ESA) Wage and Hour Division, 200 Constitution Avenue, NW Room S-3502, Washington, DC 20210 Contact WHD Tel: 1-866-4USWAGE (1-866-487-9243) TTY: 1-877-889-5627

For violations of Wage and hour Laws for salaried workers; Massachusetts has a mandate that salaried employees must have a thirty minute break after a period of six consecutive hours.  There are strict provisions for disallowing  one to sit at a desk to answer phones during your break, or other similar duties.  “Lunch breaks” do not have anything to do with food.  A mandated “lunch break” in Massachusetts means you must be free to move about where you choose.

This mandate will not be enforced by the DOL as, they do not have jurisdiction.  It is enforced by your State Attorney General’s office, Wage and Hour Division.

Also, Massachusetts Law is very particular about “partial day absences for salaried employees.”  If you are salaried you are not required to use vacation time for having to leave a few hours hourly to attend a PTO meeting for your child.  The law is very complex and it involves whether you are salaried, exempt, or just salaried. Here is the link for the Massachusetts State Attorney General’s Office.  Sometimes calling on the phone will not get you the correct information however, (I was told that because I salaried I was not eligible for the thirty minute break rule.) However, I do not supervise staff so the 30-minute break rule would, in fact apply to me.


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  2. Glenn says:

    Just a note of correction here. Alutiiq is not a subsidiary of ResCare. Alutiiq is a subsidiary of Afognack Native Corporation, which is an ANC that is specially organized under the AN Claims Act of 1971. Alutiiq has 12 different companies, one which is Alutiiq Education & Training. This one is their Job Corps company that partners and subcontracts with ResCare. Trust me, I know this one. Also, ResCare was just purchased by a Canadian Equity Capital firm, called Onex Corp. A couple years ago, the Boston Region had 7-8 different contractors, so it is hard for me to see any favoritism in this large of a mix.

  3. Hi glenn,

    I’m very happy that you are responding to people on this site. I appreciate the time and effort you are putting into your responses, please continue! I think your posts are important to all of us and I respect and appreciate your expertise. I have a notation to make however… I’m getting the impression from your emails that you may not have experienced Job Corps “in the trenches”. By that I mean, did your job require you to perform your job “on-site” at a Job Corps Center for 40 hours a week or, were you on the periphery with only an occasional visit to a center or a short time spent on many centers? I think it makes a huge difference, which many of the responders on this site can attest to. I saw many Potemkin Villages erected when officials were visitng both the centers where I worked. Also, as for me, I don’t think the entire program needs to be shut down. I believe that instead of the program’s success being measured by performance, there has to be another way of measuring quality (which I personally saw as being non-existent in the two centers where I worked). How do we measure the quality of a program? Do high numbers prove there is qualitry? I also believe that it is a mistake to have Job Corps overseen by the DOL. I saw too many teachers in Job Corps not even having a rudimentary knowledge of how to control classroom behavior. As any educator knows, an atmosphere of learning has to be created by the instructor and in the case of Shriver, the high employee turnover resulted in persons without having a teaching background being hired for positions. I experienced this first-hand and it was a source of enormous frustration for me. Again, I look forward to your responses. Keep coming back!

  4. Glenn says:


    I hope it is okay to address you by your name instead of Ms. JobCorps Fraud. It sounds much better and more personal. Lol. You make some good points on the history of IG reports on Job Corps. I think reviewing and knowing the history of IG reports is important, as the outcome and resolution of these reports has forced many positive changes in the program over the many years that it has existed.

    In my years of experience and experiences with audits and investigations, I found that IG auditors are very skilled and smart people. What I mean by this is that contractors can’t and don’t try to out smart them. There are to many checks and balances available to the IG. In audits such as the Job Corps program, the IG is required to conduct compliance audits, which primarily falls into three broad categories: safety, performance, and finance. When the IG audits a Job Corps center, it is a program compliance audit being conducted by auditors who are trained to detect fradulent activities. The standard that they use to measure compliance is primarily the Job Corps PRH, the FAR, and all other laws and regulations applicable to the contract. I am not sure if you have ever seen an actual Job Corps contract, but it contains 3-4 pages of laws and regulations that are incorporated into the contract; and, for which a center and contractor is required to comply.

    When an IG Audit Team conducts a Job Corps contract audit, they arrive at both the center and contractor physical locations in teams of 6-8 auditors. It is not unusual for the audit team to spend 6-8-10 weeks on site gathering, testing, and requesting all levels of required program related compliance documentation. From and IG audit scope of work, anything less than 100% compliance is grounds for classifying the concern as a finding. For instance, you mentioned student TARs as one of your examples of the cookie cutter patterns. Most TARs used to require an instructor to sign each proficiency area, which involved nearly a hundred signatures on one TAR. Under an IG audit of this TAR, if an instructor signed it 99 times and missed one signature line, it is determined an invalid TAR and is questioned with liquidated damage fines.

    So, I guess I say this to, again, caution that it is important to recognize the difference between being fined for non-compliance with administrative and programmatic rules, regulations and laws versus being fined and prosecuted for fraudulent activities.

    If you and I make a mistake completing our taxes (lke Turbo Tim G) and the IRS catches the mistake, they penalize us with a fine for our non-compliance. If we intentionally try to evade paying our taxes, they will prosecute us for fraud and tax evasion.

    Not just in Job Corps, but in all federal contracting, there is one big fraud preventer for any type or level of contractor. It’s called debarrment and suspension. If a contractor, or its principles involved, are convicted of certain violations, they are debarred and suspended from receiving any federal contract awards.

    I do agree with you that there seems to be a lot of repeat fines and penalites at Job Corps centers and among some certain contractors, but I still do not think Job Corps is a private industry wide collusion of fraudlent contractors.

  5. Glenn says:


    I agree with you. I prefer to keep my former employer private out of respect for them. And, my pension! Lol. The Job Corps program and other workforce programs provided me a professional career; and, gave me the opportunity to feed, clothe, and shelter my family. It also gave me the opportunity to give back to other people and help change the lives of many others. At least, that is how I feel and what I believe. I support the Job Corps program, its mission and purpose. I believe the benefits of this program outweigh its problems and challenges. Job Corps only serves about 5-10% of youth and young adults who are eligible. It is the federal government’s only residential youth program that has a holistic level of support and services. There is no way that our public education systems can re-serve these youth. That is from where most have come to Job Corps.

    I can tell from your comments that you must have been very dedicated to your center(s) and students. Like you mentioned, I learned and agree that the best performing center(s) was/were the one(s) that had the best relationships between students and staff. And, since the mission and purpose of the Job Corps program is to serve economically disadvantaged students with multiple barriers to education and employment, the focus and expectation must be on employees and staff. As you indicated, Job Corps centers and staff members can’t expect all students to arrive and be perfect. It is up to staff members to diffuse, deescalate, handle and resolve issues when they arise. You asked for my perspective and I guess I can best answer that with a question. How can Job Corps centers expect to provide high quality services to the students it serves, if it does not have high quality staff members?

    Being new to this site, I apologize for maybe over responding.

  6. Glenn says:


    I don’t see in my response where I indicated you said that either. I can’t speak to your experience and respect your opinion. In my experiences with on-line high school diploma programs, they are very useful educational tools, as long as they have the proper DOE credentials such as New Summit and Penn Foster. These properly credentialed programs have very high levels of security to prevent fraud and cheating. If any instance of this occurs, it is isolated and short-term. There are to many safeguards and it would require multiple people on both sides, including students, to pull anything off for any period of time. One instance of this would cause the provider to lose their credentials and accredidations, and thus their primary source of revenue as a business.

    It’s also hard for me to see any Job Corps center using this tool alone just for rapid performance gains. As I recall at least in 2008, the GED and high school diploma performance of a center was only worth about 15% of the total center’s score. The placement of students was normally what drove our performance gains.

    During my involvement, we used on-line programs because it was cost effective (saved tax payer money) and most local school districts do not have the resources to jointly support the level of high school diploma activities needed by Job Corps centers. Depending upon the size of the center, the location of the center (urban, rural, etc.), and the state in which the center is located…these were the factors involved. Also, since part of my duties included processing and paying invoices from on-line programs, all these types of agreements had to be sent to DOL for review and approval before they were used by centers.

    Sorry for the lengthly reply, but wanted to share my experiences as well.

  7. Edward says:

    I never said Penn Foster and New Summit School were fraudulent. However they are not the most efficient tool to educate the students and prepare them for the real world. They are only used because certain centers such as Iroquois needed to improve their numbers and ranking. This is all the contractors such as ETR care about, not the welfare of the students.

  8. Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for your responses. My concern is that if one reads the OIG reports all the way back to 1979 the same issues are still happening today with some of the contractors repeatedly being found guilty doing the same things. Adams and Associates, for instance, was fined by the DOL and had to pay back the DOL for its findings of number manipulation at Grafton Job Corps and instead of ensuring that it didn’t happen again, it still occurred at Shriver and was very much an accepted practice. I was a participant at Shriver in the twice weekly OMS meetings where numbers were maneuvered and manipulated. Number manipulation was the basis of my complaint I made to the OIG. Why do these issues continue? Apparently, the DOL can repeatedly issue corrective actions after these OIG Reports, but, if these issues are truly corrected why are they keep happening? If one reads all the OIG Reports one sees that a pattern emerges. It’s almost as if there is a cookie cutter for contractors and their mechanisms for number manipulation… common among these are: retaining students who otherwise should be separated so as to keep OBS high; manipulating work based learning records and claiming that a student is on training when the student has actually been hired as a full time employee; instructors filling in TARS and marking completions when he students have not completed the tasks; changing AWOL records to show that the student is actually on center when he/she is not. It felt as though you were negating my actual experience as an employee and unwilling participant these illegal goings-on. The OIG has used the word “fraud” in some of its OIG reports. Apparently a liquidated slap on the wrist is about all that happen to a contractor. I’m glad you wrote back.

  9. Glenn says:


    In this scenario, I can’t see a minor student still sitting in jail, waiting to be sentenced.

  10. Glenn says:

    Thanks for your reply. As a note, I am a retired CFO, so I was not really an outsider in my time. In fact, I have dealt with many IG audits, IG reports, and DOL assessment teams and reports. I don’t miss that! Just for the credentialing record, Howard and Harold, all the way back to 70s, including CETA, JTPA, WIA to 2008.

    You mention that you rely on OIG reports, past and present, and without them your site would not exist. I agree that IG reports are very important in monitoring and oversight of the Job Corps Program, as well as all other federal programs. But, the issuance of an IG report does not automatically translate to contractor fraud, manipulation, greed, and cheating, etc. It is important to understand that once an IG report is issued and made public, there is a lengthy audit resolution process that follows the report.

    In many instances, your site just highlights the headlines of the IG reports. It does not seem to include any information about DOL’s response to the audit findings, or the contractor’s response to the report. Once an IG report is issued, the IG auditors, DOL, and contractors then move to resolve the audit findings, which places the burden of additional compliance documentation on the contractor to provide (usually within a specific time period). Once this is done, the IG and DOL determines if any additional information submitted resolves the finding(s). If so, the finding is mutually resolved. If not, the DOL issues what is called a “liquidated damages” claim to the contractor for the non-compliance. These fines and penalties are then deducted from the contractor’s payments under the respective contract. There is also a difference between non-compliance with rules, regulations, etc. and fraud. If the IG suspects any fraudlent activities, they will refer it directly for prosecution. And, this would also be public information. I am trying to recall, and maybe Howard or Harold can correct me, but I do not know of any Job Corps OIG report that has led to a fraud prosecution.

  11. Glenn says:


    I didn’t intend to put you and Andrea in such a defensive mode. Sorry about that! As I have read various topics and responses, there seems to be a lot of program and contractor related fraud beliefs inolving high school diploma programs, particularly the ones involving on-line providers. For example, there are many comments about Job Corps Centers and contractors using New Summit and Penn Foster and opinioned remarks about these programs being fraulent. Given your level of expertise and experience, why haven’t you corrected some of these posts to, at least, provide some understanding to why they are used? As you should know, each Job Corps Center is required to provide a high school dilpoma program opportunity, unless that has changed in the past year or so. When I was retiring, DOL had recently met with DOE and established very strict guidelines for Job Corps Centers as it relates to using on-line HSD programs. If I recall, there were only 2-3 on-line programs that met all the DOL and DOE criteria, including accredidations, certifications, etc. Two of these programs were New Summit and Penn Foster, which is why many Job Corps centers selected and use them.

  12. Nancy says:

    BRAVO, GLENN. Your right the way they run the Job Corps program, across the board is NOT CREDIBLE. The CONSTANT massaging of the paper trail would tell anyone that. Why doesn’t it tell our government that????????????? That’s the BIG question.

  13. Lloyd says:


    Why do you assume this student is over 18 yrs old? Sixteen yr olds attend Job Corps and they can be arrested too.

  14. Lloyd says:

    Here’s how this situation should have been handled: I would have let the student finish his lunch, then called the Day RA to let them know that a student had to be let into his dorm to get his belt. If there was no Day RA I would have accompanied him if I was that Deputy Director, or had some other staff who had keys to the dorm go with him to get the belt. I then would have verbally reminded him of the rules. End of story and no student in jail. No aggravation.

    Why do these staff have to continually set these kids up for failure? Would you like to leave your lunch in the middle? Sure, he should have remembered his belt, but this kind of behavior on the part of adults is not rational. These environments are schizo. No wonder some of the students act they way they do – always in a Catch-22. Staff with big egos who have to play a power game with these kids – give me a break!

  15. Shirley says:


    Not only are the centers not being shut down, the center in Tampa was finally awarded again to ResCare (it sat vacant for some time, because of a contracting dispute) and another center is being built in Iowa which will open this coming Spring, hopefully. The one in New Hampshire is on hold because of local non-union contractors who question the union-only construction contracting awards.

    Can you imagine a center sitting vacant for months because the government was suspect in its contracting methods? Our taxpayer dollars again going to waste.

  16. Harold says:


    What is the organization from which you retired? It would be interesting to hear your perceptions of Job Corps from that perspective.

    As a person who is very familiar with Job Corps, I would say that student comments reflect their interpretation of events from their immature perspective. Anyone who has worked with youth and this population knows that one must consider the developmental level these students are at when evaluating events.

    For example: the comments made by the mother who has a son sitting in jail charged with terrorist statements. I am willing to bet that this situation could have been diffused long before it got to the level it did. On the other hand, this student may be one who just wanted to flaunt the rules or was a trouble maker. We don’t have enough information from which to judge. I don’t think this was the case based upon my years of working with Job Corps students.

    But I’ll tell you one thing; I have been there and know that this situation got out of control because of a staff member who did not handle the situation properly.

    My students have always respected me because I respected them first and I would never have treated this student this way. These kids have enough problems without having to go to jail for this kind of petty nonsense.

  17. Thanks for your comment. We rely heavily on Office of the Attorney General Reports (OIG) that are printed in semi-annual Reports to Congress, statements from former and present Congressmen/women, Senators during Legislative Hearings, and official published statistical analyses that prove Job Corps success rates were inflated in the past and are continuing in the present and, in fact these reports also assert Job Corps students are little or no better off after completing the program. Washington D.C. economists have also published reports in journals that state the same information. Without these published reports, this site would not exist. You may access most of the these reports on this site. (The audit reports from the Office of the Inspector General kowever, only go back a few years instead of all the way back to 1978). It appears that the organization you were involved with did not have access to ”behind the scenes, actual goings-on” in Job Corps as many of the students and staff commenting here. You, as an outsider looking in, are obviously not in the position to to give any first-hand, eye-witness accounts as many of us are able to. We actually experienced the “trickle-down” effects of contractor’s greed and were unwilling parties to false reporting to the DOL. I encourage you to carefully read more of the website and especially look at OIG Reports, Legislative Reports, Research Reports and Books. After you read the factual, statistical information thoroughly on this site, please write back. It’s so important to know the facts before sharing hasty opinions. You may also access the OIG Reports going back to 1979 here:
    After clicking on any year, type the words “Job Corps” in the “Find” box. Some of us are the employees who made those complaints. Hope this helps

  18. Howard says:


    Specifically, which comments were inaccurate? If you have not actually worked at a Job Corps, then you don’t have a very good reference point from which to speak. I agree with Andrea on that point.

    I know that my posts are accurate. I have worked in the Job Corps system for many yrs, at five different centers for four different contractors. I have visited many centers and know a lot of staff, present and past. I know the workings of a center and what goes on behind the scenes, at the center,corporate and government levels – I have written contract proposals and Job Corps curricula and have held responsible positions.

    What, in your opinion, are inaccuracies on this site?

  19. Glenn says:


    I assume your son is over 18 years of age, correct? Harold is right, check the facts. Also, have you called the Center Director personally?

  20. Glenn says:

    I recently stumbled upon this site, just a few weeks ago, and have been trying to read all the various posts and comments. I retired a couple years ago from an organization that is very involved in the Job Corps Program. In my opinion, there are to many program and contractor related inaccuracies on this site for it to be considered credible, or taken seriously.

  21. Nancy says:


  22. Susan says:


    At what center did this happen?

  23. James says:

    Alutiiq/ResCare is definitely one of the favorites in the Boston Region.

  24. Harold says:

    Michelle, contact your local and state politicians and your newspaper. Contact the regional director of Job Corps where the Job Corps is located. You can find this info on the internet.

    Everyone who works in Job Corps knows the dorms are locked during the day. If there was a Day RA on staff that person should have opened the door for him – or any other manager or director could have opened the door and accompanied him to his room to get his belt. I have done it many times.

    Have you contacted an attorney? What was your son charged with? Make sure you have your facts straight and your son tells the truth.

  25. Nancy says:

    The staff members , say violent things and hostile things to the students a Job Corps ALL THE TIME. The cycle of abuse is NOT BROKEN WHEN THESE KIDS ATTEND A JOB CORPS, IT’S CONTINUED.

  26. Michelle says:

    My son entered job corps on 8/31. About a month later, he was caught not wearing a belt and told to go to his dorm to put one on. Well, the dorms are locked during the day, so he returned to the lunchroom to finish his food, where his plate was promptly snatched from under him, and was told to go to the Administrative office. He was heading there, and followed by the deputy director, who, was taunting him, and my son reacted with some words he shouldn’t have said. The deputy dir. then threatened him with “IF you call me (explicit words) again, I will knock your f’ing teeth out”. Long story short, none of the other staff heard this, but heard my son threatning, and my son was arrested, and still sits in jail awaiting sentencing for terroristic threats. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander. If my son is in jail, so should the dep. director…. but, unfortunately it hasn’t happened this way. What can I do???

  27. Harold says:

    Alutiiq was awarded the contract – it is a subsidiary of Res-Care.

  28. A Random Student Citizen says:

    I have been a student at westover for nearly a year and a few months now, I agree Job Corps is a fraud and a half. The staff are liars, I’ve seen my friend get his stuff stolen, his 360 was stolen 2 times and one of the staff told him she was going to “let it happen again if she wanted it to” there is a fine line between justice and corruption and I do believe that is corruption. Another student was sent home because the “Wellness Department” told him that he had “Bi-Polar” disease, when the “Doctor” didn’t even had a proper PHD he is a Nurses Assistant. On top of things, fire alarms going on and off late in the middle of the night in the dorms is ridiculous. The staff do nothing to stop it and better yet they let it happen without consequence, only when the Center Director is involved is when they take action because they fear they’ll lose their damn job over it. I’d be a bit paranoid too if I was acting out of place in a training facilitiy. On top of that they give you personal improvement plans that say “Lick my boot” or “Get out.” I have seen 2 riots and quite frankly security does nothing about it. I’ve seen someone get hit with a chair across the head, I’ve watched a food fight happend and the “Zero Tolerance” rule they have set is a lie. But yet they have problems with students posting videos of the truth on youtube when things actually go wrong.

    The CSIO department is shady and are a bunch of backstabbing liars, the head honco (name witheld by Job Corps Fraud) has mistaken people and have gotten them terminated over things they have not done at all. A student who was completely innocent and had been framed for a “liquor” incident was terminated when his friends got caught and he was no where to be found on the scene. I understand “Guilty By Association” but when there is no hard proof you have no right doing such things. It’s like playing “Dirty Cop” a dirty ex-cop who thinks he knows his way around lawsuits.

    My time here at this center is almost up thank god and I hope I will NEVER RELIVE this experience again.

  29. Nancy says:

    the problem LIKELY might end up being, that ETR might get the contract for WESTOVER, which would be another HUGE mistake. Since they are REALLY a bunch of liars and crooks. What needs to be addressed to the DOL, and better to EVERY elected official in the US, is that Job Corps as an entity should be shut done, disbanded and the TAX DOLLARS that are now being wasted so immorally in this REALLY BAD ECONOMIC TIME, NEED TO BE RETURNED TO THE US TAX PAYERS TO HELP REBUILD OUR ECONOMY. WHAT WE NEED TO MARCH FOR IS “NO JOB CORPS AT ALL”.

  30. Nancy says:

    I am for one. Anybody else ?

  31. Howard says:

    MTC had the contract for ten yrs. Who was awarded the contract this time? One of (name removed by Job Corps Fraud) favorites?

  32. Cypher says:

    MTC has just lost the contract for Westover Job Corps Center. Those of us taken advantage of and abused by the Job Corps Program need to create a file of grievances and get this presented to the press as well as the DOL. Instead of a story here or there, we need to take organized and decisive action! Who is with me?

  33. Sam says:

    I went to Westover Job Corps and I must say. It was nothing like i was told it would be.However, I did recieve the benefits promised to me. I did recieve my certification. It was becoming overpopulated when i left. The Staff there don’t do their job correctly. they base every rule off of favoritism. I noticed some kids geetting in trouble for things that others got away with. I had two necklaces stolen from my room by security during “room searches” I was a good student, was on platinum the entire time i was there which was approximately 8 months. They didn’t even have a reason to go in my room. Me n my roommate ahd perfect records and were both good students. I went to complain to (name removed by Job Corps Fraud), who was running it at the time. She told me, theree was no way to prove it was her staff. The 8 months i was there, not once did i have any issues with any students…so why would a student go in my room? and on the day when scurity would b room searching…Doesnt make sense to mee. When (name removed by Job Corps Fraud) was there, this would have neevr happened and if it did, h would havee reimbursed me. The necklaces were worth $300 all together and one of them can never be replaced. It belonged to my fiance and it was given to him the day he was born. It boggles my mind that noon did anything about this and they find it ok to do room searches On every student without a valid reason. I never once diod anything to give myself a bad name and it did nothing. I still got treated like i was a bad student. I was given a trophy for being top student on center before i left. But i dont care about the damn trophy, Give me my belongings! Job corps is all about favoritsim. and (name removed by Job Corps Fraud) is also the most unprofessional influence. She brought students back to her home over xmas break. idk how thats legal but she did. JOB CORPS IS A JOKE and NOT WORTH WHAT YOU GET IN THE END. The staff will steal from you and they will pick and choose favorites.

  34. Nancy says:


  35. David says:

    I went to Gurthrie Jobcorps and was bullied and made to do stuff i didnt want to do chores and stuff.when a nother student didnt want to do their chore i got stuck doing it. and staff didnt believe me when any incedent happened on center ie i was burned on the butt with a blowtorch in trade staff replied by saying this “your messing with another kids future? What the hell?? that makes no sense to me a kindheared guy i was also hazed and teased in the dorms i had to also clean human feces off a vanity. I wasnt allowed to visit my mom in the hospital when she needed me . had to provide proof my grandma was dead so i could go to her funeral. as well my instructor even quit for what happened to me there he didnt think it was right. i also got stuck teaching my class . the staff thought i was doing drugs but i don’t do drugs wasnt allowed to leave center many times had to go to “dorm board because i was sick and didnt follow rules” what ever..all i wanted was a skill to learn and it just upsets me to this day that that happened to me JOBCORPS IS A FRAUD AND A LIE AND SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. i wanted to gain a skill which i was in plumbing trade but wanted CNA but the wouldnt let me in that trade for some dumb rule guess they wanted me to take two trades wheo knows, then go on to college mabye i had a high school diploma but had to take one high school class made no sense to me when i HAVE A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA!ugh jobcorps is full of bullshit plus thers gangs there and so much stress to cause a ulcer anywho ive spoken my mind. that place is evil and is a lie was the biggest waste of nine months of my life ill never get back!

  36. Howard says:


    Just thinking about your post again and I realized that you may have been enrolled in an on-line high school program or some other high school program on center rather than a GED program. I don’t know what kind of high school program Guthrie had in place when you were there.

    If it was an on-line or a center high school program, and if the center is telling you that there is no record of the work you completed, and if you don’t have a copy yourself (sounds like you don’t)then you are sunk. If it was on-line, you might contact the company the center did business with. Nowadays, the Records Dept at a JC center doesn’t keep track of the actual work you did, like they did years ago. Now they just notate if you completed the course of study and when.

    This tale of woe supports my argument that students should always keep a record of work they completed with the instructor’s signature verifying the work, instead of trusting the center to do it for you.

  37. Howard says:


    Call your state Department of Education, Office of GED Administration, and ask them to see if there is a transcript on file for you. Go to the internet for the phone number.

    What do you mean by “It says everywhere I go that I never got one”? Did you take the Official GED test? If you didn’t take the Official GED test, then there will not be a transcript for you anywhere.

    Did you contact the Records and Academic Depts at Guthrie Job Corps? They would have a record of you taking the Official GED test.

    You will need to have the date of test that you took it, or dates, if you took the sub-tests at different times if you talk to the Oklahoma Dept of Ed.

    Just because you were taking classes in Academics doesn’t mean that you were awarded a high school equivalency diploma. The high school equivalency diploma would be issued by the state of Oklahoma if you passed the Official GED test, according to the Oklahoma state standards.

    You can check Oklahoma’s standards on-line by googling the Oklahoma Dept of Education or by going on-line to the American Council On Education, which publishes the GED test, and check out the standards for Oklahoma.

    Again, if you never took the Official GED test at an Official Test Site, you will not have a transcript on file anywhere. By the way, if you did take the test then your Academic Dept at the Job Corps should have given you the transcript with your grades on the sub-tests. Did you get such a transcript?

    You can contact me by responding to this post if you need further help.


  38. Jenn says:

    where would be a place that i can report a missing highschool transcript thati never got from them? i went to guthrie oklhomas jb corps tpget my highschool diploma but it says everywhere i go that i never got one when i was there taking the reuired curriculum to get it.

  39. Robert says:


    Even if OIG investigates and issues findings against the center, don’t expect anything other than a fine that ETR will stall paying. Or ETR will come up with some ridiculous lie like they did at Iroquois about the Safety Manager who didn’t hold meetings. Iroquois had tons of complaints reported and they still were awarded two more center contracts.

  40. Nancy says:

    The OIG, did finally get back to me. In writing. And they are investigating my complaint. I’m glad for this, American tax dollars should not be abused or misused by Job Corps. And in the incident I reported they certainly were, the entire process for FAR procurement was NOT USED.

  41. Nancy says:


  42. Nancy says:

    Somebodies in BED with somebody, Dont you think???

  43. Harold says:

    Perhaps OIG only responds when it gets enough complaints to do something or when a review has been already scheduled.

  44. I’m sorry that OIG did not get back to you. They did get back to me. I would not lie about something like this. I don’t know why they didn’t respond to you. I wish they had. Apparently I made a mistake in assuming that they get back to everyone. I’m sorry.

  45. Nancy says:


  46. From many different sources!

  47. Interesting article. Were did you got all the information from…

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