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Office of the Inspector General Report to Congress Spring 2010

-verbatim from the OIG Report

Our audit work continues to reveal that the performance results (i.e., vocational training completions and student attendance) of some Job Corps centers were overstated because center operators did not ensure compliance with Job Corps’ policy and requirements.”

We conducted performance audits of five Job Corps Centers operated by three different companies under contract with the Office of Job Corps — Gainesville and Albuquerque Centers under DEL-JEN, Treasure Island and Miami Centers under ResCare, and Iroquois Center under Education and Training Resources.

The audits included coverage of the contractors’ safety programs, performance reporting, and financial activity at the centers; and each audit was expanded to address hotline complaints alleging improper practices by center management.

Read the OIG Report here, starting on page 30:



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60 Gainsville Job Corps Students involved in small riot (2009)

This article from details an incident where 60 students were rioting at the Gainsville Job Corps Center. Minor injuries were incurred by some of the combatants, 7 individuals were sent to the hospital and 10 arrests were made.  13 police officers responded to the riot.

Listen to the minimization of the event by the Center’s Director, Conney Whitehead:

“…Unfortunately students at the center do have disagreements and fight…”

Make sure to read the article here:

Gainsville Job Corps is operated by Del-Jen.

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Performance Audit Report of Del-Jen by OIG 2009 Gainesville and Albuquerque Job Corps

Read the OIG Report here:


“DEL-JEN did not ensure compliance with Job Corps requirements for safety in each of the three areas we reviewed – safety inspections, safety committee meetings, and student misconduct. While at Gainesville, we observed multiple safety- and health-related deficiencies. Gainesville identified some of these deficiencies while performing the center’s required weekly and monthly safety inspections, and noted them during monthly Safety and Health Committee meetings. However, the inspections, meetings, and resulting corrective action did not effectively eliminate the deficiencies we observed. We also found that Gainesville did not report significant incidents, such as physical assault, weapons possession, and narcotics possession to Job Corps as required.”

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