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Nationwide mismanagement of Job Corps calls for action!

DOL OIG Reports

Read OIG Reports from past years here… When the cover page opens, type the words “Job Corps” in the “find” box at the top of the page to see the Job Cops Centers reported on…
Excerpt from OIG Report to Congress April 1 – September 30, 2008
“Our work has consistently identified challenges to the effectiveness of the Department’s Job Corps program. These challenges include ensuring the safety and health of students and having accurate, reliable data about the program’s success. A cornerstone of the Job Corps program is removing students from unsafe environments and placing them in a safe, residential training program. Ensuring maintenance of its facilities is a challenge for Job Corps. Unsafe conditions resulting from inadequate maintenance adversely impacts the overall success of the Job Corps program. Our audits have documented numerous health and safety problems at certain centers, such as water damaged and collapsing ceiling tiles; mold on student dormitory walls and ceilings; and missing or inoperable emergency exit signs. Further, Job Corps officials need to do more to address the reported problems of illegal drugs and violence at its facilities. OIG audits continue to raise significant concerns about Job Corps’s ability to report accurate and reliable financial and performance data. For example, over the past few years, we have identified shortcomings in the reporting of on-board strength and attendance at a number of centers, areas where we have consistently noted problems…”

Because OIG Reports can be very lengthy, upon arriving at the cover of the report type the words “Job Corps”, or the name of your center into the search box at the top of the page.

Shriver Job Corps photo

2009 Atterbury Job Corps (Adams and Associates)

2009 Gadsden Job Corps (Adams and Associates)

2009 Shriver Job Corps (Adams and Associates)

2009 Shriver Job Corps (Adams and Associates)

2009 Mongomery Job Corps Center (Dynamic Educational Systems, Inc. DESI) summary Report at this link

Montgomery Complete Report Here

2008 – 2009 Gary Job Corps (MTC Corp)

2008 – 2009 Charleston Job Corps (MTC Corps)


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  1. Allison R. says:

    All I can say is corrupt Corrupt corrupt. Job Corps is a corrupt way for hard working people to be ripped off under the pretense of helping disadvantaged youth. I have seen first hand just how much helping the disadvantaged youth is being down. That is nothing much is being done that will help them in the long run to secure them a future for employement or any other skilled profession. These youth are being taken advantanged of and they don’t even kow it the taxpayer doesn’t realize it yet. However in a few years we will all look back on this and view it as the rip off such as the banking industry. They are being used and are getting nothing in return. These contractors are not providing any specialized care or bringing in any professionals to help these youth with their learning disabilities. The Contractors Adams and Associates say they don’t pay for any outside programs. They want to protray themseleves to be a non profit organization in order to receive free services from other organizations. Still nothing is being done for the welfare of the disadvantaged youth. They come into the program not being able to do basic Math and Reading and they leave the program not being able to do basic Reading and Math. Check it out espeically in the Little Rock area. The youth can’t get employment because they can’t pass the entrance exams. Now who is at fault here for this. They simply are not being taught they need specialized care that you can’t get free in most instances.


    • I couldn’t believe it when I worked for Shriver Job Corps under Adams and Associates… it felt like being in a Twighlight Zone movie… and we, the taxpayers are funding this outrage at 1.7 billion dollars a year! But, through a sophisticated system of media manipulation and fear and intimidation it is all a well-kept secret. Thanks for writing.


  2. I just finished reading the OIG Report from several of Adams and Associates Job Corps Audit findings. I couldn’t help but think I was reading about the Little Rock Job Corps Center. Those same things are happening at the Little Rock Job Corps Center. I just recently stopped working at the Little Rock Center. I only worked there a very short time. I knew that this wasn’t a stable place of employment. There were very few happy employees. Most people were very unhappy, beaten down, very down depressed people. The youth had no concept of the real world. Most of the staff had been disregarded. Students knew they could lie on staff and get away with it. I have not ever seen anything like this before. It took me only a short time to realize that I couldn’t do this. There is a lot of very wrong things going on here at this facility as well. I don’t know why this center hasn’t been investigated as well. If this is happening at 4 other centers what are the chances that this same behavior is going on at all of their other centers. Well I can say that the same thing is happening here as well. Does anyone not truly care about the future of these disadvantaged youth. Once again they are being taken advantaged of and disadvantaged. They are not receiving the education and care that should be awarded to them from the hard working taxpayers. Will someone hear and act truly on behalf of the youth. They can’t read and write and they are not learning to read and write. What a devastated future they face and so do we.


    • I saw the same at Shriver. I wondered, and still do, what makes good people stay and work for a corrupt company? It is fear and manipulation. The employees are beaten down to believe they are worthless and the kids are just numbers to represent the $75 per day Adams and Associates and other greedy contractors receive for housing each student in sub-standard educational systems. Thanks for writing.


  3. Nancy says:

    Harold, Thank you for “confirming” exactly what I said about the Job Corps. My experience is 1st hand from working there TWO TIMES as a procurement specialist. I saw the STEALING magnatude first hand. Where is your experience from ? I may be naive , BUT I consider my self a true American. And I’m honest. We need more honest Americans, and SADLY where we need them is in the government. And by the way Harold, I do have brains, and a soul THATS WHY I HATE WHAT THE JOB CORPS AND THE REPUBLICANS ARE DOING TO THE AVERAGE AMERICAN.


  4. Nancy says:

    There is NO WAY to reveal the whole truth about a Job Corps operation, because they misrepresent things, massage documentation and the Administrators OUT AND OUT LIE. AS DO THE PEOPLE WORKING DIRECTLY UNDER THEM. If you are NOT a liar you DON’T LAST AT THE JOB CORPS. I worked there 30 years ago, and just recently. On both occasions, I saw the lying, coverup, false documentation of student records and expenditures for the site. They falsify where funded $$$$ go, so they can GRAB every cent of it. The Administrative Director I worked for the 1st time I worked there, was lining his own pockets and increasing the property value of his own home , using Federal Dollars that were suppose to be funded for the job corps site. They had a woman working there a few years ago, as an ILA, advising students, her and her husband had spent time in prision even before she worked there as ILA, for drug trafficking. They were arrested for one of the biggest drug trafficking rings in this area. And the Job Corps hired her.

    The american taxpayers need to write to EVERY senator, congressman, in their district. EVERY american tax payer needs to do it. The job corps program should be disbanded and the tax dollars returned to the american people. It has never been successful, IT NEVER WILL BE.


    • Howard says:

      Anyone with any brains knows that Job Corps is a government handout to conservative companies that donate to their local, state and federal Republican politicians. Republicans advocate smaller government and cutting back on welfare programs – but when it comes to their own welfare programs – like Job Corps contracts, they are right in line with their hands out waiting for their piece of the pie. Democrats like to fund programs for the poor, but have no desire to hold anyone accountable for wasting tax payer dollars – they are just a bunch of wimps.


  5. Borne says:

    I agree with all of you. The whole truth needs to be revealed to help the students in all of these job corps!


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