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Reader’s comment about Karl Rove, the CATO Institute and Job Corps

From Watergate-

“I never thought that I would say this but I’m glad that Karl Rove and the Cato institute is following the Job Corps Fraud Blog.  The stuff that goes on at the Job Corps Centers needs to be exposed.  The conclusion that I get when I look at this blog is that the same problems have plagued the Job Corps program throughout the history of the program.  This has been going on for more than forty years and nothing has been fixed.

The line that the tax payers have been fed about how the program helps youth out of poverty is a bunch of bs and most of the students that I worked with at Job Corps saw right through it. These students often let me know that they were only cash cows for the contractors and the federal government. 

Job Corps is a failed program and a taxpayer ripoff.  I steer young people that I meet to other programs in my community that have a better success rate for them to finish their education and gain skills needed to get out of poverty.  All I saw at the Job Corps I worked at was lots of drug use, alcoholism, female students getting pregnant, students in need of mental health, and students dropping out via AWOL. Along with the minor students that their families dumped at Job Corps and used Job Corps as a free boarding school, because raising a teenager was too much of a hassle. Then the parents got made when their 16 year old daughters ended up pregnant at Job Corps.  I’m glad that Karl Rove is reading this and I hope that he can get the media interested in what is going on at Job Corps, because my former students deserve better than being treated like numbers and cash cows.”


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