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Office of the Inspector General Report to Congress Spring 2010

-verbatim from the OIG Report

Our audit work continues to reveal that the performance results (i.e., vocational training completions and student attendance) of some Job Corps centers were overstated because center operators did not ensure compliance with Job Corps’ policy and requirements.”

We conducted performance audits of five Job Corps Centers operated by three different companies under contract with the Office of Job Corps — Gainesville and Albuquerque Centers under DEL-JEN, Treasure Island and Miami Centers under ResCare, and Iroquois Center under Education and Training Resources.

The audits included coverage of the contractors’ safety programs, performance reporting, and financial activity at the centers; and each audit was expanded to address hotline complaints alleging improper practices by center management.

Read the OIG Report here, starting on page 30:



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Reader’s Comments 7/20/2010

-from Nancy RE: Treasure Island Union files unfair labor practice charge against Adams & Associates

So true ALL of it, wouldn’t you think that something that is “suppose to be monitored ” by the DOL, it the last place you would see “discrimination”. Well guess again, because in the Job Corps, particularly one’s run by ETR, discrimination is WORSE than ANY where else in the United States. Trumped up, FALSE reviews, Lies about people that “arent’ SLIME BUCKETS, because they are the only one’s that survive there any length of time at all. Falsified documentation. I spoke with a young man name (removed by Job Corps Fraud), who worked at Oneonta. He’s from the United Emerites, and has “dark skin”. Wouldn’t you think he wouldn’t be discriminated against?????? Well guess again, short of calling him every thing but the N word, that is the treatment he said he got working as and ILA at the Job Corps.

-from Josephine RE: Treasure Island

He was probably discriminated against, not because he had “dark skin”, but because he was perceived as an “Arab” and therefore, a terrorist.

-from Edward RE: Treasure Island

Yes it is definitely a disadvantage to be a salaried employee at Iroquois. Some of them work twelve hours a day and come in on weekends and yet are not allowed to take time off when needed
Regarding the performance evaluations, you cannot attain above a “good” rating. It does not matter anyhow because the raises are so miniscule. Most staff will not receive a raise more than 2%. This enables ETR to have money left over to pay the huge quarterly bonuses to upper management. They get rewarded for manipulating the numbers.

-from Nancy RE: Treasure Island

What difference does it make, ISN’t IT still discrimination.

-from a Job Corps Student on Job Corps An Unfailing REcord of Failure

I am currently attending a Job Corps and am very disappointed. I feel it is below standards.

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Reader’s comments to Treasure Island Worker’s Union files unfair labor charge

-From Harold

At Iroquois Job Corps, management staff were required to give up weekends on a rotating basis to act as “duty officer”. They also had to come in on weekends to oversee the return of students from breaks and participate in searching luggage for various contraband. Because they were salaried employees, there was no OT pay, nor was any comp time granted.

In fact, one could not earn comp time at any time working for ETR. This was not the case yrs ago with other corporations that ran Job Corps centers. There were enough staff on centers to manage the center on week ends and to do searches. Over-working the management staff and denying hourly staff their breaks has developed over the years and is obviously condoned by the government. This is a common finding in OIG reviews but other than paying a fine now and then, nothing is done about it.

Read the rest of this entry »

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June 18, 2010 Job Corps Readers Comments

Regarding Education and Training Resources and Iroquois Job Corps Center:


“ETR has been the contractor at Iroquois since January 2005. They take no interest in the students or staff at the center. During my tenure working for ETR which covered four and a half years, their president and other top corporate staff set foot on center around nine or ten times. That is incredible to me. We were never even trained on our jobs until two months after they took over operations. They could care less about all of the staff members lives they have ruined and the futures of the students after they leave center. The DOL is very much aware what is going on at Iroquois but for some reason just turns their head.”

Regarding Injuries and Workmen’s Compensation at Job Corps:


“Has anyone ever heard of someone getting hurt at job corp and going on Workmen’s Compensation??? PLEASE HELP ME.. What happened to everything?? My e-mail is WRITE ME THERE THANXXX.”

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Newest Youth Today Article by Jamaal Abdul-Alim about Iroquois Job Corps Center

Jamaal Abdul-Alim from the popular magazine “Youth Today” just published another searing article about the Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) recent audit of Iroquois Job Corps Center.  Education and Training Management (ETR)  is the Federal Contractor.

Read his report here and be sure to leave your comments!

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March 2010 OIG Performance Audit for Education and Training Resources, Job Corps Center Operator

Highlights of Report Number 26-10-003-01-370, to the National Director, Office of Job Corps.


This report discusses Education and Training Resources (ETR) control weaknesses related to managing and reporting financial activity, managing safety and health programs, and reporting performance. ETR is under contract with the Office of Job Corps to operate four Job Corps centers for the U.S. Department of Labor,

WHY OIG CONDUCTED THE AUDIT Read the rest of this entry »

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Responses to “Thoughtful Post” about Job Corps Employees et al

-“I would be delighted to testify, with witnesses and documentation.  Yes I want ETR punished, I would like to see them never dealing with any type of educational training ever.  I use my own name not some character name, because I am ashamed of them, not in fear of.  I realize many others may still be employed or have fear of retribution, all they can do to me is bring me to court.  To that I say, BRING IT ON.”

-“I’ll stand by the complaints I made to federal agencies, and I’m willing to testify in Congress about the Job Corps program.  I worked with abused and neglected children before I worked at Job Corps, and I didn’t like the negative discipline methods used at Job Corps which tore down the students self esteem. The majority of the students at the Job Corps Center I worked at needed mental health help and drug treatment which Job Corps can’t provide.  I made these complaints not for revenge, but out of a moral duty for my former co-workers and the students.  I was an R.A. and R.A.s see some of the worse stuff that happens at Job Corps.  I can also talk to the people that live near the Job Corps neighborhood, since they wanted Job Corps out of their neighborhood for years due to students causing problems. The Department of Labor’s main function is to enforce labor law and it is not in the business to run a secondary educational institute.  Job Corps should be shut down or taken over by the Department of Education.”

“I have first hand knowledge and evidence to back up everything that I have conveyed on this blog. In response to the “thoughtful comment”,  many staff including myself  attempted but were powerless to fight all of the corruption at Iroquois. We had no avenues open to us including Human Resources, because everyone was in the CDs pocket.  Even the corporate office would not stand up to the CD. Our jobs were threatened even by talking to OIG auditors. There have been lawsuits and an organized protest all to no avail.

Yes we are interested in punishing the center management because the ultimate losers in all of this are the students.

Because the center is playing the numbers game, students are pushed through the system without being prepared for the outside world. They are given Mississippi diplomas which are very substandard in this area. A former vocational instructor there who is now in charge of placing students in jobs, stated that he cannot place anyone with a Mississippi diploma.  The center is just concerned with numbers not what happens to the students after they leave.

Living conditions are also terrible for the students. The only time the dorms are clean is when the center has visitors.

There was a surprise visit by the corporate office at night in which they inspected the dorms and found the conditions deplorable. They reprimanded the CD and of course she immediately blamed everyone else in an all staff meeting.

I don’t think that the center should be closed, I just think that a change of contractors is definitely necessary.”

“Readers might also want to check out YouTube, just search “Job Corps Fights.” I know that what is there is not reflective on all JC students but still sad.”

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Albuquerque, Iroquois and Gainsville Job Corps Center comments

-“When the CD at Iroquois was interviewing for her admin asst. she wasnt looking for someone that was properly trained for that postition. She wanted someone who she could be buddies with and control. The one she hired just completed Job Corps with just a completion in Bus. Tech. Wow if I thought that that is all you had to do to get a position like that and get paid what she is getting paid I should have gone through JC. I worked there for almost 6 years and was cross trained in numerous positions to cover for anyone who was not there and my pay was pathetically way lower than the admin asst.

There are several students that have photos and videos of the CD having inappropriate interactions (if you know what I mean) with female students. And when they are questioned about said evidence mysteriously they are termed. HUH What a coincidence.

The CD went to NYC and went on a shopping spree on JC’s bill. She called corporate and told them because her center is doing so good she was gonna treat herself to some very name brand high prices purses and shoes. Who the hell does this bi*ch think she is. There are staff on that center barely making ends meet and this bi*ch is spending the tax payers money left and right on herself. She makes over 100,000.00/yr and just sits in her office play games with female students who should be in class.


-“I hate to say it but maybe we could let the right wing Republican groups know that their tax dollars are going to support Job Corps centers where students and staff are doing drugs and having sex, along with all the graft that is going on. These right wing groups are some of the most organized political groups in the country and the Republicans want Job Corps shut down. One thing that I got from reading the 1995 congressional hearings was that Congress knew about the problems at Job Corps for years yet they continue to support the program. Congress used poor and minority youth as pawns for throwing money at the program when we all know that the students at Job Corps are only cash cows.

It costs $35,000 to send a student to Job Corps, when a college tution at a state school is around $16,000 per year, plus around $6,000 for room and board. At UNM it costs $7,000 per year for in state tuition, room and board is about $6,000 per year, and all New Mexico students can get their tution paid through out college by a lottery scholarship if they maintain a 2.5. The local Albuquerque community college provides the same services as Job Corps and more programs at $40 fee for vocational training and around $450 per semester for full time college. There are more trades covered at this school than Job Crops and these trades geared to the 21st century technology.

Most colleges have changed since 1960 to supporting students in getting their degrees. There is help for students that have learning disabilities. Even the public schools have changed with the times and met the 21st digital generation’s needs. My opinion on Job Corps is that the program is outdated and it hasn’t changed very much since 1964. The new discipline program that was introduced at Job Corps dates back to 1960 and there is only one school in the U.S. that uses it. Putting people in a diamond and labeling them doesn’t work. The only reason why this program is in place is becasue it’s cheap and you don’t have to hire qualified people with Master’s degrees to use it.

At my Job Corps I was shocked to see how many people in the administration had less education than me and some of them were ex Job Corps students with no real world experience. I am a junior in college and I have twenty years of experience in working at different departments at UNM, public high school (special education), day care, and children’s mental health. The person in charge of student discipline at the Alb. Job Corps has never set foot in a college classroom. She is a Job Corps grad who brown nosed her way up, and she has no idea of behavior modification theory. Yet she is paid more than the starting teacher’s salary which is $12.00 per hour.”   KN

“I will never forget an all staff meeting at Iroquois when the Center Director informed everyone that there was no money for staff raises in the coming year. Even she would not receive a raise.

About two weeks following this meeting, the CD and the members of her “clique” received huge bonuses. These were apparently the reward for the great job they did manipulating the numbers. After all, the center rose 100 places in the rankings in one year due to their efforts!

These bonuses were kept a secret from the rest of the staff, they did not come to the Finance Office with the rest of the checks by UPS. They were sent by Fed Ex after all of the other staff had left for the day.

This was the year that their was no Christmas Party because they could not afford it. Oh we did have a little get-together in the cafeteria with cookies and pop to substitute for it.

Needless to say the rest of us lowly staff did not receive any raises or bonuses. We did get a cost of living raise which amounted to about $10 per pay period for me.”    B

-“Youth Today had an article on this Job Corps and the result of an OIG audit.  It also included the Albuquerque Job Corps results from the June audit.  OIG went back to the Albuquerque Job Corps in January for more investigating.  There is also an article that Youth Today had on the head of Job Corps resinging last year.  Just type in “Job Corps” at the Youth Today web site and you can pull up the articles.  This isn’t the first riot at Gainsville Job Corps.”  KN

-“I don’t mean to seem impatient, I repeat we need National Coverage in order to let everyone know we are  looking at them.  Also to encourage other JC centers to come forward.  Again, we want national information and coverage.  I’ve got nothing but time, will help in any way I’m asked.”  J

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Job Corps Fraud comments

-As an ex-employee (who was let go) I have to complain about the (Job Corps) focus on numbers for trades and education.  I worked in the Recreation Department for a JC where the furnace blew in the winter (Late November), the furnace was not fixed, meaning no heat, until March!

The supervisor was told to plan programs in the dorms for these months and to have a lot of off-center activities.  Shortly after it was fixed there was a corporate audit where the Recreation Department was cited for poor attendance/involvement from students-how were we supposed to do that if you don’t care enough to provide heat to the Recreation building?

Also, the following year a furnace went down in one of the academic buildings-it was fixed within a few days.  As positive as this program should be, the contractors ruin it for everyone.  I really want to see an in depth investigation into these places so that they can be managed better and for less taxpayer money.   Anon

-The situation at Iroquois sounds remarkably similar to what is going on at Shriver from what I have read. For some reason, our center went over two years without a DOL review, which I understand are supposed to occur yearly.

When we finally had one, there was an e-mail sent by the CD stating that our jobs were in jeopardy if we spoke to the DOL. Curiously, around the same time we recieved an e-mail from DOL stating that staff should feel free to discuss things with them without fear of repercussions from center management. I think most of the staff was afraid to talk.

About a year ago, OIG began conducting an audit at the center. Once again we received an e-mail instructing staff not to discuss anything with them. While they were there, they discovered fraudulent student enrollments. One of these phantom students appeared on the roster for six months and never set foot on center.

They also discovered an instance of the CD making a purchase for  personal use. I saw the documentation for this purchase . When asked about it, she jokingly responded that the president of ETR was buying it for her.

Who knows how many other of these type purchases went undiscovered?   J

-“I left Job Corps in “05;” at that time the condemned bldg on center was housing HOTS.  It had been condemned in “04,” and money was received to replace it in “05.”  For all I know it’s still there.  I know 2 people on the committee that condemned the bldg.  When I told OIG, they did not seem to know about it or care.  Not a bit surprised about the furnace. I believe the new leach fields were put in in “04,” and because of a chum of management were destroyed in “06.”  We were able to contact the original contracter and put a stop to JC suing them.  At least that was 1 coup.”  J

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