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Nationwide mismanagement of Job Corps calls for action!

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“Pretty much proof positive that nothing has changed or will change.  A small group of IJC went to our state senator, and ended up going to an official in Boston, just a complete run a round.  We spoke to lawyers, and politicians, and law enforcement…nothing.  We had evidence of drugs being confiscated on center which was delivered through the US Post office, we know the drugs never made it to the Sheriff’s Department, again nothing.  We need National Coverage.  HOW?”   J

-“The word is getting out slowly. We are starting to have visitors from other states visit this website. It will take time before there is enough posted here that the media will notice. thanks for your posts!”

-“As a driver in the security department, I was forbidden to drive an ill student to an emergency. Granted, before ETR we had a few false calls, but having no medical training no one was around to say this.”  J


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  1. Watergate says:

    I hate to say it but maybe we could let the right wing Republican groups know that their tax dollars are going to support Job Corps centers where students and staff are doing drugs and having sex, along with all the graft that is going on. These right wing groups are some of the most organized political groups in the country and the Republicans want Job Corps shut down. One thing that I got from reading the 1995 congressional hearings was that Congress knew about the problems at Job Corps for years yet they continue to support the program. Congress used poor and minority youth as pawns for throwing money at the program when we all know that the students at Job Corps are only cash cows.

    It costs $35,000 to send a student to Job Corps, when a college tution at a state school is around $16,000 per year, plus around $6,000 for room and board. At UNM it costs $7,000 per year for in state tuition, room and board is about $6,000 per year, and all New Mexico students can get their tution paid through out college by a lottery scholarship if they maintain a 2.5. The local Albuquerque community college provides the same services as Job Corps and more programs at $40 fee for vocational training and around $450 per semester for full time college. There are more trades covered at this school than Job Crops and these trades geared to the 21st century technology.

    Most colleges have changed since 1960 to supporting students in getting their degrees. There is help for students that have learning disabilities. Even the public schools have changed with the times and met the 21st digital generation’s needs. My opinion on Job Corps is that the program is outdated and it hasn’t changed very much since 1964. The new discipline program that was introduced at Job Corps dates back to 1960 and there is only one school in the U.S. that uses it. Putting people in a diamond and labeling them doesn’t work. The only reason why this program is in place is becasue it’s cheap and you don’t have to hire qualified people with Master’s degrees to use it.

    At my Job Corps I was shocked to see how many people in the administration had less education than me and some of them were ex Job Corps students with no real world experience. I am a junior in college and I have twenty years of experience in working at different departments at UNM, public high school (special education), day care, and children’s mental health. The person in charge of student discipline at the Alb. Job Corps has never set foot in a college classroom. She is a Job Corps grad who brown nosed her way up, and she has no idea of behavior modification theory. Yet she is paid more than the starting teacher’s salary which is $12.00 per hour.


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