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Interesting Comment from Reader(s) RE: FY Job Corps Congressional Budget Justification

Andrea for Job Corps Fraud Asked:  

Are your tax dollars worth this program?  


“thats right” responded:

yes your tax dollars are worth this program, granted it is a social service, another welfare program, but unlike many of the other welfare programs students are kept in check while in the Job Corps program, they are drug tested, and behavior is watched to make sure they are doing what they are suppose to do, unlike many, many, many, of the other welfare programs, like government housing where rules are broken constantly and drug use is rampant, because there is no drug testing marijuana is a staple for many who draw from the welfare system, food stamp cards ??? free phones, etc…. Job Corps students cant just do what ever they want, when they want to, they are watched and forced to make there beds and clean up after there self’s, (sic) to bad we couldn’t do that with some of these welfare people living in government housing, make them clean, inspect there living quarters everyday ???? there are many other welfare programs that need to be cut before we cut Job Corps.

It doesn’t sound to me like you have had direct experience attending or working at a Job Corps Center. Again, the public is hoodwinked into believing the glossy promises of Job Corps Slick media campaigns. I’m not sure comparing welfare programs and Job Corps is a good example as, people forget that most of the people collecting food stamps are service men and their families, children and the elderly. But, I don’t want to use this forum as a debate about welfare. I appreciate your opinion. Thanks for reading the column.

“black” (this sounds like the same respondent from above)

you didn’t ask me if I had experience working at a job corps, did you ? what I said is the truth and how I feel, I haven’t been fooled by anyone, I know the government waste a lot of money but there are a lot of other areas that should be cut before a program that takes care of young people some of them are children that have no other place to live I know a lot about the job corps and its a good thing it helps people and that’s good enough for me




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