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Contractors Resist US Disclosure Effort

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A published article in highlights the ongoing backlash of Federal contractors heightened opposition to disclosure of their shoddy and fraudulent work practices.

According to

The controversy highlights the extent to which efforts to make the government more transparent often garner bipartisan support but then stall in the face of powerful interests seeking to limit public disclosure.”

The Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System is a secret database that is not available to the public. Since 2008 contractors have been required to submit information to the database that includes information about court findings and contract failures.

Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont is extremely vocal in his support of transparency surrounding past and present fraudulent and criminal practices on the part of Federal contractors:

according to Sanders from

“We hand out over $500 billion a year to federal contractors, many of which have well-established histories of systemic illegal, fraudulent, and incompetent behavior,’’ Sanders said in a statement. “We cannot let these corporations continue to rip off American taxpayers. I strongly expect that this new public awareness will go a long way toward putting an end to handing out taxpayer-financed contracts to corporations with a history of fraud.’’

Sanders website is here:

If my perfunctory research is correct, the US has been trying to disclose these corrupt contractors through a public database since 2005 and for some reason it has stalled.  I wonder if big business will once again rule and keep their dirty laundry secret from the American taxpayer who supports their greed.

Link to the FAPIIS Website:


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New Government Contractor Integrity Data Base Shielded from the Public’s Eye

The Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity System (FAPIIS) is a new one-stop, online data base of Federal contractors who have been disqualified from procuring Government contracts. It also contains information about contracting officers determinations of non-responsibility, records of contract determinations of default or fraud, and defective pricing determinations and agreements that resolved a contractor suspension or disbarment.

There is a problem however, the information contained in the data base is only available to members of Congress, Federal officials and contractors.

The Sunlight Foundation comments on this newly revealed transparency anomaly in their blog “The Data Mine”.

Please read the story here:

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A Letter From a Reader to the Secretary of Labor

-From A Reader to Hilda Solis, Secretary of Labor

“Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor sought ideas from the public regarding an Open Government plan. One of the input topics was: accountability, transparency and making information available in a timely and accessible manner. An idea was submitted that addressed the on-going fraud in the Job Corps program and provided suggestions for eliminating most of it. This idea is not new. The U.S. Congress has been aware of allegations regarding financial and student performance fraud on the part of contractors for many years, but other than conduct OIG audits periodically, Congress has largely chosen to ignore the problem.  Read the rest of this entry »

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