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More Negativity About Adams and Associates: What Else is New?

It seems that Adams and Associates of Nevada can’t keep itself out of the negative news.  For those of us who worked at a Job Corps Center run by the notorious numbers manipulator, Roy Adams, we are not surprised.  Roy presently reigns over twelve Job Corps Centers in the US:  Atterbury, Exeter, Gadsden, Glenmont, Grafton, Indypendence, Joliet, Little Rock, Shriver, Treasure Island, & Woodstock. Now, Roy is ignoring the law again and apparently is refusing to bargain with the Treasure Island Job Corps Workers Union AFT Local 6319.

Roy’s latest gaffe has the union rejecting his May 25, 2010 pay scheme which includes a pay for performance clause based on employees performance evaluation scores.

I’m going to side-track a bit here:  I worked at Shriver Job Corps in Devens, MA, for almost two years.  During those two years I was often required forego my lunch break despite my working a 8.5 hour day which supposedly included a half hour unpaid lunch. (My job was advertised  as a 40 hour per week position).  During those two years I often worked many hours overtime without pay in order to get my job done.  I never succeeded.  Despite my recruiting more employers to sign up to partner with Shriver than any of my predecessors, and having excellent references from previous employers my two performance reviews from Shriver claimed that I barely met expectations.  I believe that the raise I received amounted to 11 cents an hour. The center was also short-staffed and ill-equipped to do one’s job properly.  Staff were routinely threatened and coerced into submitting falsified reports to the Department of Labor in order to inflate performance reports.  And, as recently as early this year Adams and Associates was required to pay restitution amounting to thousands of dollars to hourly workers at Shriver who were also forced to work overtime and through their lunches in violation of Federal Law. Posts from credible sources (read the comments section of this article) who worked in Human Resource Departments from a few Job Corps Centers have made similar claims that employees are given very low scores on their performance reviews in order to increase Adams’ bottom line  and in addition, the HR employees were unwilling parties to requiring employees to falsify their time cards to state they took a lunch when they did  not. Read the rest of this entry »


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Scary run-ins at Exeter site with ghostly reputation (2009)

Read more about Exeter Job Corps here: from the Providence Journal

EXETER, R.I. — Teenagers visiting the abandoned state school that’s said to be haunted were the victims of scary real-life encounters — robberies, according to the Rhode Island State Police.

The state police arrested five men, ages 18 to 25, Wednesday for allegedly using axes, clubs and BB guns to rob teenagers hanging out at night on the sprawling grounds of the abandoned Ladd School, which treated people with developmental disabilities.

Rhode Island State Police Capt. David Neill said the grounds around the Ladd School are a popular spot among teenagers. He said that the Ladd School is said to be haunted and sometimes teenagers will go there with cameras, but they also go there because it’s wooded and secluded.

None of the teenagers, who ranged from 17 to 20, were injured. They told police they were lured to the hospital building of the Ladd School after reading internet postings that say the building is haunted.

According to Neill, the five young men charged with the crimes were students at the Exeter Job Corps Academy at 162 Main St., a job-training program funded by the Department of Labor located on the Ladd School grounds.

The state police allege that they robbed a total of 12 teens of money, cell phones and credit cards on Feb. 28, March 27, and April 17. The State Police said that three of the young men have associations with organized gangs.

The following were arraigned on three counts of first degree robbery and three counts of conspiracy: Kou Xiong, 21, and Benjamin Xiong, 19, who are brothers from Warwick; Sidney Chay, 19, of Providence; and Anthony Deloge, 18, of Warwick.

Jonathan Wilson, 25, of Charlestown, was arraigned on two counts of first degree robbery and two counts of conspiracy.

Joseph DiPina, center director for the Exeter Job Corps Academy, said the young men accused of the robberies have been expelled from training program. One of them was nearly finished and was getting ready to for job prospects while two others had finished vocational courses and were working on academics. Two others were more recent arrivals, he said.

“It’s like losing five of my kids. Our entire community is reeling. We just had Electric Boat touring here to hire kids. We have kids everywhere doing Earth Day community service projects. I’m afraid this is going to be lost because of this. This is the stuff that draws the attention nobody care about the good stuff,” DiPina said.

There are 122 Job Corps centers across the country. They teach students vocational skill training. At Exeter, that includes business, culinary arts, construction, manufacturing and information technologies.

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