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Question for our Readers from a Job Corps Student

-from Jenn

where would be a place that i can report a missing highschool transcript thati never got from them? i went to guthrie oklhomas jb corps tpget my highschool diploma but it says everywhere i go that i never got one when i was there taking the reuired curriculum to get it.

-also from Jenn

at the guthrie jobcorps center in oklahoma, i witnessed numerous gang fights and race wars inside there walls, i left before it got to dangerous the fact that i hadto leave this place because of safety issues and becuse the staff wasnt doing anything about it was rediculous, i was hit in the face when i was attending a meeting by a male student that was working psi during that time, staff embers witnessed it they even caught it on tape but sadly when i tried to do something about it i was harrased by (name removed by Job Corps Fraud) an emplyee, constantly yelling at me and telling me what do u want me to do about it, i told him that i wanted it handled and he kept asking me how i wnted it handled , my reply was im not an emplyee at this center im just a female student here but hes a hugeguy and he hit me in he face, i cried running into a friends arms because when i walked out of this employees office id felt violated by this employee, and when i tried to report the employee i got into even more trouble because his bos said he would never do anything like that, if theres one job corps that should get shut down its guthrie, personally ive seen many decidated emplyees here , one ofwhich that became like a father to me, sadly i was told that he would be on the verge of bing fired if i ever contacted him again.

Guthrie Job Corps Center is managed by ResCare, Inc.


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Office of the Inspector General Report to Congress Spring 2010

-verbatim from the OIG Report

Our audit work continues to reveal that the performance results (i.e., vocational training completions and student attendance) of some Job Corps centers were overstated because center operators did not ensure compliance with Job Corps’ policy and requirements.”

We conducted performance audits of five Job Corps Centers operated by three different companies under contract with the Office of Job Corps — Gainesville and Albuquerque Centers under DEL-JEN, Treasure Island and Miami Centers under ResCare, and Iroquois Center under Education and Training Resources.

The audits included coverage of the contractors’ safety programs, performance reporting, and financial activity at the centers; and each audit was expanded to address hotline complaints alleging improper practices by center management.

Read the OIG Report here, starting on page 30:


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Suspects arrested after three armed robberies

Two former students from Northlands Job Corps Center in Vergennes, Vermont were arrested and charged with robbing a cab driver at gunpoint.

State’s Attorney T.J Donovan of Chittendon County said that the men posed a substantial threat of violence.

Read the rest of the story from the here:

Northlands Job Corps Center is managed by ResCare.

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2010 Performance Audit Report of ResCare, Inc. Treasure Island Job Corps and Miami Job Corps Center

Highlights of Report Number 26-10-002-01-370, to the Interim National Director, Office of Job Corps


To view the report, including the scope, methodology, and full agency response, go to: 26-10-002-01-370.pdf


This report discusses weaknesses related to managing and reporting financial activity, managing safety and health programs, and reporting performance at two Job Corps Centers operated by ResCare, Incorporated (ResCare). Read the rest of this entry »

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