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Man Arrested in Atterbury Job Corps Sweep at Atterbury Job Corps Center (2/08/2012)

Denzel Squire Miller was arrested at the Atterbury Job Corps Center after police found cocaine in his bag.

Atterbury is managed by Adams and Associates   

Read the News Article Here:


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State Police Arrest Three at Red Rock Job Corps Center

Red Rock Job Corps Center is managed by Adams and Associates.     

Read the news article here:

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Training or Crime? Job Corps Students Linked to Burglary Ring (March 2010)

Wilmington Job Corps Center is operated by Management and Training Corporation

Make sure to watch this video about burglaries in Wilmington, DE…

Job Corps refuses to cooperate with the police…

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September 14, 2010 Kentucky State Police Arrest Three Earle C. Clements Job Corps Students for Robbery and Choking a Victim

According to WFIE Channel 14, Kentucky State Police arrested three Earle C. Cements Job Corps students for choking a student from behind and robbing him of his money and cell phone.  The three accused students are: Brian Hardin, Domenic Tabron and Ashton Blake.  The three men are being charged with second degree robbery and were sent to the Union County Jail.

Read the story here:

Earle C. Clements Job Corps is operated by Management and Training Corporation.

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Turner Job Corps Student Arrested September 13, 2010

Travis Wynn of the Turner Job Corps Center in Albany, Georgia was arrested on September 13, 2010 for throwing a rock off the Nottingham Bridge and smashing the windshield of an SUV,  according to WALB Channel 10 news.

No one was hurt and Travis was charged with terroristic acts and threats.

Read the story here:

Turner Job Corps Center is managed by Education and Training Resources, INC  (ETR)

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More on the Cover up at Angell Job Corps Center

Here is a link for more information concerning the murder of Walter Thomas Ackerson Jr. and the lies and cover-ups committed by the Angell Job Corps staff.

Visit this webpage page for more detailed information:

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Howard’s Newest Comment About Angell Job Corps and its Murders

-from Howard

Interesting that on this site there is an account of a murder committed by Angell Job Corps students and another account of an attempted murder by an employee of the center ten years later. What other Job Corps center has that kind of history? Yes, Job Corps students have murdered other people, but usually not while they are students at a center. This center sounds like a magnet for psychopaths.

Also interesting, is the fact that the center never reported the student missing, even though he was a minor at the time, until weeks later. This student was AWOL and was not designated as such until the next morning when he was listed as not being present at bed-check. It was too late by that time. However, he did not have a pass to leave center and should have been noted as off-center almost immediately because most dorms have meetings in the evening hours. Sometimes two meetings: one right before or after dinner, and one before bed-time and lights out. Attendance is taken at those times for student accountability purposes. If people are missing, then a search should have been made. His life might have been saved.

Also, the staff who should have known something was amiss, were, in my opinion, highly negligent. They sound like a group of incompetents who were not aware of this population’s penchant for this kind of trouble, and in particular, were unaware of advanced indicators that were probably “out there” regarding the murderers.

They were probably not too street smart in their questioning of these and other students – if they ever did question anybody. In a Job Corps center, staff have to keep their eyes and ears open and have relationships with students who can give them information when it is needed. Staff on this center were just covering up for themselves, by not reporting him missing and giving conflicting information to his family.

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Suspects arrested after three armed robberies

Two former students from Northlands Job Corps Center in Vergennes, Vermont were arrested and charged with robbing a cab driver at gunpoint.

State’s Attorney T.J Donovan of Chittendon County said that the men posed a substantial threat of violence.

Read the rest of the story from the here:

Northlands Job Corps Center is managed by ResCare.

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After 20 years, mom now knows what happened to son

From the Associated Press:

(AP) – 2 days ago

“TACOMA, Wash. — Karen Hull has been waiting 20 years to find out what happened to her son Walter in 1990. She finally knows.”

“Walter Thomas Ackerson Jr. was born in 1973 and grew up in Eastern Washington’s tiny Kettle Falls. He was beaten to death, or close to it, 16 years later, 200 miles from home, when he was a student at a federal Job Corps center on the Oregon Coast.”

“In 1990, federal workers at the Angell Job Corps in Yachats, Ore., dismissed Ackerson as a runaway, despite rumors surrounding his disappearance. They waited weeks to tell his mother he was missing and gave her conflicting stories.”

Angell Job Corps Center is managed by the USDA Forest Service

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