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Guest Writer Trevor Campbell from the Pittsburg Job Corps Center, “A Day in the Life”

This is an interesting article I’ve created to give Job Corps students from the past, in other centers, prospective students, or students who are expected to arrive within a few weeks an idea of what goes on at Job Corps. This is the “around the clock typical day” I’ve spent since my arrival week up to now involved in CCAC. This schedule includes weekends and the change of C-Prep/trade to the OCT department. I’m making this as candid as possible, excluding adventures, incidents, or unplanned events. This should get previous or current students interested to also agree and share their “Day in the Life, at” story, giving people another insight to what life is like overall at Job Corps, and for an individual center.

During C-Prep, Vocational Trade, & Education
1. 6:00 AM: “Six O’Clock fellows, time to wake up” – Six is the wake up & MAC sheet time. Everyone is expected to wake up as soon as possible and move along with their morning routines-including hygiene, details (if assigned), & breakfast. You are pretty much forced to be awake by 7:00 AM. Breakfast could be served as early as 6:30, despite the majority of students arriving during the last 20-30 minutes. Morning Details start by 7:00 AM, and you must be off the dorm floors by 7:30. Read the rest of this entry »


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