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ABC Georgia Overstated Job Corps Placement Outcomes (2006)

What OIG found

The OIG found that placement outcomes reported by ABC for program years 2003 and 2004 were not reliable and a significant number of invalid placements were claimed. We found unsupported job and educational placements; inadequate documentation of compliance with Job Corps requirements; and confirmed cases of signature forgeries on educational placement verification forms.

We specifically recommended the National Director, Office of Job Corps immediately assess $214,992 in liquidated damages and review reported placements on all ABC contracts for potentially invalid placements.

Read the OIG Report here:




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Kittrell Job Corps improper manipulation of student attendance OIG (2005)

-“The OIG conducted an audit of the Kittrell Job Corps Center, in Kittrell, North Carolina, to determine the merits of an OIG Hotline complaint alleging that center managers manipulated student attendance and training records to improperly inflate reported performance. Our audit substantiated this allegation.”

“We found that Management Training Corporation (MTC), the firm that manages Kittrell, overstated student attendance and, therefore, could potentially have been overpaid a maximum of $664,000 for the period of January 2000 through December 2003. We also questioned the validity of $112,000 in incentive fees paid to the center operator during the first year of its performance-based contract. In addition, Job Corps’ oversight of center operations was compromised because reported performance affects management decision making and the level of center supervision.”

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A Reader’s Suggestion: How About a Job Corps Task Force?

The following comment is posted under “Our Stories”

“I am a strong advocate of the Job Corps Program and its purpose of educating and training our youth, but having worked in the system for more than twenty years as an educator and manager I dealt with a lot of frustration and disappointment within the program. I started out as an instructor became the Director of the Education and Training Departments, worked with the corporation and spent many hours in Washington working on PRH changes and program needs. I traveled across the country to many of the centers doing program reviews; troubleshooting with the center’s records systems and putting new programs in place. After my initial corporation phased out of the Job Corps business I worked with and was employed by several other contractors and became very frustrated and disappointed in what was happening with their approach and focus on the program needs.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Job Corps Oversight

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