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Training or Crime? Job Corps Students Linked to Burglary Ring (March 2010)

Wilmington Job Corps Center is operated by Management and Training Corporation

Make sure to watch this video about burglaries in Wilmington, DE…

Job Corps refuses to cooperate with the police…


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Management and Training Corporation and its Prison Cash Cow

Management and Training Corporation (MTC) really knows how to squeeze a buck and stretch a dollar on the backs of human misery.  Read about this Job Corps corporate conglomerate “Pig at the Trough” and how it runs its fee for service prisons.  While reading, remember, it operates the following Job Corps Centers where it’s supposed to provide a quality education to students and provide at least a decent wage to its employees:

Westover, Delaware Valley, Keystone, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Brunswick, Atlanta, Charleston, Cincinnati, Dayton, Earle C. Clements, Paul Simon Chicago, Denison, Flint Hills, Gary, Clearfield, Inland Empire, Sierra Nevada, Springdale Tongue Point, Cascades, Hawaii, Red Rock

Read MTC’s shameful prison history here:

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Watch the Video on Wilmington Job Corps Burglars

See the video here:

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Police Say Sixth Burglary Ring Suspect from Wilmington Job Corps Surrenders

from Delaware Online written by Terri Sanginiti March 26, 2010

Read the rest of the story here:

“A female associate of a burglary ring operating in northern New Castle County for the past few months has surrendered to police, authorities said today. All but one of the suspects have ties to the Wilmington Job Corps.”

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Delaware Crime: Police Blame Job Corps for Delay in Case

“Job Corps refused to give names of all students…”

Read the complete story here:

By SEAN O’SULLIVAN and TERRI SANGINITI • The News Journal • March 25, 2010

As New Castle County police worked to break a burglary ring that had hit more than 100 homes, it took federal labor officials more than two weeks to decide that they were going to refuse to cooperate with a state subpoena, which police again said stalled the investigation.

Leni Uddyback-Fortson, regional director of the U.S. Department of Labor, this week defended the decision to not cooperate, arguing the police request was over-broad — seeking the names of all students who attended the center over the past two years — which violated federal privacy rules and would have exposed hundreds of innocent students to police scrutiny.

She also said they do not tolerate violence or drug use by students — but declined to directly comment on this case and the operation of its Wilmington Job Corps Center by the private, Utah-based Management and Training Corp.

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Delaware crime: More arrests in alleged burglary ring (from Delaware Online)

Read the whole story here:

“Three more suspects in what authorities say is a widespread ring linked to more than 100 burglaries in New Castle County and Pennsylvania have been arrested, police said Tuesday.  Two other suspects are being sought.  According to court records, all the suspects had ties to the Wilmington Job Corps, where they were either students or graduates.

After a spike in burglaries around the county in December and January, investigators got their first break in the case with the arrest of a woman about three months ago, said county police Senior Cpl. Trinidad Navarro. Investigations led authorities to seek student information from officials at the federally funded job program, operated by Management & Training Corp. in Centerville, Utah, where they were rebuffed. Officials at the job program cited “Privacy Act protected information.”

Because the center would not comply with the state subpoena, issued by the state Attorney General’s Office on Feb. 9, it set the investigation back “weeks,” Navarro said.

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Wilmington Job Corps Students Linked to Burglary Ring (March 22, 2010)

Read the full story here: From channel 6 ABC Action News…

“…According to police, management at the Job Corps refused to provide information on these students, even after a subpoena was issued for their records. Police say their lack of cooperation significantly delayed identifying members of the ring…”

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Wilmington Job Corps Center and Student Burglars in the News (March 21, 2010)

Read the following article from “Delaware Online”here:

WILMINGTON — More than 100 homes across New Castle County and into Pennsylvania were burglarized from December into late January by crews of past and present students from the Wilmington Job Corps Center, police said…

…But four suspects remain at large and Navarro said the investigation was slowed significantly by Wilmington Job Corps officials refusing to cooperate, even after police provided subpoenas for records…

…Officials with Wilmington Job Corps, a federally funded career technical training program with a center on Vandever Avenue, could not be reached for comment Saturday…

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