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Another Job Corps Secret Unveiled: The Mathematica Policy Research Study

Read The Mother Jones Article here:

In 1997 a control group for this study was assembled from one out of every twelve eligible applicants to the Job Corps program: some applicants were deliberately rejected admission to Job Corps  in order to see how badly they fared on their own vs. the “lucky ones” who were allowed to attend Job Corps.  The study intended to prove that Job Corps attendees were more successful than those who did not attend.

“We expect nonenrollees to engage in more criminal acts than the Job Corps enrollees,” wrote John Burghardt, the study’s project director, in a 1993 preliminary report. “

-John Price (Mother Jones) “Later, in a class – action lawsuit filed on behalf of the control subjects, U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy halted the study, ruling that Labor officials had skirted federal law by failing to subject the study’s methodology to public review.”

And, according to:  John Price (Mother Jones)  “A later report included a formula to calculate the social costs of homicide — if the control group had a higher murder rate, Job Corps could claim savings to society.”

The Labor Department hoped to find the control group “guinea pigs” by the year 2000 to invite them to re-apply to Job Corps.


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