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Reader’s Comments About Roy Adams and Shriver Job Corps Center

These are the responses a reader had about the post, Greed Never Takes a Holiday Meet Roy Adams of Adams and Associates:

-from Tim

“I’ll never forget the summer dress code memo Roy Adams sent out. There was a question on what was appropriate attire when the students were gone and the staff were attending required trainings, or clean-up work in preparation of the next round of student arrivals. Capri pants were forbidden for the women, although I previously worked in two Fortune 500 companies where they were allowed unless the employees were out in the field meeting customers or dealing with the general public. Ties were required year-round for the male employees, although the manager in the office next to mine never wore one, and seemed to get away with it. The memo ended with the statement “No tie, no job”. As if an additional clothing accessory in the heat of summer would lead to greater productivity or increased funding from Congress.

-from Tim

Another dress code situation at Shriver that wasn’t an issue but should have been was the summer attire of one of the program directors. She had this yellow baby-doll pajama outfit that she called a “sun dress” that had a hemline that practically reached her hip line! She neither had the body stature nor figure for an outfit like this, but she strutted around like a supermodel and appeared to enjoy the attention. This resulted in a lot of remarks by other staff members as to the definition of what was acceptable in the workplace. The male students had previously nicknamed her “Milkshake” after the song by Kelis Jones, so it’s a good thing that she had the sense not to wear this when school was actually in session. The center director saw absolutely nothing wrong with wearing an outfit like this, yet the men would be chastised if they did not wear a tie when it was 90 degrees in the shade and none of the students were present. I was lucky enough to have an office in one of the few air-conditioned buildings, but it was still difficult to do the required clean-up work in preparation for the next school session if you felt like you had a noose around your neck.

This same center director put another program director on a 90 day corrective action plan without telling Human Resources. This meant that the monthly HR reports I had to send to the regional corporate office were incorrect for three months in a row. After I left, she fired yet another program director who was able to appeal her termination to the corporate office and get her job back. This is the only incident I was aware of in two years of employment where a termination decision actually got overturned. With the exception of this and a high level director who had been fired shortly after 11 years of employment, all of the center director’s direct reports were puppets. The only managerial authority she allowed them would be to take their word as gospel if a situation arose where mediation or objectivity could have been offered by a second party to make a fair and rational decision.

My final dialogue with the center director involved a situation where it was my word against one of her direct reports. When she indicated that I could have met with her privately to discuss the problem before it escalated, I didn’t even respond. I knew it would have been pointless. The decision was already made seconds after the incident happened.

On my last day I participated in the quarterly new hire orientation program. It was held in my office. The center director gave her required welcoming introduction to the new employees, gave a brief but thorough history of Adams and Associates, and explained all policies and procedures, including the Job Corps mission of preparing students for and assisting them in finding jobs in the workplace. When one of the new hires stated that the present economy was so bad that there were no jobs out there and that college graduates were currently having difficulty finding employment, she abruptly replied “I don’t want to hear that!”

Their priorities are screwed up beyond repair. It’s a shame, because the Job Corps program was founded with the best intentions. It’s the contractors who are damaging it.


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  1. Mary says:

    This seems to be the norm at all centers where the CD make the decisions, make promises to the kids and dont come through & then blame other department heads, God forbid if there is a staff that cares & they kids respond to that person then the CD tries to get dirt on that person(thank God the kids no u r genuine& tell u everything the CD plans to do to set them up)i am speaking from experience then u have cd’ that get pregnant by their own staff members and fire every woman that makes advances toward him that he (name removed by Job Corps Fraud) made first (when no one knew they where together)…i eventually left on my own because i wanted to help the kids help themselves & that was not happen when u did good the CD took the credit, when hell broke loose then heads rolled…if the Contracting companies opened their eyes & stopped trusting into the CD entirely no matter what kind of past history they had then they could see what was going on.


  2. Edward says:

    This sounds identical to the CD at Iroquois. She has it rigged so she never takes the fall for anything. She has surrounded herself with a management staff consisting of inept, uneducated suck-ups who will take the blame for her. In return, these staff members get paid sometimes twice as much as the pay scale for their positions.
    I will never forget the time the corporate office made a surprise visit to the center in the wee hours of the morning. They found the dorms to be in deplorable condition. They called the CD amd reprimanded her for letting this occur under her watch. She immediately called an all staff meeting for the next day and blamed all of the other staff. She then stated that she would never take the blame for anything again as if none of this was her fault. As you can imagine, this center also has a huge turnover of staff.


  3. Michael says:

    I wonder if this was the same Center Director that is now at the Little Rock Center, sounds similar. The Center Director that is so far the only one the Little Rock Center has since it started 2 years ago as an Adams & Associates center. She is the only one that makes decisions at this center. Other staff is employed but no one is able to think on their own. When ever something happens that is wrong she never gets the axe it is always the other managers. But, they have only acted at her orders. I believe there is a lot of mishandling of funds at this center and it hasn’t been with the last 2 F&A Directors cause they acted on her orders. They are gone she is still there with new staff members coming on daily. People are getting fed up daily and leaving sometimes 2 to 3 a week. This place is a reloving door. How can youth get trained if the staff is ever changing and not learning their role to help train and educate the youth.


    • Sharon says:

      This is not the same Center Director who is at Little Rock. She has never worked for Adams. She worked for Career Systems, then came to Iroquois in 2005 as the Admin Director. When Steve Belk, who was CD for the first two yrs of ETR’s contract, left to go back to Turner Job Corps, she was named as Center Director.


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