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I found this fascinating website and hope readers will click on this link to read the discussion about Job Corps and the experiences of the readers (FYI there are also some positive references to Job Corps in this discussion; isn’t it strange there are such polarized viewpoints of this program?)

Some Excerpts:

There is violence and intimidation among the students, little supervision and the training is substandard because good teachers do not go there.

I don’t have any children at home anymore but I do have 7 grandchildren and not one of them will in any way participate in the “job corp” program. The only way this will happen will be over mine and my wife and all of our children’s dead bodies!

The problems you mention with JOB CORPS are typical of all government runĀ organizations. This results from the selection to management process always inevitably becoming politicized.


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  1. Nancy says:

    I’m a Mom, and a good one. I worked twice at job corps in Oneonta NY. I would NEVER want a child of mine, or any relative or a friends child to go to this organization. It’s tandamount to putting your child in “prison”, “a potentially violent daily situation”, “with substandard results, and substandard teachers and staff”, to NOT really help the student get ahead , BUT RATHER to protect OVERLY INFLATED MANAGEMENT SALARIES FOR UNQUALIFIED PEOPLE, AND TO PUT A FEATHER IN THE CAPS OF UNREPUTABLE AND CROOKED COMPANIES THAT ARE ROBBING TAX PAYERS EVERYDAY OF THIER LIVES. Bad organizations, has NEVER been successful in it’s history or gained enough success to be worth what it costs taxpayers. And rather than to SERIOUSLY CARE about these students , they are JUST pawns in these dishonest peoples GAMES to GAIN $$$$$$$$ and recognition for themselves. And the Federal DOL, DOES not do anything to FIX THIS. Welcome to America


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