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Chicopee Residents Complain Aboout Westover Job Corps Center (2009)

Read the story from Mass here:

In response to Chicopee resident complaints Mayor Michael D. Bissonette requested the center impose an 8:00 PM curfew.

Some of the complaints about the students are:

“Reports by residents of vandalism and harassment in the Fairview neighborhood by some Job Corps students were aired earlier this week at a neighborhood meeting.”

“We can’t have them being out at all hours disrupting the neighborhood and causing vandalism in the park,”

“They’re (the Chicopee residents) being intimidated and harassed and sometimes threatened,”

“There have been reports of car break-ins in the neighborhoods. Broken bottles, graffiti, and drug paraphernalia have been found at Preston Park, located on Access Road off James Street. Residents have complained of being harassed by Job Corps students there.”

Westover Job Corps Center is managed by Management and Training Corporation


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  1. juanita says:

    It almost seems as though the government is moving Urban crime to the suburbs and country. I know Iroquois JC was instrumental in moving gang wannabees to Niagara Falls and Buffalo.


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