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Read a Student’s Ripoff Report About His Experience at Joliet Job Corps

The student is very articulate and describes his experience at Joliet Job Corps as a “nightmare, discrimination and abuse”.    This student’s observations remind me of some of the things I saw as a a staff person at Shriver Job Corps managed by Adams and Associates…

Some of the high points of this student’s observations:

“As a punishment in the building/trades department, students (including minors) were made to carry lumber from one side of the football field to the other for 6 hours of classroom time”.
“At one point, I caught the records manager on center over a weekend (two days before a major review). He was toting out boxloads of documents to the garbage dumpster…. So much for protecting privacy”!

” During the month of April, my dormitory had no toilet paper, handsoap, or paper towels to which we could dry our hands. My dormitory had no drinking water… which means on weekends, no drinks before 11am and no drinks after 10pm!  Most of the toilets were constantly backed up and overflowing. On one occasion, a fight occurred in the lower (academic) hallways and a student bled all over the wall.  11 days later, the blood was STILL all over the wall – Neither the medical staff nor safety staff wanted to take responsibility for cleaning it and students were forced to do it. It was only washed off – The area was not sanitized”.
“Despite regulations against those with felonies attending the program, MANY were being sentenced there by family judges.  Several students urinated in an empty drink bottle and then poured it on the face/down the throat of a student as he was asleep. Those guilty were punished, but not removed from the center”.

“Some electrical outlets hung from the walls by the wiring in the dormitories”.

Make sure to read the Ripoff Report here:


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  1. Nancy says:

    Not just centers run by Adams, Centers run by ETR are the worst, lies on every form of documentation, student records, contracts for expenditures, MANAGERS who do “nothing” BUT spend thier whole day covering stuff up. SHUT THE JOB CORPS PROGRAM DOWN IT’S A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY AND A CRIME AGAINST THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER IN THIS ECONOMIC TIME TO STEAL FROM THEM.


  2. juanita says:

    How and when do we stop this abuse. This program is an insult to the American people trying to do right for disadvantaged youth. It’s an out rage.


    • Trevor Campbell says:

      How do we stop Job Corps?: I seriously want to see other vocational education institutions looking better and make those more of an option than a place like Job Corps, and have a nationwide program that gives kids better benefits during and after their stay. This can be arranged for free, it’s called corporate sponsorships that can sponsor individuals who are willing to commit themselves honorably in a vocational trade and get more rewarded in the end.

      When do we do this?: Whenever we can find a way to talk about this.


    • Nancy says:

      YOU GOT IT


  3. Trevor Campbell says:

    I would like to find this information legit, but is there actually any evidence this isn’t hearsay or just totally not ture. I would believe this, and it sounds convincable, but I don’t want to end up believing stuff that isn’t true. I know there are a lot of things said about Job Corps’ program, I just want to make sure I’m hearing true evidence rather than false evidence.


    • juanita says:

      Every once in a while something is stated that is not true, it generally goes like this, I went 2 JC & was gr8. U people lye. It’s unfortunate that these complaints are true and ongoing. The Iroquois group has statements, documents, tapes and witnesses.


  4. Trevor Campbell says:

    This is seriously the deepest article I’ve read thus far, very close to the article about the murder of the Angell kid in 1990. I don’t even know what words to describe this. If I was at this center, I would be confrontational to their management and be proud of the results they’d give me.

    Every day, I’m drawing closer to reporting my issues to the regional department and if nothing happens, I’m going to the media. I really don’t care much about getting “termed” for speaking out against the program. I will say “When I get termed, I got termed in an honest marror”


  5. Howard says:

    To be fair to Adams and Associates, the center at the time this student attended, 1999, was not managed by Adams. Adams was not awarded this center until several yrs later. Under the directorship of Korey Adams, the center rose up the rankings to where they are today, about number 4 of 124 Job Corps.

    Korey is now director of Glenmont, which was recently awarded to Adams. They have a very poor ranking currently, but Korey did a good job, according to the system, at Joliet, so he was transferred to Glenmont to get it in better shape, at least statistically.


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