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Congress Spends Billions on Ineffective Job Training Programs

The following are excerpts from a Policy Analysis report from the Heritage Foundation (2002)

Read the full report here:


• The estimated average increase in weekly incomes of Job Corps participants was never more than $25.20.

• The Job Corps did not increase the incomes of 18 and 19-year-olds, who represent 32 percent of the population served by the program.

• The Job Corps did not increase the incomes of Hispanics, who represent 18 percent of all youths served by the program.

• The wages of participants increased by only $0.24 per hour and then dropped to $0.22 per hour.

• During the course of the study, the average time participants spent working each week never rose above 28.1 hours. Participants never averaged working more than two hours per week more than the control group.

• Despite costing the taxpayer $16,500 per participant over an average of eight months, the program failed to move a significant number of participants into full-time employment




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  1. Howard says:

    Well, why should the students earn more than Job Corps staff? An increase of $25.00 a week is a lot for line staff, even for some management on Job Corps centers nowadays. The game is played with incentive money – the favorites get the bonuses – and the rest of the staff have their raises controlled by the corporation. The money for raises is a pittance – unjust, considering what the contractors demand from staff, especially salaried staff who are expected to “cover” a center at all times, not just their “working hours”. Of course, this depends on the contractor, some are more abusive than others.


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