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Guest Writer Trevor Campbell from the Pittsburg Job Corps Center, “A Day in the Life”

This is an interesting article I’ve created to give Job Corps students from the past, in other centers, prospective students, or students who are expected to arrive within a few weeks an idea of what goes on at Job Corps. This is the “around the clock typical day” I’ve spent since my arrival week up to now involved in CCAC. This schedule includes weekends and the change of C-Prep/trade to the OCT department. I’m making this as candid as possible, excluding adventures, incidents, or unplanned events. This should get previous or current students interested to also agree and share their “Day in the Life, at” story, giving people another insight to what life is like overall at Job Corps, and for an individual center.

During C-Prep, Vocational Trade, & Education
1. 6:00 AM: “Six O’Clock fellows, time to wake up” – Six is the wake up & MAC sheet time. Everyone is expected to wake up as soon as possible and move along with their morning routines-including hygiene, details (if assigned), & breakfast. You are pretty much forced to be awake by 7:00 AM. Breakfast could be served as early as 6:30, despite the majority of students arriving during the last 20-30 minutes. Morning Details start by 7:00 AM, and you must be off the dorm floors by 7:30.

2. 8:00 AM “The typical training day routine” – Our training day is from 8:00am – 3:20pm. There are seven class periods (including lunch), all of which are sixty minute long. You are granted 5 minute breaks every hour if you are in C-prep/Education and will have second lunch, and, if you’re in vocational trades, you take 15 minute breaks every three hours and will have first lunch. Students enrolled in GED/HSD classes are rotated every week from education classes to vocation training and vice versa. Pre-Co is different, as the students and I traveled to a college’s center away from Job Corps and the travel subtracted a little bit of time. Our center has two cafeterias, one for hot food (the traditional Job corps hot food served similar in every center) and the cold side (sandwiches, which is better because the line is twice as small) & seriously, kitchen staff aren’t literally cooking the sandwiches, nothing is cooked which makes the wait longer. Ever since August, one lunch issue has changed-they now have guys in military uniform guarding the lunch line.

3. 3:30 pm – After the training day, there is pretty much nothing preventing the students from hanging out in their dorm-or throughout the city, once the weather grows warmer. Leaving the center on your own is allowed and you won’t need security/RA’s permission unless it’s a curfew issue (which, that’s what a weekend pass or personal day is for) but you have to arrange how to leave center (get someone’s bus pass, call in a ride to drive up to center). There is a weekly dorm meeting every Wednesday at 3:30pm. A “Wal-Mart Shuttle” takes up to 11 students in a van to the Waterworks shopping center, mainly noted with Wal-Mart every Wednesday & Friday. This trip was added in April when students actually got caught walking through train tracks approximately ten miles to get to the shopping center by foot.  Students were getting arrested after getting caught trespassing  on the tracks. Supper/Dinner is always at 4:30-6:00pm. Getting there fifteen minutes early is your best bet to avoid the long line being and dealing with all the “cutting in” from other students.

4. 9:30PM – End of Day – 9:30 is the time night details are to be done. Not doing details will have you marked as a zero, and if you fail to have enough points, you’ll be doing the same detail the following week. Details both Morning & Night are done by rotation. Breaking other center rules doesn’t not confine you to a detail for the following week, you literally get nothing but a write up that “gets added” to the data in the RA’s record. The curfew is 11:00pm. There is no set time you’re supposed to be asleep, but you won’t get to leave the dorm floors past curfew.

If one is involved with the Pittsburgh’s Job Corps College Program
1. 6:00-7:00 AM: “Six O’Clock fellows, wake yourselves up”! At the college student dorm you wake yourself up, just like college life. All 90-100 college students are placed in the dorms called Evans Hall. Evans Hall is formerly known as what most centers call the “Honor Dorm”. The dorm was named after a student who was robbed/murdered making his way back to center from studying. The honor dorm houses all of the college students and the model students from vocations who moved out when the college program was to expand.

2. 7:00 am to Late at Night: Once you can wake yourself at the time necessary to make your way to class in time, you just go to class and when you’re not in class, you can do just about anything else, including hanging out through town, getting involved in college activities, study/do homework any which way, and arrive back on center when possible. If you have a night detail (9:00pm) you just make sure to do that. Dorm meetings are on Wednesday’s at 8:00pm.

This is just the typical planned activity for the general Pittsburgh Job Corps student body, not just my particular schedule. This is a typical planned day, give or take any unplanned incidents or planned events on the student’s behalf or the center’s behalf. This is minus the daily issues of dorm life, class issues, cafeteria issues, student/staff incidents & conflicts that just happen anyway at any time.


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