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Reader’s Responses to a Student’s Question

-Jenn’s question

where would be a place that i can report a missing highschool transcript thati never got from them? i went to guthrie oklhomas jb corps tpget my highschool diploma but it says everywhere i go that i never got one when i was there taking the reuired curriculum to get it.

-from Howard

“Call your state Department of Education, Office of GED Administration, and ask them to see if there is a transcript on file for you. Go to the internet for the phone number.

What do you mean by “It says everywhere I go that I never got one”? Did you take the Official GED test? If you didn’t take the Official GED test, then there will not be a transcript for you anywhere.

Did you contact the Records and Academic Depts at Guthrie Job Corps? They would have a record of you taking the Official GED test.

You will need to have the date of test that you took it, or dates, if you took the sub-tests at different times if you talk to the Oklahoma Dept of Ed.

Just because you were taking classes in Academics doesn’t mean that you were awarded a high school equivalency diploma. The high school equivalency diploma would be issued by the state of Oklahoma if you passed the Official GED test, according to the Oklahoma state standards.

You can check Oklahoma’s standards on-line by googling the Oklahoma Dept of Education or by going on-line to the American Council On Education, which publishes the GED test, and check out the standards for Oklahoma.

Again, if you never took the Official GED test at an Official Test Site, you will not have a transcript on file anywhere. By the way, if you did take the test then your Academic Dept at the Job Corps should have given you the transcript with your grades on the sub-tests. Did you get such a transcript?

You can contact me by responding to this post if you need further help.”

-from Howard

“Just thinking about your post again and I realized that you may have been enrolled in an on-line high school program or some other high school program on center rather than a GED program. I don’t know what kind of high school program Guthrie had in place when you were there.

If it was an on-line or a center high school program, and if the center is telling you that there is no record of the work you completed, and if you don’t have a copy yourself (sounds like you don’t)then you are sunk. If it was on-line, you might contact the company the center did business with. Nowadays, the Records Dept at a JC center doesn’t keep track of the actual work you did, like they did years ago. Now they just notate if you completed the course of study and when.

This tale of woe supports my argument that students should always keep a record of work they completed with the instructor’s signature verifying the work, instead of trusting the center to do it for you.”

-from Trevor

Hey, Jenn, this is Trevor from The Pittsburgh JCC. I’m an OCT-College student. I’m like one of the students who is known for being unique. I’m not one of the students people would expect to ever show up or last at Job Corps. I’m so conservative, and I don’t do drugs or get involved in gangs, and never got into any of that. I know a lot of the negative sides of Job Corps, and I hope to someday start a campaign to get Job Corps entire program shut down, which benefits society by lowering taxes.

Firstly, I would contact your centre and ask for their education department that would likely have that on record. You’d basically want to reach the staff supervisor who was in charge of the education department.

Secondly, you should 100% report every incident to regarding the safety problems on your centre to the regional headquarters, in strong detail that doesn’t sound like gossip, and bring up every evidence and name you have to get your case won in your favour. If you’re not a student, which I’m assuming you’re not, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. I have several issues that I have Pittsburgh’s OCT department, with their favouritism to students to do money scheming. I’ve adressed the bad things I know staff and students have been doing to me. Two students have spreaded a vicious, false rumour that the staff never handled right. Ever since then, the problem never went away, and things have got so unsafe because other incidents have happened with the students starting the rumour they haven’t officially stopped. Every time I brought up an issue, I would get threatened by staff members.

Since I’m still assuming you’re not student any longer, you might have a shot to report things to regionals if they gave you problems. I had the OCT supervisor irresponsibly fail to get my pay delivered to me as I was supposed to return to center late last night. When I returned to find out my pay was irresponsibly withheld from me, I had the RA tell me half the issue and a security guard tell me the other half the story before actually getting the real story. This supervisor ended up trying to making things seem okay, he offered to give me his own money and have me pay back later. I would pay back, but I rejected this offer, as I doubt that staff members can or should give their own money to students.

Just get your High School diploma squared away and immedaiately have something in writing to show the regional headquarters. The upper hand you have, is you’re probably not a student any more. If I reported all the issues and concerns I have with my centre and the OCT department, they’d term me, even though reporting your center is an absolute right. As far as regionals, you might be able to keep your name anonymous. I will be reporting my center in as soon as I am fortunate to break away from their way of running the center.

I wish you all the best of luck. I’ll try to remember to pray for you, your courage to do this, & pray that the knowledge of the program’s manipulative operations with your center comes back to have them pay dearly. If you want, I’ll leave you my email address and we can discuss Job Corps issues. I want to get the people who’d oppose the program connected more frequently.

-from David

I went to Gurthrie Jobcorps and was bullied and made to do stuff i didnt want to do chores and stuff.when a nother student didnt want to do their chore i got stuck doing it. and staff didnt believe me when any incedent happened on center ie i was burned on the butt with a blowtorch in trade staff replied by saying this “your messing with another kids future? What the hell?? that makes no sense to me a kindheared guy i was also hazed and teased in the dorms i had to also clean human feces off a vanity. I wasnt allowed to visit my mom in the hospital when she needed me . had to provide proof my grandma was dead so i could go to her funeral. as well my instructor even quit for what happened to me there he didnt think it was right. i also got stuck teaching my class . the staff thought i was doing drugs but i don’t do drugs wasnt allowed to leave center many times had to go to “dorm board because i was sick and didnt follow rules” what ever..all i wanted was a skill to learn and it just upsets me to this day that that happened to me JOBCORPS IS A FRAUD AND A LIE AND SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. i wanted to gain a skill which i was in plumbing trade but wanted CNA but the wouldnt let me in that trade for some dumb rule guess they wanted me to take two trades wheo knows, then go on to college mabye i had a high school diploma but had to take one high school class made no sense to me when i HAVE A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA!ugh jobcorps is full of bullshit plus thers gangs there and so much stress to cause a ulcer anywho ive spoken my mind. that place is evil and is a lie was the biggest waste of nine months of my life ill never get back!


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