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Question for our Readers from a Job Corps Student

-from Jenn

where would be a place that i can report a missing highschool transcript thati never got from them? i went to guthrie oklhomas jb corps tpget my highschool diploma but it says everywhere i go that i never got one when i was there taking the reuired curriculum to get it.

-also from Jenn

at the guthrie jobcorps center in oklahoma, i witnessed numerous gang fights and race wars inside there walls, i left before it got to dangerous the fact that i hadto leave this place because of safety issues and becuse the staff wasnt doing anything about it was rediculous, i was hit in the face when i was attending a meeting by a male student that was working psi during that time, staff embers witnessed it they even caught it on tape but sadly when i tried to do something about it i was harrased by (name removed by Job Corps Fraud) an emplyee, constantly yelling at me and telling me what do u want me to do about it, i told him that i wanted it handled and he kept asking me how i wnted it handled , my reply was im not an emplyee at this center im just a female student here but hes a hugeguy and he hit me in he face, i cried running into a friends arms because when i walked out of this employees office id felt violated by this employee, and when i tried to report the employee i got into even more trouble because his bos said he would never do anything like that, if theres one job corps that should get shut down its guthrie, personally ive seen many decidated emplyees here , one ofwhich that became like a father to me, sadly i was told that he would be on the verge of bing fired if i ever contacted him again.

Guthrie Job Corps Center is managed by ResCare, Inc.


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  1. Trevor Campbell says:

    Hey, Jenn, this is Trevor from The Pittsburgh JCC. I’m an OCT-College student. I’m like one of the students who is known for being unique. I’m not one of the students people would expect to ever show up or last at Job Corps. I’m so conservative, and I don’t do drugs or get involved in gangs, and never got into any of that. I know a lot of the negative sides of Job Corps, and I hope to someday start a campaign to get Job Corps entire program shut down, which benefits society by lowering taxes.

    Firstly, I would contact your centre and ask for their education department that would likely have that on record. You’d basically want to reach the staff supervisor who was in charge of the education department.

    Secondly, you should 100% report every incident to regarding the safety problems on your centre to the regional headquarters, in strong detail that doesn’t sound like gossip, and bring up every evidence and name you have to get your case won in your favour. If you’re not a student, which I’m assuming you’re not, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. I have several issues that I have Pittsburgh’s OCT department, with their favouritism to students to do money scheming. I’ve adressed the bad things I know staff and students have been doing to me. Two students have spreaded a vicious, false rumour that the staff never handled right. Ever since then, the problem never went away, and things have got so unsafe because other incidents have happened with the students starting the rumour they haven’t officially stopped. Every time I brought up an issue, I would get threatened by staff members.

    Since I’m still assuming you’re not student any longer, you might have a shot to report things to regionals if they gave you problems. I had the OCT supervisor irresponsibly fail to get my pay delivered to me as I was supposed to return to center late last night. When I returned to find out my pay was irresponsibly withheld from me, I had the RA tell me half the issue and a security guard tell me the other half the story before actually getting the real story. This supervisor ended up trying to making things seem okay, he offered to give me his own money and have me pay back later. I would pay back, but I rejected this offer, as I doubt that staff members can or should give their own money to students.

    Just get your High School diploma squared away and immedaiately have something in writing to show the regional headquarters. The upper hand you have, is you’re probably not a student any more. If I reported all the issues and concerns I have with my centre and the OCT department, they’d term me, even though reporting your center is an absolute right. As far as regionals, you might be able to keep your name anonymous. I will be reporting my center in as soon as I am fortunate to break away from their way of running the center.

    I wish you all the best of luck. I’ll try to remember to pray for you, your courage to do this, & pray that the knowledge of the program’s manipulative operations with your center comes back to have them pay dearly. If you want, I’ll leave you my email address and we can discuss Job Corps issues. I want to get the people who’d oppose the program connected more frequently.

    Sincerely – Trevor.


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