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Kentucky State Police Arrest Five Earle C. Clements Job Corps Students September 15, 2010

According to WEHT News 25 State Police arrested five Earle C. Clements Job Corps students for allegedly breaking into a dorm room and stealing a laptop, an Ipod, and IPhone.  All five suspects were booked into the Union County Jail and face burglary charges.

The students are: Micah Scott, Aaron Griffin, Robert Russell, Jarrod Blackman and Patrick Sandidge.

Read the story here:

Earle C. Clements Job Corps is managed by Management and Training Corporation (MTC)


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  1. Dustin Buckner says:

    I went to this center for over a year to take the UAW mechanics course. Yeah there was times of problems. What do you expect from the theives and things sent there by the courts.


  2. Shirley says:

    When will Job Corps students learn that you can’t bring anything of value to a Job Corps Center? There is a high probability that it will be stolen.

    A comment on the original newspaper site says that the police are called to the center every day, but this time the news finally hit the paper. Most centers spend a lot of time and money doing damage control in the local communities, so that the Fed doesn’t become aware of what is really going on. If they knew, the contractor might lose the contract, or certain people might be fired.


    • Trevor Campbell says:

      Firstly, there are ways of being able to have your personal expensive belongings on centre safely. 1: Keep EVERYTHING important in your locker/closet, locked up. 2: Record everything, expensive & not so expensive on an inventory to prove it’s yours. The idea of bringing items that are of value (Xbox, Ipods, video games, Wii’s, TV’s, laptops, cell phones, etc) are to make dorm life seem more like a home, rather than just a dorm on a center. This makes people less bored, less misrable/negatively energized, or less likely to look for trouble/drama, or end up leaving as a self-term. Just have your stuff on file & keep it locked when not in use, you’re okay.

      If the center is getting the cops called every day, I’m sure those cops have got something to say to the town and to the program or center investigated. It seems like most of these incidents that get reported and make the news are incidents that end up with students’ issues brought or occuring to awareness off the Program’s centre in that area.


  3. Trevor Campbell says:

    They aren’t too bright obviously. These fools got caught, face charges, & are on the news. I’m sure that’s not the case for most cases involving theft/robbery, for various reasons:

    – Theifs get away with things & aren’t caught/reported
    – The incident gets worse and students take matters into their own hands
    – No evidence leads to any legit accusations
    – The items stolen aren’t on the students’ inventory
    – The incident gets reported and security/Residence speaks with the student robbed, but never investigate the incident.

    I applaud this centre’s departments for at least taking matters into getting the burglars caught!


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