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Greed never takes a holiday: meet Roy Adams of Adams and Associates of Nevada

I have a lot of catching up to do for reader’s since my car accident and subsequent recovery.  The newest news is that goliath, err… Roy Adams is at it again.  What else is new? It’s said that Greed never takes a holiday and… good ol’ Roy never tires of ways he can batter out more production for less pay from his already overburdened employees.

Hey Roy, just a suggestion, have you ever thought of taking a Management 101 class?  I urge you to go for it (maybe readers of this site might even donate so this cheapest skinflint alive can go tuition free?) In Management 101, also called “Introduction to Management 101”, one learns that happy employees are more productive, companies have lower turnover rates, (thus reducing costs of constantly re-training staff), there is less loss from employee theft  and indifference and IT COSTS ABOUT THE SAME AS ROY’S PUNITIVE, PUNISHING TACTICS DO.

Me thinks Roy is maybe not a Goliath after all, perhaps he is a Neanderthal with his resistance to the Treasure Island Job Corps Workers’ Union Local 6319.

In addition to his lying about the Union, did you know that Neanderthals, like Roy, are thought to have been cannibalistic and  practice ritual de-fleshing?  Also, Neanderthals aren’t that bright.  Sounds like the CEO of Adams and Associates, doesn’t it?

Please read all the stories about Roy’s de-fleshing of the Treasure Island Employees at these links:

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  1. Tim says:

    Another dress code situation at Shriver that wasn’t an issue but should have been was the summer attire of the Social Development director. She had this yellow baby-doll pajama outfit that she called a sun dress that had a hemline that practically reached her hip line! She neither had the body stature nor figure for an outfit like this, but she strutted around like a supermodel and appeared to enjoy the attention. This resulted in a lot of remarks by other staff members as to the definition of what was acceptable in the workplace. The male students had previously nicknamed her “Milkshake” after the song by Kelis Jones, so it’s a good thing that she had the sense not to wear this when school was actually in session. The center director saw absolutely nothing wrong with wearing an outfit like this, yet the men would be chastised if they did not wear a tie when it was 90 degrees in the shade and none of the students were present. I was lucky enough to have an office in one of the few air-conditioned buildings, but it was still difficult to do the required clean-up work in preparation for the next school session if you felt like you had a noose around your neck.

    This same center director put the former Finance and Administration director on a 90 day corrective action plan without telling Human Resources. This meant that the monthly HR reports I had to send to the regional corporate office were incorrect for three months in a row. After I left she fired the BCL director who was able to appeal her termination to the corporate office and get her job back. This is the only incident I was aware of in two years of employment where a termination decision actually got overturned. With the exception of this and the Deputy Center director who had been fired shortly afterward after 11 years of employment, all of her direct reports were puppets. The only managerial authority she allowed them would be to take their word as gospel if a situation arose where mediation or objectivity could have been offered by a second party to make a fair and rational decision. My final dialogue with her involved a situation where it was my word against one of her direct reports. When she indicated that I could have met with her privately to discuss the problem before it escalated, I didn’t even respond. I knew it would have been pointless. The decision was already made seconds after the incident
    happened. On my last day I participated in the quarterly new hire orientation program. It was held in my office. The center director gave her required welcoming introduction to the new employees, gave a brief but thorough history of Adams and Associates, and explained all policies and procedures, including the Job Corps mission of preparing students for and assisting them in finding jobs in the workplace. When one of the new hires stated that the present economy was so bad that there were no jobs out there and that college graduates were currently having difficulty finding employment, she abruptly replied “I don’t want to hear that!” Their priorities are screwed up beyond repair. It’s a shame, because the Job Corps program was founded with the best intentions. It’s the contractors who are damaging it.


    • Pat says:


      You make it sound like the Deputy Center Director was someone who should not have been fired because she was not one of the puppets. I know the Deputy Director you are talking about and she should have been fired years before she was.

      She fought with her bosses and other managers for years and got away with it, until there was just too much documentation against her. She was negligent in carrying out her job duties, and feigned ignorance when it was brought to her attention; but because of the performance appraisal system being used at that time, her performance was obscured behind the statistics of the center.

      This person used to leave work early on Friday afternoons and got away with it until her Director told her that leaving early on Fridays would not be tolerated. Her former Director, who was staff from a local Community College, allowed her to conduct herself in ways that were not acceptable in the Job Corps community. ( Or anywhere else, for that matter.) Unfortunately, this college staff was not from the Job Corps world and had no real understanding how the program should work. Her poor management of her staff set the precedent for yrs of turbulence at Shriver.

      Basically, the wrong performance goals allowed her to escape termination. But this took nine years to do. One of Adams’s “associates”, who was Center Director at the time, was well aware of her performance and allowed her to get away with her bizarre behavior. A former Shriver Center Director, who is now a Director for another Adams center, permitted her outrageous outbursts for years as well.

      This person had a long, long, history of negative relationships with other staff who didn’t want to have anything to do with her. She was taken to task by a Deputy Director when she was still a cluster manager, but that Deputy transferred to another center and she escaped an honest performance review at that time – probably about five yrs before she was finally fired.Perhaps the “higher-ups” were afraid of her vicious nature and reluctant to fire her – or they were just too weak to stand up to her.

      It’s a shame that so many honest, good employees are terminated by Adams, ETR, MTC, and other Job Corps contractors, and the jerks, like this Deputy Director you mentioned are allowed to run rampant over centers for years.


  2. Tim says:

    I’ll never forget the the summer dress code memo he sent out. There was a question on what was appropriate attire when the students were gone and the staff were involved training, or clean-up work in preparation of the next round of student arrivals. Capri pants were forbidden for the women, although I previously worked in two Fortune 500 companies where they were allowed unless the employees were out in the field meeting customers or dealing with the general public. Ties were required year-round for the male employees, although the manager in the office next to mine never wore one, and seemed to get away with it. The memo ended with the statement “No tie, no job”. As if an additional clothing accessory in the heat of summer would lead to greater productivity or increased funding from Congress.


    • Hi Tim,
      Thanks for this reminder about the graciouness of Roy Adams. Didn’t he also send out an “all employee” email stating “Stop Whining” when he heard that some employees were complaining about the lousy medical insurance we had? If I remember correctly, it was a high deductible plan and we had to pay for all the costs up to a certain point; most employees couldn’t afford to use it.


      • Harold says:

        This is the trick all of the contractors use. When they first take over a contract, they offer a good health insurance policy for the first year, and then, progressively, each year, the policy gets worse and worse for the employees. Higher deductibles and co-pays, and having to pay more and more of the monthly premium, while the contractor contributes less and less.


    • Harold says:

      Back around 2000/2001, females wore capri pants and short sleeve blouses to work. Guess he decided to get more “formal”. Typical comment -“no tie, no job”. I’ve worked in corporations that were a hundreds of times larger than Adams and Associates and none of the males had to wear ties.


      • Could it be Roy’s lack of education? I’m guessing that he MIGHT have graduated from high school. Beyond that, he hasn’t demonstrated intelligence beyond what a Neanderthal might have.

        Just because someone knows how to put up a good fight doesn’t mean they could win a world boxing championship. Roy has proved he can make money for his stockholders, but not in a way that shows wisdom and greatness.

        I’m guessing that someday, when all of his terror-tactics come to light, his stockholders will run him out of town. Who wants to be a associated with an ignorant tyrant?


  3. Harold, I always enjoy your posts. Nice to hear from you.


  4. Harold says:

    Has anyone noticed the irony of the Fed having agreements with national unions to teach vocational trades on Job Corps centers and place students in jobs, but the companies who run the centers always use every union busting technique possible so they don’t have to pay decent wages and provide decent benefits to other staff?

    The discrepancy between the pay and benefits that the vocational union trade instructors receive and the other non-union workers is unconscionable. Why should one group of employees be favored with union pay and benefits and the others not? Even the discrepancy between pay and benefits of other teachers with Master’s degrees and the union instructors, some of whom don’t even have a college degree, is outrageous.

    This is permitted because the Fed stipulates in its contracts that certain trades have to be taught by certain powerful unions (if they are active in an area) but the contractors have power over all the other jobs on center and call the shots with some minimal guidance from the DOL/Job Corps system.

    The contractor and the government have all the power and workers do not. Money and and ownership are power. Roy Adams and friends created a company that has reaped copious rewards for them and they will continue to be favored by the political/economic system we live under in this country because they reek of that same value system.


    • tonks says:

      It always amazed me how something run by the DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, can let these contract companies get away with the things they do to employees. I guess it is who you pay off that counts with the system.
      DOL and these contract companies…bedfellows indeed…and screw the workers.


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