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Greed never takes a holiday: meet Roy Adams of Adams and Associates of Nevada

I have a lot of catching up to do for reader’s since my car accident and subsequent recovery.  The newest news is that goliath, err… Roy Adams is at it again.  What else is new? It’s said that Greed never takes a holiday and… good ol’ Roy never tires of ways he can batter out more production for less pay from his already overburdened employees.

Hey Roy, just a suggestion, have you ever thought of taking a Management 101 class?  I urge you to go for it (maybe readers of this site might even donate so this cheapest skinflint alive can go tuition free?) In Management 101, also called “Introduction to Management 101”, one learns that happy employees are more productive, companies have lower turnover rates, (thus reducing costs of constantly re-training staff), there is less loss from employee theft  and indifference and IT COSTS ABOUT THE SAME AS ROY’S PUNITIVE, PUNISHING TACTICS DO.

Me thinks Roy is maybe not a Goliath after all, perhaps he is a Neanderthal with his resistance to the Treasure Island Job Corps Workers’ Union Local 6319.

In addition to his lying about the Union, did you know that Neanderthals, like Roy, are thought to have been cannibalistic and  practice ritual de-fleshing?  Also, Neanderthals aren’t that bright.  Sounds like the CEO of Adams and Associates, doesn’t it?

Please read all the stories about Roy’s de-fleshing of the Treasure Island Employees at these links:

More False Statements From Adams

Adams Rejects Proposal for Immediate Raise


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