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A Letter From a Reader to the Secretary of Labor

-From A Reader to Hilda Solis, Secretary of Labor

“Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor sought ideas from the public regarding an Open Government plan. One of the input topics was: accountability, transparency and making information available in a timely and accessible manner. An idea was submitted that addressed the on-going fraud in the Job Corps program and provided suggestions for eliminating most of it. This idea is not new. The U.S. Congress has been aware of allegations regarding financial and student performance fraud on the part of contractors for many years, but other than conduct OIG audits periodically, Congress has largely chosen to ignore the problem. 

In a time when communities and education programs are in financial peril, Congress continues to approve yearly Job Corps budgets that include fees and incentives paid to private contractors who run about 100 of the centers. If Congress can redirect billions of dollars of the Federal student loan program from commercial banks to new student initiatives, why can’t it redirect several hundred million dollars away from private contractors and back to the Job Corps program? Private contractors are not necessary to administer this program. Those of us who have worked in Job Corps center management know this to be true and we are also intimately aware of the practices of contractors and of how much abuse never gets addressed in OIG audits.

In an attempt to make the public aware of these abuses, a new page has recently been created on Facebook called Job Corps Fraud, and a web blog created that can be found at Not only do these sites make information available, they also provide a forum for discussion, and collecting people’s experiences in the Job Corps system. In a very short while, people across the country are becoming aware of us as evidenced by the live traffic feed and number of hits our blog has received.

Taxpayer dollars are used to pay private contractors to manipulate data so that they can make millions of dollars at the expense of at-risk youth and hard-working staff, most of who actually care about delivering an effective program. Contractors don’t care about efficiency or effectiveness: they care about playing by the rules of a system they have created that in effect has “dumbed-down” the public education system even further and stolen millions of tax-payer dollars.

Please visit our Facebook page and our blog; they are just the beginning of our grass-roots action to rein in fraud and abuse in government-funded programs. President Obama has asked us to get involved and we are. We believe WE CAN make a difference in the lives of Job Corps students not by pandering to private contractors but by letting the world know the truth.”


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