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Contractors Resist US Disclosure Effort

Make sure to read the article from here:

A published article in highlights the ongoing backlash of Federal contractors heightened opposition to disclosure of their shoddy and fraudulent work practices.

According to

The controversy highlights the extent to which efforts to make the government more transparent often garner bipartisan support but then stall in the face of powerful interests seeking to limit public disclosure.”

The Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System is a secret database that is not available to the public. Since 2008 contractors have been required to submit information to the database that includes information about court findings and contract failures.

Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont is extremely vocal in his support of transparency surrounding past and present fraudulent and criminal practices on the part of Federal contractors:

according to Sanders from

“We hand out over $500 billion a year to federal contractors, many of which have well-established histories of systemic illegal, fraudulent, and incompetent behavior,’’ Sanders said in a statement. “We cannot let these corporations continue to rip off American taxpayers. I strongly expect that this new public awareness will go a long way toward putting an end to handing out taxpayer-financed contracts to corporations with a history of fraud.’’

Sanders website is here:

If my perfunctory research is correct, the US has been trying to disclose these corrupt contractors through a public database since 2005 and for some reason it has stalled.  I wonder if big business will once again rule and keep their dirty laundry secret from the American taxpayer who supports their greed.

Link to the FAPIIS Website:


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  1. Edward says:

    Iroquois Job Corps started using the high school diploma programs as described by Howard a few years back. Prior to that, they had the GED examiners come on center to administer the testing. Now it all makes sense why they made the change. The center rose over 100 spots in the national rankings during this period. They used New Summit School from Mississippi for a while. They are currently using Penn Foster and students are provided with the answers to test questions as both Howard and James have stated in the above posts.


  2. Howard says:

    Flint/Genesee Job Corps has an overall ranking of 52 for the rolling year ending July 30, 2010. They ranked number 7 for the GED/HSD category. Well, now we know how they do it – give the students the answers to the test questions. This is nothing new, how do you think these “high school diplomas” are “earned” at Job Corps centers?

    I’s more difficult to cheat on the GED test because that test is monitored by a GED examiner who doesn’t work for Job Corps. Knowing that most students can’t pass the GED test, the Job Corps system pays a hefty sum to other companies whose services they contract to issue “high school diplomas” allegedly earned on-line. It’s just another Job Corps charade.

    Here’s the funny part. Any serious educator who looks at Flint/Genesee’s other statistics will immediately notice something suspicious. They rank number 115 out of 122 Job Corps on the Literacy ranking. How can they do so well earning GED/ high school diplomas, when they rank so low on Literacy gains? Every teacher worth his salt knows that the skills needed to pass the GED and earn a high school diploma correlate highly to Literacy skills. Stated another way, Literacy is a significant factor in being able to pass the GED test or to earn a high school diploma honestly.Yet on this center there is a very high inverse correlation between the two.

    You’ll probably say, “but those students who earn the diploma and GEDs are not in the pool of students whose Literacy and Numeracy gains are being tested and tracked.” Not true. High school diplomas are being granted to students who score below the eighth grade level on the TABE. In fact, a student can enter the New Summit high school program with just a 6.5 GE Literacy score on the TABE. These students are definitely not leaving the program with 10.0 GE reading level as is recommended for taking the GED test. Most states’ Education Depts want students to be functioning at the 10.0 reading and math levels before they take the GED. This is how Job Corps fools students and the public into believing that they have earned a “high school diploma”. Then when they go to interview for a job, the boss finds out that they can’t read or write at what is considered a literate level. The unions, especially, are questioning these diplomas.

    So why is the Forestry Service looking for contractors to submit bids for providing high school programs to it’s centers? The Forestry Service has prided itself in remaining true to the original Job Corps goals and in delivering honest certifications. Is it now falling in line with the rest of the system that has sold its soul to the devil?


  3. James says:

    There is wide spread corruption and unethical practices at the Flint/Genesee Job Corps operated by the Alluttiq managment LLC. Many of the students, aka, trainees take the high school on line classes from Penn Foster. The work is supposed to be completed on the computer. The administrator provides the student with a print out of the questions with the answers. The diploma is not worth the paper it is written on. There is high staff turnover and the students do not put the proper time in to obtain a vocational trade but are given the certification. This location needs some oversight or investigation.


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