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Training or Crime? Job Corps Students Linked to Burglary Ring (March 2010)

Wilmington Job Corps Center is operated by Management and Training Corporation

Make sure to watch this video about burglaries in Wilmington, DE…

Job Corps refuses to cooperate with the police…


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  1. Kevin Rushing Jr. says:

    I just watched the news clip about Wilmington Job Corps. In my opinion, Job Corps all over do a lot of covering up for staff mostly. I attended Earle C. Clements Job Corps in Morganfield Kentucky. Their was definitely alot of corruption from staff along with student corruption. Stories like the Wilmington one leaves a stain on Job Corps. I for one would never send a child of mines to Job Corps. You’re better off letting them roam the streets. At least they’ll see familiar territory


  2. Trevor Campbell says:

    I watched this video and it just doesn’t surprise me to see that the center is trying to save its center from explicate reputations. I think it would be professional and moral at the same time to admit responsability to the students involved rather than ignore the situation.

    When the centers make decisions much like this, involving covering up or ignoring a criminal act committed by a student or staff, I’m curious to know if it’s the center’s individual reputation or the program’s overall reputation they are trying to save, or perhaps a combination of both?


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