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Delaware Crime: Police Blame Job Corps for Delay in Case

“Job Corps refused to give names of all students…”

Read the complete story here:

By SEAN O’SULLIVAN and TERRI SANGINITI • The News Journal • March 25, 2010

As New Castle County police worked to break a burglary ring that had hit more than 100 homes, it took federal labor officials more than two weeks to decide that they were going to refuse to cooperate with a state subpoena, which police again said stalled the investigation.

Leni Uddyback-Fortson, regional director of the U.S. Department of Labor, this week defended the decision to not cooperate, arguing the police request was over-broad — seeking the names of all students who attended the center over the past two years — which violated federal privacy rules and would have exposed hundreds of innocent students to police scrutiny.

She also said they do not tolerate violence or drug use by students — but declined to directly comment on this case and the operation of its Wilmington Job Corps Center by the private, Utah-based Management and Training Corp.


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  1. Meldenna Thomas says:

    This is why nothing can get done as far as these insitutions run by the DOL their efforts to hide its failed program is full of red tape to keep the money flowing. I think this will only become a bigger problem for everyone because the denial is rampant! All the centers have drugs, gang problems and the list goes on. The DOL shiould be held accountable. Who is watching out for the students? Job Corps has no purpose!


    • Patrick says:

      Yes, Job Corps does have several purposes: give contractors the opportunity to make money at the expense of taxpayers and at-risk youth, provide jobs in economically starved areas, and “detain” young adults under the guise of education and training.


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