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How to Discuss Your Job Corps Center With the Press Without Fear of Reprisal


by Koadey Kambell

Many staff & students have spoken to the press or the police about incidents occurring on their specific Job Corps center despite a center’s illegal ruling to terminate a student or employee for doing so. The intimidation of losing one’s job or the risk of being terminated from a center, or having to delay one’s education, has caused many people to remain silent over the issues. Not only has the center threatened the whistle blower with termination for speaking to the police or the press, but something as frivolous as a social media post can also cost an employee their position in a Job Corps Center. 

In the winter of 2014, a food service employee was fired for posting a video of the conditions in the
kitchen, stating that he wouldn’t feed his dog that center’s food. The video also showed three dead rats in an oven. It is also stated that students are being told they will be kicked out if they spoke to the press. This is where the press may have difficulties obtaining  information, but most importantly, in order to continue to provide necessary information in order for the public to lobby for a program’s closure or investigation. Here are the ways one can speak the press or police:

Ask to be Anonymous

When speaking to the press, anonymity shields ones identity so the likelihood of experiencing backlash from one’s center is really low. Be mindful that whenever dealing with the police as opposed to the press, the police cannot keep your anonymity.
Resign or Complete First
Staff can resign. And students can self terminate, but will probably face opposition from their counselor as counselors appear to need to keep their students in the program so the overall total of students on center remains constant.
Write to Senators
Our Legislators are crucial because they have the ability to ultimately decide Job Corps’ Future.   Senators and State Representatives need to hear from their constituents about their experiences at their center as, doing so will allow our Legislators to compile enough evidence to go forward with recommending changes to Job Corps.


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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Job corps F….d me over With their TCU Program I can’t even work for amtrak I wasted three years for nothing. It was at LOS ANGELES JOB CORPS


  2. Angelo says:

    “DEL-JEN did not ensure compliance with Job Corps requirements for safety in each of the three areas we reviewed – safety inspections, safety committee meetings, and student misconduct. While at Gainesville, we observed multiple safety- and health-related deficiencies. Gainesville identified some of these deficiencies while performing the center’s required weekly and monthly safety inspections, and noted them during monthly Safety and Health Committee meetings. However, the inspections, meetings, and resulting corrective action did not effectively eliminate the deficiencies we observed. We also found that Gainesville did not report significant incidents, such as physical assault, weapons possession, and narcotics possession to Job Corps as required.”

    This was found in 2010 and still continuing. When will the government address these problems?


  3. Angelo says:

    E kids? How does a Job Corps Center have 200-300 employees with so much crime and complaints but no one call the police or media to report these horrific events. Are there any Christians out there 300 employees? Who protect the kids? Where are the Directors of Social Development and Security Manger? Every center has leadership of Directors. There’s a special place in hell for not protecting GOD people.


  4. john w-c says:

    You can’t even self terminate. They hold you there till the minimal requirement so they can get the funding. The Counseling and recruit people also take credit for students getting jobs that had nothing to do with the programs. The only job that would hire me was fast food or army. Bringing up job corps to a potential employer will just hurt your standing. Drug and violence were bad. Sexual assault, guns and gangs. I was deathly sick and would be pushed out in the cold to work on projects that were commissioned through job corps and there was a qouta. My father was dying and they still refused to send me home. I was 15, no place for a young adult.


    • antango123 says:

      I’m so sorry for your horrible experience. I also feel so badly they wouldn’t let you home for your Dad. Thanks for writing.


    • Koadey Kambell. says:

      You’re right! They hold students in & my center. You were 15? The required age was 16 (though fraudulent entries are common). Also, it’s true, only fast food restaurants will hire job corps students.


  5. adela almaraz says:

    Check out RJCC (Roswell, NM). Stuff going on doesn’t look right out there and the Center Director is not a trusted one.


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