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Most Recent OIG Report from February 2015

Interesting Report!  This link will take you to the most recent OIG report which investigates complaints from the years 2012 – 2013.  The report was published in February 2015 and so far, I have not found any new reports from OIG.

I will keep checking!

Report to the Employment and Training Administration


WHY OIG CONDUCTED THE AUDIT From January 1, 2012, through December 31, 2013, the OIG received numerous complaints alleging serious student misconduct (e.g., assault, illegal drugs, and fighting) at 12 centers often went uninvestigated, disciplinary actions were not taken, and some centers were unsafe. To address these general allegations, we conducted a performance audit to answer the following question:  Did Job Corps’ center management take appropriate action to address alleged serious student misconduct at its centers?

exerpt:  Our audit generally covered CYs 2012 and 2013 to include the potential serious misconduct concerns cited in the complaints. We interviewed management and staff at ETA, Job Corps, and select centers and center operators; interviewed complainants (e.g., current and former center staff) and enrolled students; reviewed applicable regulations, requirements, policies, processes, and controls; assessed the reliability of all serious student misconduct infraction data reported in Job Corps’ Center Information System (CIS) and determined the data was sufficiently reliable to accomplish our audit objective; reviewed all serious student misconduct infractions reported in CIS, security logs for 11 centers, student misconduct files, and other necessary records; and performed on-site audit work at the Northland, VT, Tulsa, OK, and Treasure Lake, OK, centers. Where appropriate, complaints were referred to the OIG’s Office of Labor Racketeering and Fraud Investigations for potential criminal investigation. 


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2008 Tulsa Job Corps Center OIG Report

“OIG audits continue to raise significant concerns about Job Corps’s ability to report accurate and reliable financial and performance data. For example, over the past few years, we have identified shortcomings in the reporting of on-board strength and attendance at a number of centers, areas where we have consistently noted problems. An audit of the Tulsa Job Corps Center substantiated a hotline allegation that the center inappropriately infl ated on-board strength. It is essential for Job Corps to have reliable, accurate, and timely data so that the Department can evaluate how well contractors are providing services. The OIG has recommended that Job Corps improve its monitoring and oversight to improve performance and financial accountability of contractors.”

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