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Audit Reports of Job Corps from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

The following link will take you to the Office of the Attorney General’s (OIG) website.  You will find audit reports where Job Corps Centers and Job Corps Contractors did not follow required policy procedures in the areas of awarding sub contracts to vendors. And, where numbers and statistics where overstated in order to bring the center higher in overall rankings. The very first one speaks of questionable “overstatement” of costs by MTC Corporation (Management and Training Corporation) of over one million dollars.  Take note, MTC is a name you will hear often in the audit reports for their continuing practice of “overstating” costs and erroneous records reflecting “overstated” outcomes on their reports. OIG says “this is a continuing problem.” Read the reports… Read the rest of this entry »


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Powerpoint Presentation from OIG (Office of the Attorney General) Covering 2008 – 2012 Job Corps Audits

The following Powerpoint presentation by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) tightly summarizes the results of audits 2008 – 2010 and gives a partial representation of more recent audits.  (Please note the link on the OIG home page to the left is where one would file a complaint with IOG about your Job Corps Center.)  Also, please be reassured that OIG WILL NOT give out your name or any identifying information. When I filed my complaint with the OIG I was still working at Shriver Job Corps. I filed it approximately 5 weeks before I quit. I wanted the OIG to give Shriver my name as, I wanted to be on site so I could show the investigator where all the documentation in my complaint was located. Unfortunately, that did not happen and I left before the investigation began.  OIG’s agents never gave my name to Shriver despite my wanting them to do so. Also, OIG’s staff are busy conducting other audits and they have severe time constraints due to the number of complaints and the number of available staff.  It will take awhile before the investigation commences.

See the presentation here:     (click on the link “Job Corps Presentaton”)  

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Reader’s Comments

-from Glenn

I recently stumbled upon this site, just a few weeks ago, and have been trying to read all the various posts and comments. I retired a couple years ago from an organization that is very involved in the Job Corps Program. In my opinion, there are to many program and contractor related inaccuracies on this site for it to be considered credible, or taken seriously.

-from Job Corps Fraud

Thanks for your comment.  We rely heavily on Office of the Attorney General Reports (OIG) that are printed in semi-annual Reports to Congress, statements from former and present Congressmen/women, Senators during Legislative Hearings, and official published statistical analyses that prove Job Corps success rates were inflated in the past and are continuing in the present and, in fact these reports also assert Job Corps students are little or no better off after completing the program.  Washington D.C. economists have also published reports in journals that state the same information. Without these published reports, this site would not exist. You may access most of the these reports on this site. (The audit reports from the Office of the Inspector General kowever, only go back a few years instead of all the way back to 1978).  It appears that the organization you were involved with did not have access to “behind the scenes, actual goings-on” in Job Corps as many of the students and staff commenting here.  You, as an outsider looking in, are obviously not in the position to to give any first-hand, eye-witness accounts as many of us are able to.  We actually experienced the “trickle-down” effects of contractor’s greed and were unwilling parties to false reporting to the DOL. I encourage you to carefully read more of the website and especially look at OIG Reports, Legislative Reports, Research Reports and Books.  After you read the factual, statistical information thoroughly on this site, please write back.  It’s so important to know the facts before sharing hasty opinions. You may also access the OIG Reports going back to 1979 here: After clicking on any year, type the words “Job Corps” in the “Find” box.  Some of us are the employees who made those complaints. Hope this helps.

-from Howard

Specifically, which comments were inaccurate? If you have not actually worked at a Job Corps, then you don’t have a very good reference point from which to speak. I agree with Andrea on that point.

I know that my posts are accurate. I have worked in the Job Corps system for many yrs, at five different centers for four different contractors. I have visited many centers and know a lot of staff, present and past. I know the workings of a center and what goes on behind the scenes, at the center, corporate and government levels – I have written contract proposals and Job Corps curricula and have held responsible positions.

What, in your opinion, are inaccuracies on this site?

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How to file a Complaint Against Your Job Corps Center

Did you know that most of the wrong doing bought to light against unscrupulous Job Corps contractors has come about by employees filing Hotline complaints with the Office of the Attorney ?General (OIG)?

Are you aware that the OIG will never give out your name to your Job Corps Center if you file a complaint?

This short article details the best way to file a complaint against your Job Corps Center.

“The OIG operates a hotline to receive and process allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse concerning DOL grants, contracts, programs and operations…”

What to include in your complaint:

  • who is involved,
  • when the situation you are reporting took place and whether it is still ongoing,
  • where the situation occurred,
  • what happened that was inappropriate and prompted you to contact the OIG Hotline, and
  • how the situation took place.

Your complaint must be specific and factual.  It must also contain names, dates of the occurence and where the OIG Inspector can find the false information.  For instance,

“On June 15, 2009 I was required to place a student on Work Based Learning when the student had already separated from the center.  The student’s name is John Smith, I placed him on WBL from June 15 – August 1, 2009. The leave report is in Citrix and dated the same, enclosed please find a copy of the student’s resignation letter from Job Corps dated June 14, 2009.”

The above is an example of fraud. Because Job corps contractors receive $75 per day for each student while they attend Job Corps or are off center in a legitimate training program the center will continue to receive this amount of money despite that the student has officially resigned and is no longer attending.

Your complaint absolutely cannot contain gossipy suppositions, such as:

“The center director spends a lot of time with students behind closed doors and we are certain he is a sexual predator.”  Or, “The center director drives around in a big, fancy car and we are sure he is stealing Job Corps money to pay for the expensive car… how else can he afford it on his salary?”

In both of these examples, there is absolutely no proof that anything is going on, only a lot of assumptions that can get one into trouble.  Perhaps the center director’s wife received an estate settlement and purchased a new car for her husband? One cannot make empty accusations and expect the OIG to take the complaint seriously.

The OIG is bound by law to investigate every legitimate complaint, however, its powers of prosecution are limited.  It can bring fraud and wrong doing to light but, in and of itself, it cannot prosecute for fraud.  The OIG can suggest fines and request reimbursement for monies obtained illegally but, usually, there is no criminal prosecution involved for the contractors who encourage the wrong doing.

Make sure to read the link here:

And, when you are ready to file your complaint, the phone number or the address is as follows:

  • Telephone: 202-693-6999 or 1-800-347-3756

  • Fax: 202-693-7020

  • Mail Address:
    Attention: Hotline
    Office of Inspector General
    U.S. Department of Labor
    200 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
    Room S-5506
    Washington, D.C. 20210

  • This is the link for the online form: (In the scroll down window, select Job Corps as the agency)

    You can also send an Email to the Hotline Department

    If anone has any questions, you can also Email me at:

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    More about Little Rock Job Corps and Adams and Associates from Insiders

    -from Devastated Future

    I just finished reading the OIG Report from several of Adams and Associates Job Corps Audit findings. I couldn’t help but think I was reading about the Little Rock Job Corps Center. Those same things are happening at the Little Rock Job Corps Center. I just recently stopped working at the Little Rock Center. I only worked there a very short time. I knew that this wasn’t a stable place of employment. There were very few happy employees. Most people were very unhappy, beaten down, very down depressed people. The youth had no concept of the real world. Most of the staff had been disregarded. Students knew they could lie on staff and get away with it. I have not ever seen anything like this before. It took me only a short time to realize that I couldn’t do this. There is a lot of very wrong things going on here at this facility as well. I don’t know why this center hasn’t been investigated as well. If this is happening at 4 other centers what are the chances that this same behavior is going on at all of their other centers. Well I can say that the same thing is happening here as well. Does anyone not truly care about the future of these disadvantaged youth. Once again they are being taken advantaged of and disadvantaged. They are not receiving the education and care that should be awarded to them from the hard working taxpayers. Will someone hear and act truly on behalf of the youth. They can’t read and write and they are not learning to read and write. What a devastated future they face and so do we.

    from Job Corps Fraud

    I couldn’t believe it when I worked for Shriver Job Corps under Adams and Associates… it felt like being in a Twighlight Zone movie… and we, the taxpayers are funding this outrage at 1.7 billion dollars a year! But, through a sophisticated system of media manipulation and fear and intimidation it is all a well-kept secret. Thanks for writing.

    -from A

    All I can say is corrupt Corrupt corrupt. Job Corps is a corrupt way for hard working people to be ripped off under the pretense of helping disadvantaged youth. I have seen first hand just how much helping the disadvantaged youth is being down. That is nothing much is being done that will help them in the long run to secure them a future for employment or any other skilled profession. These youth are being taken advantage of and they don’t even know it the taxpayer doesn’t realize it yet. However in a few years we will all look back on this and view it as the rip off such as the banking industry. They are being used and are getting nothing in return. These contractors are not providing any specialized care or bringing in any professionals to help these youth with their learning disabilities. The Contractors Adams and Associates say they don’t pay for any outside programs. They want to portray themselves to be a non profit organization in order to receive free services from other organizations. Still nothing is being done for the welfare of the disadvantaged youth. They come into the program not being able to do basic Math and Reading and they leave the program not being able to do basic Reading and Math. Check it out especially in the Little Rock area. The youth can’t get employment because they can’t pass the entrance exams. Now who is at fault here for this. They simply are not being taught they need specialized care that you can’t get free in most instances.

    -from Job Corps Fraud

    I saw the same at Shriver. I wondered, and still do, what makes good people stay and work for a corrupt company? It is fear and manipulation. The employees are beaten down to believe they are worthless and the kids are just numbers to represent the $75 per day Adams and Associates and other greedy contractors receive for housing each student in sub-standard educational systems. Thanks for writing.

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    Oneonta Job Corps Boon or Burden?

    As usual, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) paints a different picture of Oneonta Job Corps… Boon or Burden? Depends on which news source one believes.  The polished propaganda from Job Corps or Federal Audit results…

    Excerpts from The Daily Star, read the article here:

    “Student behavior was poor and marked by the use of profanity, cutting classes, horseplay and disrespect, according to the evaluation.

    The Department of Labor also found that after a staff member was assaulted by students and hospitalized, police were not contacted for more than two days as OJCA conducted an internal investigation.

    By the time the police were involved, all leads were reportedly lost and the police were said to be stymied in their investigation, the federal report states.

    On Sept. 17, the day the Department of Labor assessment team arrived on campus, a baby powder container containing 12 “dime bags” of marijuana was delivered to a student by the U.S. Postal Service, the report indicates.

    Rather than call the police and have the student arrested in front of the staff and student population, he was terminated and sent home without police intervention,” the report states.”

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    Job Corps and Truth in the Media: Management and Training Corporation (MTC)

    Recently MTC was honored by the National Job Corps Association for being its Operator of the Year for its excellent participation in the Stars Program.  The purpose of the “Stars” program is to ensure that positive press about Job Corps is in the news as much as possible.  Under “Stars”, Job Corps centers are also required to regularly provide their legislators with information about all the good things happening at Job Corps centers.

    Read the news release here:

    “The NJCA also honored MTC as its Operator of the Year. The organization noted that, in 2009, 21 of the 26 Job Corps centers MTC operates, or partners in operating, earned the maximum 48 stars through their quarterly star public outreach program. A maximum of 12 stars each quarter can be earned by maintaining contact with congressional representatives, generating positive media coverage, completing green initiatives and undertaking other community outreach efforts.”

    Such positive press for Job Corps is easily found on the internet because  the media is bombarded with Job Corps propaganda and hype on a daily basis.  (Remember, the Job Corps operators are competing for recognition  in the “Stars” program. )

    The problem I have with all the media hoopla is the mundane quality of the constant information that is glitzed into our consciousness about Job Corps. Don’t people wonder why the headlines, “Philadelphia Job Corps Students Attend Job Fair” is such a newsworthy event? What’s so earth shattering about it that it should be published?

    On the other hand, important information like MTC’s making the “top 100” list of Contractor’s having to pay the Government fines and refunds in the millions of dollars is information that can only be found through careful digging and researching.  It’s amazing what we consider  important news.

    Please read the information here about MTC corporation and its terrible record of contract fraud and labor violations. (This information doesn’t include the OIG reports of MTC’s manipulation of statistics in order to inflate their performance record.)

    Here is an OIG report that discusses MTC’s inaccurate reporting of performance statistics.

    Again, which is more important news? The fact that MTC’s centers excel at getting press releases in the news at a higher level of frequency than what “Stars” requires? Or, the fact that their corporation has serious flaws in providing accurate information and is on a “Top 100” list for contractor fraud.  You decide.

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    Reader’s Response “Will the Job Corps Get Away With Not Reporting to Congress as Required?”

    From Harold-

    “This report came out over one year ago and what has the OMB done about the report that was never submitted to Congress? The National Job Corps Director was fired allegedly for not submitting the report and a new Director has been appointed, but we have not seen any public notice of what the OMB plans to do about this situation. Will the truncated statistics be allowed to continue? Will the Job Corps get away with not reporting to Congress as required? What kind of accountability can possibly exist when a government employee takes it upon herself to deliberately violate the law?

    Students who dropped out prior to 60 days in the program and certain other disciplinary terminations are not included in the performance measurement statistics.  About 30% of student drop-outs fall into the two categories mentioned above. If all students were included in the statistical pool, the outcome statistics would show a very different story from what is reported to the public.

    This is just another example of our government burying the facts about fraudulent use of our taxpayer dollars. They don’t want the public to know the truth about the performance of this program and about how the “fat-cat” contractors are lining their pockets at our expense.”

    From Tonks-

    “They don’t care. These contract companies and DOL are in bed together, and now with the Supreme Court giving them the freedom to pay off the Congressmen and Senators with “campaign contrubutions” who knows if anything will ever be done. It makes me sick what they get away with, the lives they destroy, with out blinking an eye.”

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    Inadequate Monitoring of Job Corps Student Outcome Data Could Lead to Overpayments (2004) (OIG)

    “…During an OIG audit of Job Corps’ process for ensuring that student performance outcome data reported by contractors are reliable, we identified a significant management control weakness that required immediate action…”

    “…Failure to validate the reported data could result in overpayments to center operators, because DOL relies on these data to reimburse Job Corps center contractors for operating expenses and to pay them bonuses and incentive fees for meeting or exceeding specified performance goals…”

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