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Audit Reports of Job Corps from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

The following link will take you to the Office of the Attorney General’s (OIG) website.  You will find audit reports where Job Corps Centers and Job Corps Contractors did not follow required policy procedures in the areas of awarding sub contracts to vendors. And, where numbers and statistics where overstated in order to bring the center higher in overall rankings. The very first one speaks of questionable “overstatement” of costs by MTC Corporation (Management and Training Corporation) of over one million dollars.  Take note, MTC is a name you will hear often in the audit reports for their continuing practice of “overstating” costs and erroneous records reflecting “overstated” outcomes on their reports. OIG says “this is a continuing problem.” Read the reports… Read the rest of this entry »


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Management and Training Corporation and Sexual Discrimination (2006)

Michelle Davis was an instructor at the Charleston West Virginia Job Corps managed by Management and Training Corporation (MTC).  She and her husband, Mervin filed a lawsuit against MTC alleging sexual harassment, discrimination and creating a hostile work environment.

Mak sure to read about this lawsuit here:

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Strange Bedfellows: Blackwater, Job Corps and the US Government

Read the article from CBS News Investigates:

As reader’s may remember, Blackwater Worldwide was a private security firm under contract to the US to provide security services in Iraq.  This illustrious firm opened fire and killed unarmed non-combatant Iraqi citizens and was subsequently prosecuted by the Justice Department.  The case was dismissed due to a technicality.

This terrible blotch on their performance record does not affect their ability to work for the government. Instead, we the taxpayers have hired them again to provide security services in Afghanistan.  (And, while Federal prosecutors are engaged in an active appeal against the dismissal of the case.)

“Private security firm U.S. Training Center, a business unit of the Moyock, N.C.-based Blackwater, now called Xe Services, was awarded the contract Friday, a State Department spokeswoman said Friday night.”  (From CBS News Investigates)

All of us; students and staff from Job Corps centers throughout the US keep wondering why corporations like Education and Training Resources (ETR), Adams and Associates and Management and Training Corporation (MTC) are still awarded contracts even when their past history proves repeated wrongdoing and fraud.  Really simple. It boils down to who provides the most services at the cheapest price.   Using a numbers based method of  performance accounting does not require quality, integrity and fairness. No. These values are not part of a dollar-based equation… it is assumed if you reach the goals, you must have used quality methods to obtain them.  But, we all know how numbers are subject to manipulation and the media is open to propoganda.

What next? Will Blackwater start to bid on Job Corps contracts?  We already have our own Blackwaters in Job Corps, only the names of the corporations are different.

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Tongue Point Job Corps Center Accredited Through Northwest Association of Accredited Schools or…

National Academy of American Scholars?

This sensational article claims that certain school departments have been falsely claiming to be NAAS (Northwest Association of Accredited Schools) certified, but the NAAS trademark has already been copyrighted with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as belonging to the National Academy of American Scholars. Thus making the schools’ claims illegal. The release posted May 17, 2010, talks about espionage, fraud, terrorists and more… including Tongue Point Job Corps Center, in Astoria, Oregon.

Some excerpts:

“The education departments from the states of Idaho, Utah, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Nevada are suspected of using scarce tax dollars to promote a private business (Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc.) without having first secured a majority voter referendum, or even a public hearing. Illicit partnerships and bribes typically fuel low accreditation standards, consumer fraud, Diploma Mills, and Accreditation scams.”

“Desperate schools and organizations that falsely and illegally claim to have been ‘NAAS’ accredited were in fact sold a scheme of low, incompetent, and inferior standards that were set and defined by an organization whose own standards, ethics, and integrity are so low that it does not accept basic U.S. federal laws, and neither does their accrediting agency adhere to a basic code of corporate ethics…”

“Federal records suggest that their business model, amongst other things, includes both a private partnership with Communist Russia (thus a satellite base of feeder ‘NAAS’ schools in Russia), and a public partnership with an American-based entity that is suspected of violating federal laws.”

The article certainly has shock value but I question whether the schools involved have terrorist thoughts on their mind, might their motive only be simple deception and the use of poor judgement?

Tongue Point Job Corps Center is operated by Management and Training corporation (MTC).

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More Federal Contractor fraudulent practices

In addition to overseeing Job Corps Centers, Management and Training Corporation (MTC) also has contracts with the Federal Government to run “fee for service” prisons.

The following is a link to a copy of a letter Project on Government Oversight (POGO) sent to MTC’s corporate office in order to verify the amount of money MTC  has had to pay for legal settlements.  Read letter here:

This amount is only the tip of the iceberg and does not include the massive fines MTC has had to repay the government for manipulation of its Job Corps numbers in order to inflate center performance.  All of that information is contained in yearly Office of the Inspector General reports.

I worked at Kittrell Job Center when it was owned by MTC and experienced numbers inflation first-hand. I was required to attend two-hour daily “retention meetings”  this is where management moved students around like pieces on a chess board in order to enhance the numbers and reflect the center in the best light.

The government continues to award MTC contracts year after year. Right now MTC operates:

Brunswick Job Corps Center,

Clearfield Job Corps Center

Gary Job Corps Center

Cincinnati Job Corps Center

Dayton Job Corps Center

Dennison Job Corps Center

Flint Hills Job Corps Center

Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center

Cascades Job Corps Center

Hawaii Job Corps Center

Inland Empire Job Corps Center

Maui Job Corps Center

Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center

Tongue Point Job Corps Center

Deleware Valley Job Corps Center

Westover Job Corps Center.

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Management and Training Corp. and Employment Discrimination (judgment affirmed on appeal 2003)

Read about Flint Hills Job Corps Center and Godinet v. Management and Training Corp. — 01/07/2003


Management & Training Corp. Employment Discrimination

Date: 06/20/2001 (Date of Verdict)

Misconduct Type: Labor

Enforcement Agency: Agriculture

Contracting Party: N/A

Court Type: Civil

Amount: $472,015

Disposition: Judgment Against Defendant

Synopsis: The United States District Court for the District of Kansas awarded damages, back pay, costs, and prejudgment interest to Randall B. Godinet for intentional employment discrimination in violation of Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964. Godinet, a Samoan formerly employed at the MTC-operated Flint Hills Job Corps Center in Manhattan, Kansas, alleged he was denied promotions because of his race and color and was retaliated against because of his pursuit of a discrimination claim. After a week-long trial in June 2001, a jury found intentional discrimination on all claims and awarded compensatory damages totaling $20,800, pecuniary damages of $5,700, and punitive damages of $150,000. The district court entered judgment consistent with the jury verdict and awarded $21,251 in back pay, prejudgment interest of $17,248.85 and attorneys’ fees and costs of $257,014.91. That verdict was affirmed on appeal in January 2003.


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