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State Police Arrest Three at Red Rock Job Corps Center

Red Rock Job Corps Center is managed by Adams and Associates.     

Read the news article here:


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Job Corps Receives Columbine-Like Threats (From The Journal Register) March 28, 2011

Students and Administrators at Iriquois Job Corps Center in Medina, New York received a scare when…

Read the rest of the story here:

(Iriquois Job Corps Center is managed by ETR (Education and TRaining Resources)

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Replace Cleveland Job Corps With Something That Works: Editorial By The Plain Dealer Editorial Board

There have been many problems with the Cleveland Job Corps Center in Collinwood.

The Plain Dealer Editorial Board is suggesting something many of us have said for years:

“It (The Department of Labor) ought to strongly consider ditching the program and forming partnerships with local schools, community colleges and social service agencies. That’s probably true in places other than Cleveland, too. “

Alutiiq, the second Federal Contractor in the last few years was recently dismissed from managing the plagued Cleveland center.  Alutiiq, with its less than savory reputation was already a poor choice before they even stepped on center.  If one definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” why hasn’t someone woken up to the fact that Job Corps, as it exists now isn’t working?

Pleasae read the editorial here:

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Two Student’s Comments About Anaconda and Penobscott Job Corps

 The Following link to the website “Pissed Consumer” has two interesting opinions about Anaconda and Penobscott Job Corps Centers:

Please go the website here:

Type “Job Corps” in the search box then click on the individual links for “Penobscott Job Corps” and “Job Corps Not a Good Idea”

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Job Corps School Counselor Fatally Stabbed (March 2012) Los Angeles Job Corps

A Job Corps school counselor was fatally stabbed at the Los Angeles Job Corps center in March.  Dwayne Alexander, died from the injuries he received and student,  Freddie Leyva, is being held on one million dollars bail.

Read and watch the story here:

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Must See This Important Video on Out of Control Schools by Louisa Moller

Comments are encouraged and allowed on this post…

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A Student’s Rip Off Report on Potomac Job Corps Center (May 8, 2012)

Potomac Job Corps Is One Of The Worst Federally Funded Programs That The Departmant Of Labor Has To Offer. The Center Itself Is Ranked 104 Out Of 123 Job Corps Centers.  Read the rest of the Rip Off Report here:

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Job Corps facility in D.C. late and over budget

by Chuck Neubauer at the Washington Times, May 9, 2012

A federally funded Job Corps vocational training complex in Southwest Washington was supposed to cost taxpayers $5.5 million, but the Labor Department says it needs another $2.7 million to finish the job, which has been plagued by bad weather, landslides, battles with unpaid subcontractors and charges of shoddy construction, records and interviews show.

Read the rest of the article here

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A Message to Readers

As of today this website will no longer be open to comments from readers.  Its original intention was to publish little known facts about Job Corps mismanagement and initiate dialogue from persons who know it best: those who have worked/are working there or those who were/are students.  Another goal was the hope that someday an investigative report would be initiated by a reporter who would bring these problems to light to the American public in order to begin the process of needed improvement to Job Corps.

A reporter’s best arsenal includes verifiable facts and validated testimonies from people therefore, I believe the purpose of this site would best be served to include verifiable facts without commentary.  Changing the site in way is keeping it more true to its original goal of being an agent of change.

A thank you to all the readers who have left insightful comments or dialogue.  Please check back as there will be continued factual updates about Job Corps performance ratings and news reports that are not widely carried by the press.

Andrea for Job Corps Fraud

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