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Nationwide mismanagement of Job Corps calls for action!

Audit Reports of Job Corps from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

The following link will take you to the Office of the Attorney General’s (OIG) website.  You will find audit reports where Job Corps Centers and Job Corps Contractors did not follow required policy procedures in the areas of awarding sub contracts to vendors. And, where numbers and statistics where overstated in order to bring the center higher in overall rankings. The very first one speaks of questionable “overstatement” of costs by MTC Corporation (Management and Training Corporation) of over one million dollars.  Take note, MTC is a name you will hear often in the audit reports for their continuing practice of “overstating” costs and erroneous records reflecting “overstated” outcomes on their reports. OIG says “this is a continuing problem.” Read the reports…

OIG is also concerned about job trade match deficiencies where it was found that about 47% of 77,000 students with “Job Trade matches” did not fit the criteria to show that the student was placed in a job that he/she was trained for… for example: when I worked at Shriver Job Corps, managed by Adams and Associates a student got a job sweeping the shop floor and cleaning in a mechanics garage, I was required to report it as a “job trade match” for the automotive trade.  This same particular student left the center and handed me his note of resignation and I never saw him again. I was told to put him on work based learning after he left.  (By the way, this is only one example). These “inaccurate” (or fraudulent?) records were sent to the Department of Labor and Shriver was given $75 payment for every day after the student already left center.  That’s not all, by this student being kept in “active” status on the record, he was counted as increasing the overall “Onboard Strength” of the center (the total amount of students actively participating in the center’s programs) and he also kept the total number of students enrolled at a higher level.  Three bonuses for the center in keeping one absent student on the rolls! You will see more of this “continuing problem” in the audit reports. Please read through them.  In fact, the OIG “questions the reliability” of Job Corps success rate numbers!  Yet everything you read in the media talks of glowing success in the Job Corps program.  I certainly placed many students in menial jobs that did not require a $26,000 education because they were not qualified to do anything else.


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