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Powerpoint Presentation from OIG (Office of the Attorney General) Covering 2008 – 2012 Job Corps Audits

The following Powerpoint presentation by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) tightly summarizes the results of audits 2008 – 2010 and gives a partial representation of more recent audits.  (Please note the link on the OIG home page to the left is where one would file a complaint with IOG about your Job Corps Center.)  Also, please be reassured that OIG WILL NOT give out your name or any identifying information. When I filed my complaint with the OIG I was still working at Shriver Job Corps. I filed it approximately 5 weeks before I quit. I wanted the OIG to give Shriver my name as, I wanted to be on site so I could show the investigator where all the documentation in my complaint was located. Unfortunately, that did not happen and I left before the investigation began.  OIG’s agents never gave my name to Shriver despite my wanting them to do so. Also, OIG’s staff are busy conducting other audits and they have severe time constraints due to the number of complaints and the number of available staff.  It will take awhile before the investigation commences.

See the presentation here:     (click on the link “Job Corps Presentaton”)  

Also, on the “Complaints” link in this website there is an example of how to provide factual proof to the OIG and where this proof can be located by the investigator.  If your complaint sounds like the rantings of an angry person without proof that can be documented, I’m guessing that your complaint will not be as much of a priority as one that does provide verifiable proof.  If you cannot provide written proof such as (CITRIX) or OMS meeting notes, then you will need another witness to corroborate your allegations.  You must provide real names and real contact phone numbers.  Without these, your complaint will not be taken seriously.  I provided names with my original complaint and then the witnesses chose not to speak to OIG when they were contacted.  But, I also had written proof in CITRIX and meeting notes from OMS meetings. Also, once a student is indicated in CITIX to be on “Work Based Learning” for 6 weeks and you have written proof of a resignation letter signed by the student before the “Work Based Learning” commenced your evidence is stronger.  These are just a few examples of corroboration.

Be advised… OIG does not have the power to bring charges against contractors for fraudulent activity. They merely investigate the validity of a complaint, recover monies attained through fraud and manipulation of numbers, and indicate fines that have to be re-paid. Many corrupt contractors have been found to have been involved in fraudulent activity over the years and repeatedly are given new contracts to continue managing the Job Corps Center where the fraud was committed. Remember, their contracts are awarded on the basis of

1.    Who can give us the lowest price?

2.    Which contractor promises to check off all the “numbers” that we require as proof of success?

The National Job Corps and the Department of Labor use a complex system of numerical formulas to calculate if each contractor is achieving the “goal” number that is set by imagined quality indicators.  Those of us who worked at a Job Corps already know how these numbers are skillfully manipulated.  For example, if a certain number of GED completers are required from a center based on the total number of students attending the center… Job Corps Centers with an online diploma programs know that answers can and have been given on the GED tests. Read through this blog to read about a few of these centers… a key might be a center that has low literacy gains but a high volume of GED completers.  How can one succesfully attain a GED without having a corresponding high literacy gain?  For example, if a student can’t spell or read how can they pass the portion of the GED that requires they write an essay? These numbers are a matter of public record.

See the presentation here: (click on the link Job Corps Presentation)


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